Dead by Daylight build point codes [January 2023]


This is the part everyone came here for. You’re probably aware that Dead by Daylight builds point codes every time it hits the stratosphere. In this guide, we will help you to redeem codes for this game.

List of Active Dead by Daylight Codes

gave The biggest problem The thing with this game’s codes is that you never know which one is currently active. Since the creators release new codes from time to time, many of them may not be active when you go to use them. We will help you overcome this problem and only include code that works now.

All of the following are Working codes As January 2023.

  • Chigadas – Valid for 150k build points
  • Sally Brando – Valid for 50k build points
  • One crore people – Correct to claim attention
  • McMcCrew – Valid for cosmetics
  • Cold Star – Valid for cosmetics
  • ICEYOU – Valid for cosmetics
  • good – Valid for 69 Blood Points
  • PRIDE2022 – is valid for give Focus of pride

Where to redeem the dead through Daylight Codes?

Dead by Daylight build point code redeeming screen
The screen displays when redeeming build point codes.

Now that you have current working codes for Dead by Daylight, it’s time to redeem them. Check out these steps to redeem your Bloodpoint codes.

  1. Launch Dead by Daylight and navigate. Store menu.
  2. press Redeem codes option at the top right of the menu.
  3. Enter your code in the text box exactly as above.
  4. press to redeem

If the code is currently active, you should receive your award.

Why isn’t my Dead by Daylight build point code working?

All build point codes only work for a certain amount of time, so it’s best to redeem the codes as soon as they appear. Also, the codes are automatically deactivated if they are redeemed a certain number of times within a short period of time.

We recommend double and maybe even triple checking that the spelling and capitalization are the same as above. This is one of the main reasons why codes don’t work even when enabled.

If you’re playing on an Xbox Series X, some users have reported issues with being unable to redeem activation codes. A workaround for this is to capitalize the first letter and lowercase all others. So instead of using “good” You will be writing. “Good.”

However, once a code is actually disabled, there’s nothing you can do but wait for a new code to pop up and try your luck with it. do not worry; New codes are released frequently, so you get new active codes immediately.

Where to find the dead by daylight blood point codes.

If you’re still looking for more codes, here’s your best bet. Visit the Twitter or Subreddit of the game. From time to time, you’ll see people post active codes on the subreddit, but you have to be quick. A Twitter account often sees new codes whenever they’re released, so it’s an account to keep up with your post notifications.

What are blood points?

Blood Points are a form of currency within Dead by Daylight, and are used by players to earn perks and abilities. You can also use build points to purchase items on the build web to help strengthen your gameplay by unlocking your character’s true potential.

Where to get blood points?

Aside from the free build points you can get by using codes, the main way to get them is just by playing the game. The better you play the game, the more blood points you will be awarded at the end of each round.

What is dead by daylight?

Considering you’re looking for cheats here, we’re just going to assume you already know what the game entails, but if not, here’s a sneak peek at this masterpiece. Here is the short list. Dead by Daylight is an unpredictable and sophisticated game of hide and seek. Not knowing what’s going to happen next adds to the suspense of the game and keeps you enthralled all the time. It is a complex game that requires a combination of stealth and teamwork.

To describe the game in a short sentence, it is a 4v1 multiplayer horror game Which fosters teamwork among the survivors, in a sense, forcing them to survive. The game really brings the phrase, “Teamwork makes dreams work,” For life.

Final thoughts

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on some reliable places for new codes to come in, especially when they’re an abundance of help in your gameplay. We hope this has been helpful in your use of Dead by Daylight build point codes. Let us know if you want more guides like this.


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