Crisis Core Reunion: Gil Farming [All Methods]


Crisis Core offers players quite a few different techniques that they can try out if they want to start Crisis Core Gil Farming. Since Gil is one of the main currencies that are used in the game, players will be able to use it if they want to purchase different items, or get their hands on precious accessories, which end up costing tons of gil, therefor players might need assistance with knowing how to farm it!

Key Highlights  

  • Crisis Core has a currency known as Gil that comes in handy in order to make purchases and also while being the main currency. 
  • Players can find that there are quite a few ways to earn Gil. However, most methods end up requiring quite a bit of grinding to do so. 
  • One way to farm for gil is to murder tonberries, which are a type of enemy that can be found in missions and in other places too. 
  • A few story missions will provide encounters with tonberries that can allow players to be rewarded with 500 gil per tonberry most of the time!
  • Players can also sell off items to earn gil such as the G-Enforcer, which needs to be stolen first and then can be sold off to get 50000 Gil. 

Murdering Tonberries 

Tonberries (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off, one of the main ways that players will be able to farm Gil, especially whenever they are in the early game, is by accessing chapter 2 and then heading over to the missions where there are tonberries and defeating them. 

Chapter 2 

One of the main ways that players can get tonberries is by unlocking chapter 2, and whenever they start chapter 2, they will be able to get through the following objectives: 

  • Players will first need to head over to sector 8, after which they will be asked to return to the briefing room whereby they will be asked to go ahead and meet up with Tseng. 
  • From there, players will then need to make their way over to Banora village, whereby they will need to find a bit of info about Angeal. 
  • A few other objectives will await the player. 

Within chapter 2, players will also be able to access a few missions where they can encounter tonberries

Find The Tonberry Mission 

One of the first missions that players will be able to encounter a Tonberry in will be the Find The Tonberry mission, which will also be called the M10-2-1 mission. 

  • The main objective of the mission will be to track down the tonberry, which will have taken over a cutlery piece, and players will need to investigate the matter at hand. 

Players will be spawned into a map, and going further a bit will first make players have an encounter with a few worms; keep carrying on after it, and you will find yourself surrounded by 5-6 more worms that you will need to murder. 

  • There will be worms at any corner that you turn; therefore, players should always have their guard up no matter what. There will be a small box from which players will be able to find obtain Blizzard
  • More worms will await players when they are present on a wooden bridge, and there will be about 3-4 worms present there and even more whenever you have crossed the bridge and reached the ground safely. 
  • Towards the end of the map, players will encounter a tonberry which will have quite a lot of HP that they will need to murder. 

The tonberry really won’t be difficult to engage in a battle with, and it really won’t carry out any dangerous attacks toward the player unless you’re an actual noob. Once the tonberry has been defeated, players will be able to see a message on the far right of their screen with the following notice: 

  • Players will have resolved the conflict, defeated the tonberry, as well as get their hands on 500 gil

Master Tonberry

Moving on, yet another mission whereby players will be able to encounter a tonberry will be through the mission called “Master Tonberry,” which will also be the M10-2-3 Mission. 

  • The main objective of the mission will be to resolve the crisis of the knife once again. The main screen will tell you that no matter the number of tonberries that were present in the previous mission, there wasn’t a single tonberry that was able to hold out the chef’s knife. Now, there is a master tonberry that will be holding onto the knife, and players will be required to “go slay the master tonberry”!

After beginning the mission, start running through the cave, where players will be able to encounter a few tonberries that will be littered across the cave. Players can either decide to fight them, or yet another interesting way to counter them will be to try to escape the scenario. 

  • The easiest way to do that will be to keep sprinting against the boundary until you are successfully able to escape from the tonberries. There will be a box through which players will be able to get an X-potion, and moving further will make your fight a few more tonberries. 
  • Players need always to be aware that the tonberries will be quite literally everywhere around the caves, and it will become quite tedious to try to keep up with them, therefore start taking them as soon as you encounter one or more not to get overwhelmed. Another box will grant the player a reward. 
  • Keep making your way through the cave, ensuring that you take out the tonberries that you encounter one by one. 

Towards the end of the map, players will be able to come across the main boss in the cave, which will be a master tonberry, and once again, like the previous mission, its attack patterns really won’t be anything too difficult to get a hold of. 

  • After defeating, players will be able to see the conflict resolved screen, alongside being able to see how they have defeated the master tonberry, and also being able to obtain one sp, and a total of 1000 gils, and they will also be able to get their hands on a MAG mako stone. 

Tonberries Everywhere 

To keep things going, yet another mission through which players can get some Crisis Core Gil Farming will be by completing the Tonberries Everywhere mission. 

  • With the Tonberries Everywhere mission, players will be able to see the objective where they will be told that the kitchen knife that has been possessed by the previous tonberry was not the chef’s original knife. They will also have given new info about the chef’s cutlery and that another tonberry had its hands on it, and players will need to “hurry there and defeat the tonberry!”. 

Start by beginning the mission and making your way through the map, which will allow payers to have their first encounter with a few tonberries that they can either decide to fight, or they can keep sprinting towards the right from where they will be able to escape them with ease instead. 

  • From there, players will be able to run forth and encounter a box, from which they will be able to get their hands on yet another X-potion
  • Moving further along the map, players will be able to encounter even more tonberries, which will seem to have more HP as compared to the other ones that were encountered by you beforehand. Therefore these tonberries might be a bit harder to get through, but it won’t be all that difficult. 

There will be four tonberries that players can defeat, and each will have the same high amount of HP as compared to the other ones that players fought before, but these will be a good source of a bit of Crisis Core Gil Farming

  • Each of these tonberries will drop 500 gil, meaning that by the end of the mission, players will be able to get a total of 2000 gil, and alongside that, players will also be able to get a total of 10 SP

Buried In The Caverns 

Buried In The Caverns
Buried In The Caverns (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next mission, which will be able to provide tonberries for the player, will also be located in chapter two, and it will be known as the Buried In The Caverns mission, also known as M6-1-5

  • The main objective of the mission will be that the player will be told that there is information regarding monsters that are present in the caves, and there are also a few items that players can find there, and players will be told to go and investigate the area. 

Upon beginning the mission, there will be a little bit of traveling further that the players will need to do, and once they turn around a stone, there will be a box present. Opening up the box will allow them to get their hands on Fira

  • From there, there will be a tonberry that the player will need to murder, and it really won’t be that big of a deal to do so. 
  • There will be another box that will be present in the cave, and opening it up will grant players access to Bronze Armlet

Another type of enemy that the players might encounter will be a mandragon, and there will be quite a few that you will need to fight, alongside a few worms. Players can get access to 36 sp, as well as 58 gil from the fight. 

Mythril Armlet Trade 

Mythril Armlet
Mythril Armlet (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next way that players can get quite a lot of gil will be through the Mythril armlet. This will be found in a mission that will be present whenever players end up venturing toward chapter 3

  • The mission will be known as Unusually Strong Monsters, and players will need first to finish the Further Below missions to unlock it. 
  • Starting on the map, there will be six treasure chests that players will be able to encounter, alongside quite a few enemies that layers will have to defeat. 

At the start of the map, there will be a chest present, and then going straight forward from the chest, players will need to turn left to head deeper into the cave

  • Heading forth, there will be another chest that players can encounter, and of course, there will be enemies to fight here too. 
  • Heading straight forth deeper, there will be another chest that players can come across, and then two that will be present when you cross the first right turn and instead the far right dead end of the cave
  • From there, turn back and take the first left that you can encounter, and the sixth chest will be present towards the end of the cave as well. 

Players can find items like Dark Matter, Rune Armlet, Elemental Strike, Tri-Thundaga, Gil Toss, and Escort Guard in their chests

  • Amongst the list of enemies, there will be an enemy by the name of three stars that players might come across. Fighting these enemies will grant the players access to the Mythril armlet, which can then sell for that. 

Stealing Items From Enemies 

One of the next ways that players will be able to get their hands on more gil will be by stealing items off of the enemy’s hands, and there will be two things that the players will need to achieve that. 

Steal Materia

Steal Materia
Steal Materia (Image Credits Exputer)

The first item will be a steal Materia, which grants the player the ability to steal any kind of item from the enemy, and it will have five main levels, through which players will be able to see a bump by 10% every time until they reach level 5. 

  • The main mission that players will be able t get through will be known as the First Contact Mission or the M7-4-1 mission. Players will need first to clear Second Contact, and the main unlock condition to carry out this mission will be to also finish off with P’s Precognition Lv.6,” and there will be three chests that players can encounter while they are carrying out this mission. 
  • The first chest will be present towards the start of the mission, while the second and third will be when you head a bit further into the mission, and in these three chests, players can encounter items like Death, Steal, or Mystile. 
  • There will be six enemies that players can encounter, such as the sahagin chief, Mine, Balloon, demon, Hornets, as well as garnet Mole. 

As for the second mission, players can also get the Steal Materia from the mission called “EM hell in the cavern”. 

  • There will be three chests once again that will be in the mission, and they will be present in a triangular position in the map area. 
  • The chests will contain items like Steal, Dark Matter, and VIT Up++. 
  • As for the enemies, they will range from Boundfat, Razor Weed, as well as a Thunderbird. 

Mug Materia 

Another important item that players can use is going to be the mug materia, which can provide players with the ability to steal any kind of item while also simultaneously being able to carry out damage against the enemy. 

  • There will be once again five levels, and each level will grant a 20% increase to the player. 
  • Players can get it by clearing the 1000 Shinra Troops mission while also being able to steal it from the Lesser Demon enemy. 

Force Of Nature 

Moving on, the next way that players can farm more gil will be to get their hands on the force of nature, which the players will then be able to sell off for 50000 gil. Players will need to have progressed to chapter 10 if they want to start the missions to get the force of nature. 

  • Players will need to get through three main missions which will be M3-5-4, M3-5-5, and M3-5-6 to get to the G-Enforcer and get their hands on the item and then sell it off. 

Items Required 

There will be quite a few items or accessories that players will need to have access to if they are to start farming gil, more of which will be four main accessories which are listed as follows. 

  • The Brigand’s Gloves will be required since it allows the player to have a guaranteed steal from the opponent. 
  • The Jeweled Ring will double up the items that are dropped down by opponents. And also buffs up luck by 20. 
  • The precious Watch will double the amount of gil that is provided by opponents and also enhances luck by 10. 
  • The Mog’s Amulet will always give players rare items by opponents. 


And there we have it! All there is to know about the various gil farming methods, and with that, we will wrap up our  Crisis Core Gil Farming guide! For complete beginners, players should look into checking out our Crisis Core Reunion Walkthrough guide, which will cover everything there is to know about the game, from beginner tips, boss run-throughs, mission guides, and more! You can also read up on our Crisis Core Reunion Ending guide to see how the game might end!

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