Dead Island 2: All 6 Editions [Comparison]


Dead Island 2 Players can pre-order their favorite games on the go. Given the recent hype and traction that the game has once again gained, it’s only fair that players want to get their hands on their favourites. Dead Island 2nd Edition. With 6 editions available, players will want to know what each contains.

Important: To get the best content, players have to choose between Standard, Day One, Pulp, Gold, Deluxe, or Hell-A Edition.

Key takeaways

  • are tomorrow 6 editions which are available to players, such as Standard Edition, Day One, Pulp, Gold Edition, Deluxe, and Hell-A Edition.

  • gave Standard Edition It includes the base game and pre-order content including the Memories of Banui pack.
  • Players can buy it. $69.99 for PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S, or they can buy it from the Epic Games Store for PC.

  • As The best editionplayers can get the base game, Memories of Banui Pack, Character Packs One and Two, and the Golden Weapons Pack.
  • Players can get it from PS Store and Xbox. Store of the 74.99 dollars Or from the Epic Games Store for $64.99.

  • gave Gold Edition Includes the base game, Memories of Banui Pack, Pulp Weapons Pack, Golden Weapons Pack, Character Packs One and Two, as well as the Expansion Pass.
  • Epic Games Store sells it for $79.99, or the Xbox and PS Store sells it for $89.99.

  • gave First Day The pack is part of the physical collection and includes memories from the base game and the Banui pack.

  • gave Pulp edition Can give players the base game, Banui Pack Memories, and Pulp Weapon Pack.

  • gave Hell-A edition Contains the base game, Memories of Banui Pack, Pulp Weapon Pack, Golden Weapon Pack, Character Pack 1 and 2, Expansion Pack, Steelbook, and physical items.
  • Players can buy it. 99.99 dollars From various retailers.

  • Dead Island 2 is coming out. 21 April 2023 And available in digital and physical versions.
  • Available for platforms like PS5, PS4Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S.

Standard Edition ($69.99)

DI2 Standard Edition
Standard Edition

One of the first Edition There is a basic version for players Standard Edition of Dead Island 2. It is included in the digital version, and players can get two main items which are listed below:

  • gave Basic game (obviously)
  • Players also get one. Pre-order bonus What he calls Memories of Bunui Pack.

Deluxe Edition ($74.99)

DI2 Deluxe Edition
The best edition

Moving on, the next edition that players can get. The best editionwhich contains the following items:

  • Players can get base game.
  • They get it too. Pre-order bonus To get memories of Banui Pack.
  • Additional reward material, Like Character Packs 1, and 2, are also provided.
  • Finally, players also get the Golden Weapon Pack as a bonus content.

Players can get it from the PS Store online through these sources, or it is available for purchase from the Xbox Store as well as the Epic Games Store. So players have plenty of options.

Gold Edition ($89.99)

DI2 Gold Edition
Gold Edition

Last but not least, the ultimate digital Dead Island 2nd Edition Dead Island 2 that players can get. Gold Editionwhich is the most expensive, and includes the following:

  • Players have access to the base game.
  • In addition, players can also get the Memories Of Banoi Pack as their pre-order bonus, which is included in the previous two editions.
  • gave Pulp Weapons Pack Also included as a bonus content not available in Standard and Deluxe.
  • gave Golden Weapons Pack Also provided, included in Deluxe.
  • gave Character Packs 1 and 2 Those in Deluxe are also included here.
  • Finally, players can access exclusive. Extended Pass If they buy the Gold Edition.

Players are eligible to purchase Dead Island 2 from the Epic Games Store, Xbox Store, or PlayStation Store.

Day One ($69.99)

DI2 Day One Edition
An edition of the day

moving towards Physical versionplayers can get. One day edition First, which is basically considered the same as the standard edition intended for players who want to download the digital version.

  • Day consists of one version Basic game which is included with every other current version.
  • In addition, players also get Memories of Bunui Pack, Which is also present with every other edition.

Pulp Edition ($69.99)

DI2 Pulp Edition
Pulp edition

If players want to get Pulp editionthen they can do so in the physical version, which gives players the following:

  • Players are able to get their hands on the base game which covers the core content.
  • In addition, players also get Memories of Bunui Pack, Which is present with all other packs, as mentioned earlier.
  • Players get it too. Pulp Weapons Pack, Joe Included in the bonus content section.

Hell-A Edition ($99.99)

DI2 Hell-A edition
Hell-A edition

Last but not least, players can get Hell-A editionwhich is just an absolute monstrosity with how much content it has.

  • The base game
  • Players also get Banui Pack memories.
  • In addition, players will also get Pulp Weapons Pack.
  • gave Golden Weapons Pack is also included.
  • Along with this, players also get access to Character Packs 1 and 2.
  • gave Extended Pass will also be included.
  • gave Steel book And physical items will also be provided.

This version is available for PS4, PS5 and Xbox players Also PC players.

Which edition should you get?

Yours Important question The rest is about which version players should get.

  • If you are a first-time player of the Dead Island series, and you are a the player For those who want to dip their feet in the water, players can go for it. Standard Edition As this basically allows players to try out the game but also saves them from a huge investment lest they regret their decision to buy Dead Island 2.
  • gave An edition of the day Basically the same as the Standard Edition, but it’s made for players who want to own a digital copy of the game instead of buying it digitally through the store.
  • gave The best edition This will be for players who want to experience a bit more of the juicy content provided but don’t want to invest in everything. So it provides a solid middle ground.
  • gave Gold Edition Primarily intended for players who want the full experience, including the expansion pass and everything, and have a lot of knowledge about Dead Island 2.
  • Finally, Hell-A edition It’s for players who ultimately know everything but want to experience the game while also having little memories to look back on, hence the physical items they’re provided with.

How to Pre-Order

DI2 pre-order

One of the most important things that players should know is how to access Six Dead Island 2 Editions; the player Pre-order required.

  • Players can pre-order whenever they visit the Dead Island 2 website.
  • From there, the website Given the nature of the content, players will be asked to enter their date of birth.
  • After that, they can choose the pre-order button, which indicates that Dead Island 2 will be released. 21 April 2023 and is available on platforms such as PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S and the Epic Games Store.
  • From there, players need to make a choice. version The digital or physical version of the game they want, as there are five editions split between them.


And there we have it! All the things players need to know. Dead Island 2 Edition, And with that, we’ll wrap up our guide! Before leaving the page, Dead Island 2 plot, release platforms, and all the voice actors guides may interest you.

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