Crossfire will be out on May 18 for Xbox consoles.


CrossfireX was a single and multiplayer shooter that was an Xbox console exclusive.

Crossfire X, a single and multiplayer first-person shooter from publisher Smilegate, was made a major Xbox console exclusive. However, the game is now nearing its end as the publisher announced that it will be going offline on May 18, one year and three months after the game officially launched on February 10, 2022.

But in a post Official webpage of the game (through Game Spot) The company said that since CrossfireX’Since its launch, the development team has worked to improve the game with new content, features, and bug fixes. However, despite these efforts, the dev team said, “the game ultimately wasn’t where it needed to be.” The game has now been removed from being sold on digital markets for the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X consoles, but existing players can go online to play the game until it’s discontinued.

No new content will be released for the game, and the game’s digital in-game currency will no longer be sold. Players will be able to use their remaining currency in the in-game shop until May 18. Players who have purchased any in-game content in the last 14 days can receive a refund and are advised to Official Xbox Support Site For more information

Original Crossfire The game became a huge hit for PC when it was first released in 2007, especially in Asia. Crossfire X There was an attempt to bring the franchise to consoles. Developers of great single-player games like Remedy Entertainment Maximum Payne, Alan Wakeand recently optionDeveloped a single player campaign for Crossfire X. However, even with the already huge hype, the game launched a year ago to mostly negative reviews.

It has not been a good week for online game franchises. Electronic Arts revealed earlier this week. Apex Legends Mobile Will be closed on May 1st. The RumblersFrom developer Iron Galaxy and publisher Epic Games, will shut down its servers on February 28.

Source: Smile through Game Spot


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