Counter Strike 2 to add NVIDIA Reflex for reduced latency in multiplayer matches


Counter Strike 2 screenshot

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Along with Over, it is currently the most played game on Valve’s Steam service. 1.4 million gamers Currently online at the same time. This is partly due to Valve’s announcement. Counter strike 2 in March, which will be a free graphical and gameplay upgrade. CS: GO. It is likely that CS:2 Concurrent Player will break records when it officially launches later this summer.

today, the edge reports that Valve is working with NVIDIA to bring its own Reflex technology. Counter strike 2. NVIDIA Reflex uses the company’s GPUs to reduce latency in online games so players see their mouse and keyboard movements reflected in-game as quickly as possible.

According to NVIDIA, turning on Reflex should reduce latency by a significant amount. Counter strike 2. This will be felt by players with older NVIDIA graphics cards the most. Delay if you have a GTX 1060 card Counter strike 2 Reduced from 26 ms to 17 ms with Reflex on. If you have a recent card, the lag while playing the game will be reduced but not as much.

Counter strike 2 It uses Valve’s Source 2 game engine and will include many graphical improvements to the game’s maps, visual effects and more. The game’s servers will also be optimized to detect when a player moves, fires, or throws a grenade in-game. Valve is currently in private and invite-only testing for the game.


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