Cyberpunk 2077: The Best Ripperdocs Locations [2023]


Surviving in Night City is tough, challenging and brutal. You have to be prepared to survive. In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, having the best weapons is great but not enough, and what better way to prepare yourself than to visit the Ripperdocs. They are trained doctors who are ready to implant cybernetic equipment on you that makes you powerful. So if you’re planning on going invincible, Ripperdocs should be your first stop. But the problem is that Ripperdocs are different in skill set. Some specialize in operating systems while others excel in ocular systems. In this guide, we’ve listed the best Ripperdocs and their locations in Cyberpunk 2077.

Key highlights

  • gave Excellent Heywood Ripperdoc Is Dr. Ryderand that’s it. On the far west side of Heywood I the wells. they also Best Ripperdoc in the whole game.
  • gave Pacifica Ripperdoc is on Southwest side of the Pacific Ocean. gave Rapperdock Clinic Is Looks great Among all these and offers a Crazy amount of frontal cortex upgrades.
  • gave Badland Rapperduck Easy to find, as is his clinic. Fast travel location of Aldecaldos camp I Rocky Ridge, Badlands.
  • There is Three Ripperdocs Ripperdoc in South Westbrookbut it’s what you want. Nina Cruz. There is a clinic. Westbrook, close to luxury buildings south of Charter Hill.
  • gave City Center Ripperdoc is on On the far west side of the city center, downtown. There is. No fast travel. It’s close, so you’ll have to go there yourself, but Finding Ripperdoc is easy..

Ripperdoc locations in Cyberpunk 2077

It matters a lot which Ripperdoc game you go for as they all excel in different skills as mentioned. That’s why here’s a complete list of the best Ripperdocs you should check out to get legendary cyberware and other useful items to dominate the streets of Night City.

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Heywood Ripperdoc location

The best Ripperdoc location in Cyberpunk 2077 is Well Springs, far west of Heywood in Night City. The best way to get here is via the nearest expressway to Ripperdoc. Then go inside the building below which Ripperdoc is marked on the map. Now look for Doc Ryder, and that’s the perfect Ripperdoc we’ve been looking for.

Dr. Rider Cyberware
Dr. Ryder: One of the best rappers in Night City

Doctor Ryder is number one. Best Ripperdoc in Cyberpunk 2077. He offers an excellent selection of cybernetic implants/upgrades. Throughout Cyberpunk 2077. Doc Ryder Ripperdoc has the best cyberdeck upgrade, the MK.5. This Ripperdoc is an absolute beast. He has a great selection of cybernetic equipment to get you.

Funnily enough, he doesn’t have any cybernetics planted on him. If you ask him about it, he’ll talk about some solar flare that will take out all the electronics on Earth. But it doesn’t matter, he’s the ultimate Ripperdoc when it comes to business. He himself says he has a good reputation, and you won’t find any complaints about it.

  • The only Ripperdoc in the game with the legendary NetWatch NetDriver Mk.5 and Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan Mk.5 upgrades. Both of these upgrades are the best cyber deck upgrades in the game.
  • Second heart, this is by far the best upgrade this Ripperdoc has to offer. It allows you to restore all your health when it is at 0, and has a 2 minute cooldown, making you invisible.
  • He has legendary versions of all weapon upgrades. It includes Guerrilla Arms, Monowire, Projectile Launch System, and Mantis Blades.

Pacifica Ripperdoc location

The second best Ripperdoc location in Cyberpunk 2077 is a little southwest of the center of Pacifica in the West Wind State, Night City. The clinic is close to the road, and you can take a quick trip there and then a short walk to the clinic. It’s not hard to find, so you should get there easily.

A space for high-tech cyberware
Second best Ripperdoc in Night City

As a district Pacifica is completely underperforming, especially when compared to other districts. But the Ripperdoc clinic here is the best looking in the game. Hi-tech equipment everywhere, futuristic lights, and all the other decorative things there make this clinic look great. Then the upgrades it has are not going to fail you at all. As the doctor says, it’s one of the best in town. The insane amount of frontal cortex upgrades might as well classify him as a sort of brain surgeon. For those of you who love or focus on quick hacking, this Ripperdoc is a must.

  • Ex-Disk is the first legendary upgrade to gain attention, and he’s the only RIpperdoc to have it. This increases your CyberDeck’s RAM by five units, which is a great upgrade all round.
  • There is a special legendary upgrade called the Visual Support Cortex. This upgrade increases your crate damage by 45%, and that number is higher, almost half as much damage with crates.
  • Then finally, he has the Camillo RAM Manager, which is a great special legendary upgrade. This item will instantly drain your Cyber ​​Deck RAM by 30% when it reaches two units.

Badlands Rapperdook location

This Ripperdoc is located in Rocky Ridge, badland within easy reach of the Aldecaldos camp, just outside the main town. You will see this Ripperdoc location during the main story of Cyberpunk 2077. Since this guy is in a fast travel location, you won’t have a problem finding him.

Best Rapperdock Location Cyberpunk
Rocky Ridge Raperdock

Outside the night city of the future lies the Badlands. It is an empty, deadly and unproductive region where survival is difficult. But in reality, this is one of the only regions where Cyberpunk 2077 has true freedom. If you want to survive here, you have to be prepared and what better way to do that than with the local Ripperdoc. He says interesting things when you talk to him, but we won’t spoil it. The upgrades it has to offer basically make you undetectable. Combing with the folks at Heywood Ripperdoc will make you immortal.

  • Blood Pump is an exclusive legendary cyber upgrade for Badland Ripperdoc. When activated, this item restores 90% of your total health, and has a cooldown of 180s. This is a huge health boost for Badlands.
  • Biomonitor is another great special health legendary upgrade. 100% of your health is instantly restored when it drops below 15%. Its cooldown is 120s, which is great since 2 minutes isn’t too long.
  • If you activated them with the Second Heart upgrade from Heywood Ripperdoc, as mentioned above, you are immortal.

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South West Brook Riperduck location

Westbrook has a total of three Ripperdocs, but the one we’re talking about is Nina Kraves. This Ripperdoc’s location in Cyberpunk 2077 is near Westbrook, Charter Hill, luxury buildings south of Knight City. There is a fast travel point just west of his clinic that makes it easy to get to.

Shop Nina Cruz Location Cyberware.
Nina Cruz Reproduk Location

Upon entering this Ripperdoc’s clinic, it’s immediately clear what to expect from here. Robotic arms, legs and an entire skeleton hang as decorations. If you talk to Ripperdoc here, she will tell you a lot about herself.

As she is from America and has a tendency to move around a lot, she will even leave Night City one day. But while he’s in Night City, let’s check out his amazing upgrades and take advantage of them. He has two amazing legendary upgrades, which are definitely worth it.

  • The first notable upgrade from it is the Synaptic Signal Optimizer. This legendary upgrade looks like bionic ribs, which can be funny to look at. But they pack quite a punch with your health increasing by 60%. It’s worth noting that this upgrade is only for this.
  • Then he has bionic lungs, and surprisingly they look like bees. Anyway, it increases your stamina by 60%. Again a worthwhile upgrade in Cyberpunk 2077 due to Stamina being useful in fairly difficult situations. This upgrade is also exclusive to this Ripperdoc.

City center Ripperdoc location

On our list, the last Ripperdoc location in Cyberpunk 2077 is the city center, downtown, far west of Night City. There are no fast travel locations around this Ripperdoc. So you’ll have to drive to that Ripperdoc or maybe walk your own way. Whatever you choose, Ripperdoc is easy to find either way.

The fifth best place to get cyberware
Downtown Ripperdoc location

City Center Ripperdoc is last but not least. He is one of the most experienced Ripperdocs as he has been practicing for ten years, and he started his Ripperdoc journey in the Pacific Ocean. Again Pacifica may be a rundown, but it produces a very good Ripperdoc. But now he has moved to the city center to expand his business and earn some more. Furthermore, this guy brags that he can impale your skull with titanium, and you won’t feel a thing. It has some great unique upgrades that you won’t want to miss. He’s also a good all-round Ripperdoc with some significant upgrades.

  • The most amazing special upgrade that this Ripperdoc offers is the Bioplastic Blood Vessels. This upgrade helps restore 50 points of your health every second when you are out of combat. Basically making sure you have maximum health whenever not engaging in combat.
  • Shock-N-Awe is an upgrade that gives you a one in ten chance to drop a shock when taking damage.
  • He is one of only two Ripperdocs to have all legendary arm upgrades. These upgrades are Guerrilla Arms, Monowire, Projectile Launch System, and Mantis Blade.


That’s it for our list of the best Ripperdocs in Cyberpunk 2077. But still, if you believe we missed one of your favorite Ripperdocs, let us know in the comments below.

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