Combat Warriors Update Log & Patch Notes – Update 1.0.0


This post covers it all Fighters Update log and patch notes. Combat Warriors is a PvP fighting game that emphasizes both melee and ranged combat, developed by PlayCombatWarriors Roblox Developer Group. The game is popularized by crime and blood flow.

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Fighters update log

Below you will find the full Combat Warriors update log with all the latest update patch notes.

Update 1.1.0 patch notes (January 22, 2022)

- We now have a UGC button next to the Customize button in the main menu!
- Purchasing our UGC in-game with the menu will give exclusive rewards
- Keep an eye out as we plan to add more UGC

Daily Spin Changes
- Added More Daily Spins Luck gamepass. Substantially increase your Daily Spins luck for only 499 Robux!
- Added Specs
- Added Dragon Slayer and Chainsaw (Doesn't show up if you already own these weapons)
- You now have a small chance of getting a Daily Spin from kills (only on Weekends)

Case Changes
- Added More Cases Luck gamepass. Substantially increase your luck from Cases for only 399 Robux!
- Added ability to downgrade cosmetics (Trade Down) in the Cases page, useful for your duplicate cosmetics!

Utility Changes
- Flashbang + Flashbomb fixed and buffed
- Flashbomb explosion VFX changed
- Splash/explosion VFX for utility should now be more accurate to their range

New Cosmetics
- Refreshed all Kill Effects
- Improved and fixed up cape physics
- Scarecrow Bundle (Legendary)
- Jokester Bundle (Epic)
- Egoist Character Auras (Legendary)
- Phoenix Enchant (Legendary)
- Soul Fire Enchant (Legendary)
- Chain Fire Enchant (Legendary)
- Water Mist Enchant (Epic)
- Noxious Enchant (Epic)

New Slash Animations
- Shikomizue
- Khopesh
- Heavy Scythe
- We plan to add unique slash animations for every weapon in the near future to ensure every weapon feels unique and fresh

Skill Nerfs
- Stab Dash now deals 66 damage, ragdolls on hit, and is parriable
- Fist Barrage and Slash Barrage now take slightly longer to kill
- Jump attack's damage is now based on distance from the center

- Tommy Gun shooting animation revamped
- Significant performance improvements
- Reverted winter maps
- Footstep sounds improved

Fixed December 24, 2022 patch notes

Patch shutdown for:

- rollback skins/enchants lost
- significant performance improvements
- other general fixes/improvements
extra gamepass compensation
- emotes gamepasses -> all emotes from the gamepasses
- parry shield colors gamepass -> all parry shield colors for the default shield
- unlimited daily quests gamepass -> 155 extra aetherNotes

Update 1.0.0 patch notes (December 24, 2022)

Boss Fight

> Our first ever boss, Matatibi, has arrived!
> To join the fight, open the server list on the bottom left of the main menu and join a boss-fight server
> Defeat Matatibi and deal the required amount of damage to obtain his treasure. Can also be purchased with Aether in the Cases page

Weapon Skills

> A brand new feature for melee weapons!
> Obtain skills by buying them with Credits in the Loadout page 32/700
> Deal the required amount of damage in a row with your melee weapon to use a skill! kkBJbs
> When spawned in, for PC/Console players, your skills should be on the bottom right of your screen. For mobile, your skills should be located near the top right by default but can be edited

Cosmetics Rehaul

> All existing cosmetics have been remade from scratch!
> You can now trade up cosmetics from cases in the Cases page
> Parry Shields are now obtainable (you can also equip Enchants on them by clicking their button edit icon)
> Bundles are now obtainable
> Character Auras are now obtainable
> Emotes are now obtainable
> Emote Icons are now obtainable
> New settings have been added in the main menu to help with performance regarding cosmetics

Battle Pass

> Progress to unlock over 50 unique cosmetics + loads of currency for only 999 Robux!
> Progression can also be skipped by buying BXP in the Battle Pass page
> Can be found under the Customize button on the bottom left of the main menu


> Specs are special items you can buy for Robux that last 1 life
> Can be found near the Disasters button when spawned in
> You obtain a Forcefield + full HP upon use of a spec
> Tommy Gun

Blackhole & Disasters

> A new Disaster has arrived. The Blackhole!
> Nuclear Warhead and Missile Shower have been reduced in price
> Nuclear Warhead and Missile Shower have been completely remade

New Maps

> Graveyard
> Isola Serena

New Weapons

> Yoru
> Triple Katanas
> Dual Katanas
> Kusarigama
> Riot Shield
> *Most weapons now have completely unique animations RS
> Some weapons remodeled

Ranged Weapon Secondaries

> Equipping a ranged weapon will now open up a new tab in the Loadout page to allow for a secondary weapon
> Dual Claws

New Utility

> Flashbang
> Flashbomb
> Claymore
> Impact Grenade
> Damage Splash Potion
> Poison Splash Potion
> Slowness Splash Potion
> Stamina Splash Potion
> Health Splash Potion
> Medkit


> Winter is here! Enjoy new winter-themed maps and weather
> Winter Case can be found in Cases page

General VFX Rehaul

> Blood hit remade
> Limb dismemberment blood remade
> Temporary blood VFX now goes on your melee weapon blade on hit
> Body flicker when dashing
> General smoke particles remade

Ledge Climbing

> Ledge climbing has been completely remade for better detection
> You can now move left/right when hanging on a ledge


> Swimming has been redesigned to allow for easier fighting in water
> VFX when entering and walking through water


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