Dark Myth: Wukong is hitting stores in the summer of 2024.


  • Blackmoth: Wukong will debut in the summer of 2024.
  • A new short film from the developers about Chinese New Year revealed the date.
  • So far, it’s only confirmed to be released on PC, but the video suggests that a console release is also possible.

Due to Unreal Engine 5, indie games have come a long way in the past few years. The engine has allowed small studios and independent developers to create projects they had previously only dreamed of. A highly anticipated indie project making full use of the UE5 engine. Dark Myth: Wukong From Game Science.

Based on the classic work of 16th century Chinese literature, as a game Born of spirits As you can get. Players control one of the three disciples in the original book, Sun Wukong, as a monkey and can turn into an insect. Now, a new short film has revealed the release date of Blackmeth: Wukong and it is coming out in 2016. Summer of 2024.

Oh YouTube short film Based on Chinese New Year is our source of information. Black Moth: Wukong’s official YouTube account made a beautiful video about the upcoming Year of the Rabbit. What catches our attention the most, however, is the deadline: summer 2024.

The video is titled “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!We see a rabbit receiving a package containing a dark legend: Wukong. He seems really excited to play it and it’s evident when he dances with it. But, the game takes a long time to download, as video games usually do.

When it finally downloads and Rabbit launches it, the game crashes and becomes unplayable. Really old Windows PC The setup shown in the video may have something to do with it. Frustrated by this, Rabbit goes on his scooter to upgrade his old glasses to play Black Math: Wukong.

He spends a lot of money to get things and finally returns to his apartment after a long journey. Such struggles and trials also characterize his story. The novel And also of Black Moth: Wukong. Rabbit finally makes a modern and latest PC setup, emphasized by imaginary montage.

Good luck, good health, and lots of happiness.
Game Science wishes you a very Happy Dandy Year of the Bunny!

However, when he launches the game, the rabbit faces another obstacle. Black Myth: Wukong is not playable until now. 2042 And we can assume that a lot of time has passed since her reaction to the video. In a fit of rage, the protagonist tears up the game and throws it out his window.

We are moving fast. Gameplay footage Black Math’s: Wukong and two young rabbits are playing a game when it zooms out. An old rabbit in a wheelchair enters the room and we can immediately tell that this is our friend from the beginning of the video. He is surprised to see his grandchildren (we assume) playing the game and the screen cuts to a calendar.

On this calendar, year 2024 Looks, which is a bit confusing given the context of the short film. But, we soon got the reason for this deployment as 2024 is now with him.Summer” So, the video thus confirms the black myth: Wukong will be released in the summer of 2024.

Another interesting thing to consider is that the grandkids are finally playing RPGs like on consoles. Only PC Announced as a platform for Black Math: Wukong by the developer Science in sports. So, looking at what we assume it looks like could foreshadow a release on a console platform.

It’s going to be a long wait until 2024 though. RPG It seems like it would make it worth it. We estimate that waiting 1.5 years is better than waiting until 2042. Hopefully we’ll see Black Moth: Wukong Consoles Coming to PC in the summer of 2024.

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