Crisis Core Reunion: What is Endure Status?


there are many Status Which either confuses Zack or impairs his abilities. The state of endurance One is Beneficial buff In Crisis Core Reunion, it helps the player. Make your attacks without interruption.. Enemy attacks can cause many attacks and materia to break between animations, which can be very annoying. So, during battles, it is important. Endure the buff. activated I Crisis Core Reunion.

Key highlights

  • gave The state of endurance Allows the player to perform their task. attacks And Content Without getting Shock or obstruction Due to enemy attacks.
  • Endure the buff. Can help players a lot, especially when faced Multiple enemies Together
  • Players can get The state of endurance through DMW Rules And sure Accessories As Bald armor And Twisted headband.
  • Some Other buffs Crisis Core is included in FFVII Reunion. obstacle, Critical, pick on, Region, invincibleetc

What is Endure Status in Crisis Core Reunion?

Endurance status icon in Crisis Core Reunion
Endurance icon [Screenshot by Us]

gave The state of endurance Very easy to understand, unlike many other stats that can confuse most casual gamers. Many times during the battle you will try to perform one. Action or a Content Just to disrupt the enemy attack. Besides annoying you, Flinch will shake Zack up and potentially turn the tide of the battle. Therefore, it is important to get as much Endure buff as you can.

Endure Status will basically allow Zack to cast his own materials and attacks without being affected by enemy attacks. You may take damage but your game plan will not be interrupted. The animations of your moves and materias will continue regardless of what your enemy is doing.

Helps a lot during Endure Status. The battles where are Multiple enemies. In these situations it becomes difficult to avoid enemy attacks. So you will need Endure Status to use your Materias like Costly Punch and Blast Wave.

How to get tolerance level?

Bear status through DMW.
DMW Rollover Status [Screenshot by eXputer]

You may be wondering how you can get the Endure Buff. Crisis Core in FFVII Reunion. There is Multiple methods That you can. Enable Endure status. Players can equip something for Zack. Accessories By adding them to the game, such as Genji Armor. In addition, players can also get a chance to earn Endure Status as possible. DMW Rollslike lining up an angel.

Here is a list of ways players can earn. Endure Buff in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion.

  • Promote the course!: Role 3 Cait Sith (Grants Endure) in DMW.
  • Rush attack: Role 3 Angel in DMW (Possibly Endure).
  • DMW No. Rolls: Any two numbers after 7 in a DMW roll (gives Endurance for 20 seconds).
  • Twisted headband: Adds extra Endure.
  • Bald armor: Keeps Endure always active.

The effect is only available for Zack in Crisis Core Reunion. Some enemies can also Gain Endurance Rank. During the fight against Zack Mele. To make things easier and to inform you, Hollander, G Dominator, G Hetairos, And Yes, intruder There are some of them Enemies that can activate the Endure status. during the fight.

Other Statuses in Crisis Core

Now that you know how the Endure Buff works in Crisis Core Reunion, it’s important to familiarize yourself with a few things. Other buffs and debuffs Some of these statuses in the game can. Increases Zack’s ability greatly. During the fight; However, some of them can causes problems For him.

You should know about other buff states in Crisis Core Reunion. All these statuses Increasing Zack’s potential during the fight.

  • Endurance: Allows the player to Perform their tricks without Fall or to obtain bowed down.
  • Barrier: Reduces damage. taken from Physical attacks 50%.
  • M Barrier: Reduces damage. taken from 50% increase in attack spells.
  • critical: Every attack made by Zack becomes a. Business wise.
  • increase: incompetence Restoration.
  • Regen: Heals Zack. slowly
  • Void Magic: The player does not take any damage. Magic attacks.
  • Invalid Physical: The player does not take any damage. Physical attacks.
  • invincible: The player does not take any damage.
  • MP Cost Zero: MP is not used. during the buff.
  • AP Cost Zero: AP is not used. during the buff.

Here are all Debuff status Which may affect Zack in the Crisis Core FVII reunion.

  • poison
  • silence
  • Stun
  • curse
  • stop
  • Instant death

wrap up

There you have it! We tried our best to cover everything there is to know about it. Endurance status in crisis core reunions. Not only that, we also covered possible ways for Zack to get the Endure Buff. Through our guide, you will also get to know some other statuses, including Various buffs and debuffs.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a remake of the game released with the same name in 2007 for the PSP. If you have just started playing the game, make sure you know the best ways to play it. Level up Zack fast.. Also, it’s best to familiarize yourself with all game stats as early as possible.

Knowing some of the best Materia Fusion Will help you take care of multiple enemies eg Wired, C HulkAnd birth. In the end, you should know everything about everything. DMW Summons At the Crisis Core reunion. They can help you turn the tide of battle.

Thank you for reading our short but informative guide to Endure Status. For more guides related to Crisis Core FVII Reunion, feel free to stay tuned to eXputer.

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