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Discover the latest and most comprehensive guide to securing your Cloud Native technology stack.

Cloud Native Security provides a detailed study of how to mitigate the attack levels found on today’s cloud native infrastructure. On-the-job hands-on examples walk through areas of risk mitigation and areas of concern that need attention. This book contains the information professionals need to develop the diverse mix of specialized knowledge needed to harden cloud-native states.

The book begins with more accessible material on understanding Linux containers and container runtime security before moving on to more advanced topics such as advanced attacks on Kubernetes. You will also learn about:

  • Installing and configuring a variety of DevSecOps tooling in CI/CD pipelines
  • Creating a forensic logging system that can provide an exceptional level of detail, suitable for busy containerized states
  • Securing Kubernetes, the most popular container orchestrator
  • Harden cloud platforms using state-of-the-art policies and automate security enforcement in the cloud

Perfect for DevOps engineers, platform engineers, security professionals, and students, Cloud Native Security will find a place in the libraries of all professionals looking to improve their understanding of modern security challenges.

Free offer ends today, April 12th.

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Download Cloud Native Security ($24 valuenow free)
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