Cliff Bleszinski has been posting some hints about a possible Lawbreakers revival.


Law breakers It was the last game developed and released by Cliff Bilczynski, who is best known for creating the world’s first games. unreal And Gears of War Franchises are now hinting at Blitzenski. Law breakers Might be making some kind of comeback.

In a ___ Post to your Twitter account.Bleszinski said he received some kind of message about it. Law breakers to his lawyer, and added, “Stay tuned.” In a ___ Reply to someone on the same thread.“News soon, I assure you,” he said.

After leaving unreal And Gears of War In 2012, developer Epic Games, Blesinski created and launched Boss Productions in 2014. Law breakers in 2017 for PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. Despite some good reviews, the game never gained enough players, and in 2018, Boss productions ceased.

Since then, Bleszinski has been busy working on projects outside of the sports industry. In November 2022, his memoir, Control Freak: Making My Epic Adventure Video Games, was published. Now it seems they want to get back into the game development field in some capacity.

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