Clash Royale Tier List: BEST Cards & Decks


The Clash Royale Season 35 invites players to build exciting battle decks and overthrow their foes in exciting real-time combats. To induce more spice to this mechanism, the game features up to a hundred cards and four champions for employing them.

Clash Royale Tier List Cards Ranking Table 
Rarity  S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier
Legendary  Princess, Bandit, Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard, Mega Knight, Night Witch, Miner, Magic Archer, Ram Rider, The Log, and Lumberjack Inferno Dragon, Royal Ghost, Sparky, Lava Hound, Mother Witch, and Graveyard Fisherman
Epic Balloon, Baby Dragon, Witch, Prince, Hunter, P.E.K.K.A, Golem, and Executioner Mirror, Skeleton Army, Poison, Freeze, Bowler, X-Bow, Goblin Barrel, Guards, Tornado, Dark Prince, Lightning, Giant Skeleton, Rage, Electro Dragon, Barbarian Barrel, Goblin Drill, Electro Giant, and Goblin Giant Clone Wall Breakers
Rare Valkyrie, Musketeer, Ice Golem, Hog Rider, Wizard, and Mini P.E.K.K.A. Furnace, Mega Minion, Dart Goblin, and Fireball Tombstone, Bomb Tower, Goblin Cage, Rocket, Royal Hogs, Battle Ram, and Flying Machine Elixir Golem, Battle Healer, Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut, Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, and Zappies
Common Minion Horde, Knight, Bomber, Arrows, Royal Giant, and Zap Goblin Gang, Ice Spirit, Bats, Spear Goblins, Snowball, Tesla, Elite Barbarians, Firecracker, Minions, and Archers Fire Spirits, Goblins, Skeleton Barrel, Barbarians, and Skeletons Royal Delivery, Skeleton Dragons, Electro Spirit, and Mortar
Champion Golden Knight   Mighty Miner, Skeleton King, and Archer Queen 

For those who can’t get hold of this thrill-packed strategy video game, here’s an ultimate Clash Royale tier list! If you look forward to playing more mobile games, here’s an up-to-date Apex Legends Mobile tier list and Dislyte 3 Stars tier list for that. 

Getting to know the best cards in Clash Royale will help you get an edge over the opponents at any point in the game.

Because an extensive array of cards are divided quite intricately into decks, we have separated our Clash Royale tier list into various categories. Here is how the best cards in Clash Royale compete for a start: 

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Clash Royale Cards Tier List

Clash royale tier list (cards)
Clash Royale Cards Tier List

This Clash Royale cards tier list will tour you through four separate tiers that rank from the best to not-too-ideal card tiers. That said, Clash Royale cards dwelling in the highest tiers are the ones you should prefer the most.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the cards ranked lower in the list are entirely useless. They just don’t help very much in front of the beasts ranked in the S-Tier. 

Tier-S Clash Royale Cards

Cards of the S-Tier are undoubtedly the best Clash Royale cards that mainly dominate Season 35, if not others. They show viability across various decks and have maintained a solid position for quite some time now. 

Clash Royale Card Elixir Cost  Rarity  Short Summary
P.E.K.K.A 7 Epic The P.E.K.K.A is a melee fighter who continues to be one of the best powerhouses of the tier list despite being slow relative to the recently launched mini P.E.K.K.A. 

Nevertheless, it is justified given P.E.K.K.A’s heavy armor that surely helps deliver massive damage punches.

Mega Knight 7 Legendary This is one of the most popular cards on the tier list, especially in the mid-ladder. Mega Knight wins all the praise, mainly due to its ease of use compared to others. 

Also, Mega Knight’s Land and Splash attack deserve extra attention via which he jumps from one target to the other inflicting massive area damage. 

Golem 8 Epic A Clash Royale card that summons Golem, who is slow but very sturdy. It destroys tall buildings followed by explosively splitting into two even lethal area-damaging Golemites. 
Wizard 5 Rare He is one of the easiest to play battlers of the Clash Royale arena who blows your enemies away with his fireballs. 
Hog Rider 4 Rare Hog Rider is a pretty agile melee pick that aims at prominent buildings and can quickly jump over huge areas, including rivers.
Executioner 5 Epic  If you want to relish interesting actions made via an axe, the Executioner is for you. He uses his ax like a fast boomerang that springs back and forth, striking your foes and gliding back in no time. 
Electro Wizard 4 Legendary  The Electro Wizard is no ordinary pick. Because of the ability to be employed in various situations, Electro Wizard is super versatile support. 

He lands at the action site with a huge blast, stunning nearly all enemies standing close.

Minion Horde    5 Common The card offers a horde of flying attackers that, though unarmoured, can inflict significant damage if wielded correctly. For instance, employing it distracts the opponent and buys time to launch attacks or get out of a tense situation. 
Balloon 5 Epic  The balloon’s one hit is more than enough to cause destruction wherever you intend to. Therefore it remains one of the most popular picks, especially on the top ladder of Clash Royale. 

Though it already drops sturdy bombs hanging up from the sky, the Balloon can cause devasting area damage when shot down.

Baby Dragon 4 Epic The Baby Dragon is the only air troop on the Clash Royale tier list who can deal splash damage. 

Given this uniqueness, the Baby Dragon has earned one of the top spots in our hierarchy as well. He also burps fireballs while hanging in the sky.  

Ice Golem 3 Rare Ice Golem is pretty tough. He aims for enemies’ buildings and explodes when he gets a hit in return. Though Ice Golem’s explosion won’t damage enemies a lot, they’ll be at least slowed down for some time.  
Ice Wizard 2 Legendary  The Ice Wizard is a chill caster featured alongside Tornado (more on him later). He has a superb potential for rendering splash attacks via which he throws ice shards that slow down a target’s attack speed and overall movement.
Bandit 2 Legendary  This card has been a solid Clash Royale choice for players for quite a while now. Using Bandit’s agility, players can dash away from ranged attacks. 

Besides providing an edge in the defense sector, players can also wield Bandit to take their targets by surprise. 

Witch 5 Epic The witch can summon Skeletons while also shooting destructive light beans herself. 
Knight 3 Common A powerful combatter melee fighter.
Musketeer 4 Rare She uses her broomstick to take mean shots.
Princess 3 Legendary Princess will shower long-range flaming arrows.
Lumberjack    4 Legendary Outputs decent damage when alive but even more when defeated. Lumberjack spills his bottle of Rage when downed. If there wouldn’t be mini P.E.K.K.A, Lumberjack was the best alternative. 
Valkyrie 4 Rare Sturdy melee battler who deals decent area damage within a midrange radius. She can take down both swarms and hordes of enemies. 
The Log 2 Legendary The log crushes everything in its path. 
Ram Rider 5 Legendary Serves well in a bridge spam deck. 
Prince 5 Epic Don’t let his appearance fool you. Prince surely deserves a spot in the Statue of our Clash Royale tier list, given his double damage-inflicting skills once he gets a running start. However, he does lack in certain matchups, so beware of that. 
Mini P.E.K.K.A. 4 Rare Excelling at taking out supports and tanks, Mini P.E.K.K.A. is an excellent alternative to its sibling, the P.E.K.K.A. 

In fact, it can even take out towers, therefore, ranking strong as one of the leading powerhouses of Clash Royale in the current meta.

Bomber 3 Common Though he is tiny and rather unarmoured than most Clash Royale troops are mostly expected to be, Bomber throws bombs that deal area damage, wiping crowds of enemies on every hit.
Miner 3 Legendary As the name suggests, Miner can dig its way into the ground and emerge from other locations while traveling within. This unique action is not magic but an ability to shovel its way through the ground.
Arrows 3 Common  It performs very much like Zap and Snowball with a lighter edge over being versatile. It extends its damage, rendering potential over a large area.  
Royal Giant 6 Common  Royal Giant is relatively easy to wield than most cards on our tier list. He uses a huge cannon to destroy buildings.  
Zap 2 Common It inflicts massive damage to enemies by first stunning them for a brief while and then attacking with a couple of small radius hits.
Hunter 4 Epic  Hunter is known to deliver large-scale quick burst damages. Because he doesn’t seem to perform fair in the accuracy sector, the burst damage potential can only be availed in close ranges. 
Magic Archer 4 Legendary  As the name suggests, Magic Archer shoots magical arrows that can pass through brutal enemies damaging them severely. 
Night Witch 4 Legendary It takes seconds for Night Witch to summon an entire army of bats that are probably friendly to her but prove seriously lethal to enemies.

Night Witch is a robust melee attacker herself, while her mean-looking companions pair very well with tanks. 

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Tier-A Clash Royale Cards

Of course, not very outstanding as you expect a Tier-S card to be, the Tier A Clash Royale cards are definitely worth your attention. They perform absolutely devastatingly in various situations to aid in flipping the course of a battle. 

Clash Royale Card Elixir Cost  Rarity  Short Summary
Graveyard 5 Legendary One of the highest skill cards on our Clash Royale tier list that offers a very high win rate. The card can summon a massive horde of skeletons shooting damage everywhere around. 
Bowler 5 Epic  It throws its massive boulders towards enemies that simply roll through them, hitting and crushing anything in between. 
Furnace 4 Rare The Furnaces give off one Kamikaze attack, rendering Fire Spirits at a time. 
Tesla 4 Common A viable X-Bow Clash Royale deck card who’s good in defense. 
Freeze 4 Epic  Freezes and then inflicts good damage to enemy troops and their buildings, consequently restricting their moves. 
Lava Hound 7 Legendary Though not a popular Clash Royale card, Lava Hound offers a reasonable win rate. It’s basically an excellent flying troop that attacks enemies’ buildings. 
Elite Barbarians 6 Common Almost like regular Barbarians, a bit stronger, though. Renders good damage, but it’s relatively easy to counter; hence don’t forget to wield them against less fierce opponents only. 
Poison 4 Epic  As the name suggests, it completely covers the targeted area via deadly poison that can damage any enemy troop or building there. Yet somehow, the toxins spare the leaves and grass from effect. 
Mega Minion 3 Rare The minions can fly, are fully armored, therefore able to absorb as much damage, and are super powerful in retaliating too!
Firecracker 3 Common This Clash Royale support card shoots an explosive firework that damages the target on impact and showers sparks on anything directly behind it. 
Skeleton Army 6 Epic  Summons a horde of decent damage rendering skeletons.
Sparky 6 Legendary Showers fast attacks that are though less impactful can really help turn the situation around just because of their speed. 

Also, Sparky is slow in charging up, but that too is justified given the attacks are large-scale damage rendering attacks. 

Mirror +1 Elixir of last played card Epic  Produces an exact copy of the last card you played.
Dart Goblin 3 Rare It dashes like a bolt and gives off ranged attacks.
Minions 3 Common Three super speedy but very sparingly armored flying beasts.
Dark Prince 4 Epic  It deals a decent amount of area damage to wipe enemies off. 
Royal Ghost 3 Legendary Players will especially love his ability to become invisible. Royal Ghost drifts invisibly through the enemies’ ranks and then attacks, followed by getting out of sight again.
Archers 3 Common You get two sparingly armored but potent long-reach attackers via this card. Using them, you can easily take down more than a few ground as well as air units.  
Tornado 3 Epic  A high-skill card of the Clash Royale tier that relies on combinations with potent splash cards. For instance, Tornado will make a great combo with Poison.
Inferno Tower 5 Rare Renders burn damage to enemies. 
Goblin Gang 3 Common It offers five speedy Goblins that, with their knives and spears, will manage to take down more than a few enemies. 
Guards 3 Epic  You get three skeleton-like, strong, shielded brothers who knock off everything that comes towards them. 
Fireball 4 Rare Though within a small radius, this card’s damage is undoubtedly unmatched.
Ice Spirit 1 Common Hardly any Elixir is needed for the massive power this card packs. It gives off a tiny, freezing spirit that can stun an entire group of enemies in a blink of an eye.
Goblin Barrel 3 Epic  It offers three little Goblins that go hopping in every direction of the arena dealing decent damage to enemies. 
Inferno Dragon 4 Legendary Is proficient in shooting a nicely aimed beam of fire that increases its damage rendering with time.
X-Bow 6 Epic  Though X-Bow is really hard to play with, those who know how to employ it can quickly fill up the top winning ranks.
Bats 2 Common Though Minions remain the best air units of the Clash Royale cards tier list, Bats are one heck of an alternative. 

The tiny flying creatures pack tremendous speeds and good damage that causes confusion and destruction in the enemies’ ranks.

Barbarian Barrel 2 Epic  This rolls over anything that comes in the path rendering massive damage and opening up to give a Barbarian! 
Spear Goblins 2 Common You get three light armored long-reach damage dealers who throw spears on their foes. 
Electro Dragon 5 Epic  The Electro Dragon spits out sturdy beams of electric damage, hitting up to three targets at a time. Use this card to take down Minions and other support troops easily. 
Snowball 2 Common The Snowball knocks back and slows down each incoming hit. 
Rage 5 Epic  Increases troop attack speed and overall movement.
Giant Skeleton 2 Epic  A huger bomb-carrying skeleton than any skeleton you met before in our tier list. The Giant Skeleton’s bomb bursts only when he dies.
Lightning 6 Epic  Throws full lightning bolts that damage as well as stun up to three troops at a time. You can also target buildings that house the most hit points. 
Goblin Giant 6 Epic A huge green Goblin that stomps towards your enemy’s ranks carrying a horde of Spear Goblins. 

Though you don’t get to see as much damage as you might expect from a Clash Royale monster of this size, Goblin Giants can scare the enemies away pretty well.  

Card  Elixir   Rarity  Short summary  
Electro Giant  7  Epic  The card is fairly balanced and melee-focused. If an enemy hits Electro Giant while they are in a three-tile radio, they will get damaged with each blow. The Clash Royale card can be unlocked in Arena 11 of Electro Valley. 
Mother Witch  4  Legendary   Mother Witch is a medium ranged card that can be unlocked in Legendary  Arena 15 in Clash Royale. She inflicts damage on a single target, but she deals low damage. Mother Witch attacks a troop by placing a curse on them for 5 seconds. While the Mother Witch card might not be the best option to go for in Clash Royale, it works great against troops. 
Goblin Drill  4  Epic   The Goblin Drill card can be unlocked at the Rascal’s Hideout in Arena 13. It is a building with a high hit point, and it spawns a Goblin at intervals. The grounded units will receive low damage, and the small troops will get knocked back. When the Goblin Drill is destroyed, it will spawn 2 Goblins. 
Golden Knight   4  Champion  You can unlock the Golden Knight card upon reaching King Level 14 in Clash Royale. The card can inflict moderate damage per second when deployed and has fairly high hit points. His mobility increases when no enemies are nearby, and he can dash toward them, inflicting damage. 

Tier-B Clash Royale Cards

Though the B-Tier cards are the most probable to get overlooked by players, they still pack some decent abilities to aid you through complex scenarios. Nevertheless, they might fit just a particular deck and not all. 

Clash Royale Card Elixir Cost  Rarity  Short Summary
Clone 3 Epic This card can prove very useful as it can duplicate all ally troops lurking in the target area. 
Skeletons    1 Common Though fragile ones, you get three super speedy melee attackers.
Royal Hogs 5 Rare They nibble off buildings in seconds! 
Barbarians 5 Common A horde of aggressive melee attackers. Slightly fragile towards incoming attacks.
Rocket 6 Rare Inflicts massive damage within a small radius, though.
Goblin Cage 4 Rare Renders decent long reach attacks on enemies’ stances.
Fisherman 3 Legendary  The cage will take damage until it pops open to unleash a Goblin Brawlers that inflicts decent damage.
Skeleton Barrel 3 Common Skeletons that fly in the air with the help of balloons. They come down to render good damage to enemies once the balloons pop.
Bomb Tower 4 Rare  A bomb-carrying defensive building that will deal massive area impact to anything near it. 
Goblins 2 Common You get three small green attackers that though unarmoured, are pretty fast and render melee damage. 
Tombstone 3 Rare  A building that sends Skeleton groups in intervals to combat enemies.
Flying Machine 4 Rare A fun and super-agile flying troop that will render some damage but is pretty fragile towards incoming attacks.
Battle Ram 4 Rare  A long carried by two Barbarians with an intent to render damage to buildings. 
Fire Spirits 3 Common Though Fire Spirits may seem crazy given his high damage stat that maxes at 534, that too for only a couple of Elixirs, the card is a bit weak.

At high levels, Fire Spirits’ kamikaze attack tends to be unpredictable. 

Archer Queen  5  Champion   Upon reaching King Level 14 in Clash Royale, you will unlock the Archer Queen card. She is a troop-type card that inflicts damage on a single target and can attack both Ground and Air Units. Her special ability makes her invisible, and her attack speed increases as well. 
Skeleton King   4  Champion  The card can be unlocked by reaching King Level 14 in Clash Royale. Skeleton King is a melee troop with high AoE and high hit points. He deals moderate damage, and any troops that die will return to him as souls that will be spawned as skeletons around him. 
Mighty Miner  4  Champion  The card was released in a recent patch update of Clash Royale. He can be unlocked by reaching level 14. He is a melee troop that deals damage on a single target. His hit points are quite high, and his damage increases over time.  

Tier-C Clash Royale Cards

These cards are relatively niche-specific than being generalists and pack limited utilities that too for only some Clash Royale decks. Some also require too much elixir during battles. However, you can’t just avoid them wholly. 

Clash Royale Card Elixir Cost  Rarity  Short Summary
Three Musketeers 9 Rare The Three Musketeers card of the latest Clash Royale meta features a trio of independent, sturdy markswomen battling for honor and justice.  
Barbarian Hut 7 Rare As the name Barbarian Hut suggests, it’s a Barbarian spawning building Clash Royale card. What’s even unique? Troops can also spawn after death! 
Goblin Hut    4 Rare A great alternative to Barbarian Hut. This card renders the same effect by using super speedy Goblins instead of Barbarians. 
Mortar 4 Common Mortar has a relatively slow hit speed, due to which only some big Royal delivery buff can save it.  

Nevertheless, it is a defensive building with a long-range that can shoot giant boulders dealing slow but good area damage. 

Beware of the enemies that reach too close!

Battle Healer 4 Rare With each attack, Battle Healer also gives off a potent healing aura to recover all of your and allies’ Hit Points. Battle Healer will resume healing herself when not under attack. 
Elixir Golem 3 Rare Elixir Golem separates into two Golemites when defeated, which further separates into two sentient Blobs when destroyed. 

Nevertheless, this card would have been more worthy of your attention if it hadn’t undergone the recent pair of nerfs.

Zappies 4 Rare Though the latest nerfs have made Zappies resort to the last tier of our Clash Royale cards tier list, they can still prove effective against low-hit speed troops like the Bowler and Hunter. Zappies can cripple such enemies with constant stuns, restricting them from making attacks.
Electro Spirit 1 Common  One of the cheapest cards on our tier list that jumps onto its targets whether on ground or air. 

This is followed by chain attacking nine targets in a row while also stunning them. It’s an excellent alternative to Electro Dragon, we must say.

Skeleton Dragons 4 Common Skeleton Dragons are comparatively weak against units that can take down air units.

Couple them with good defensive Clash Royale cards to fill the gap; otherwise, the Skeleton Dragons are decent in terms of defense. 

We’ll say this card is a neutral Elixir trade.

Elixir Collector 6 Rare Players can employ the Elixir Collector to improve their Elixir reserves to make deploying cards more accessible and quicker. You can also avail it as a distraction against troops that aim at buildings. 

However, this is somewhat a last-resort way of employing Elixir Collector because it offers relatively few hit points at a very high cost.

Wall Breakers 2 Epic The Wall Breakers are dangerously lethal dive bombers. The duo blows up buildings.
Royal Delivery 3 Common Royal Delivery is very much like the Barbarian Barrel, which works as a defensive spell popping out any troop that comes near. Also, it can serve in an X-Bow deck pretty well.  

Best Clash Royale Decks 

Decks of Clash Royale
Best Clash Royale Decks

Clash Royale may seem like a piece of cake where two players sit back watching their battling units compete against one another; believe us, it’s not. To add some more spice and a slight punch of complicatedness, Clash Royale has got decks! 

Even if you have thoroughly skimmed through the above Clash Royale cards tier list, giving attention to Clash Royale decks is crucial. Therefore here are some of the best Clash Royale decks of the current meta that you need to know: 

P.E.K.K.A. Deck

This Clash Royale deck is the best choice to serve players with an offensive play style. Nevertheless, it also packs some extraordinary defense abilities thanks to P.E.K.K.A onboard.

For exerting more than decent pressure on the foes, you’ll have Bandit and the Battle Ram, along with the excellent battling potential offered by Electro Wizard. 

Cards: P.E.K.K.A, Battle Ram, Electro Wizard, Bandit, Royal Ghost, Minions, Poison, and Zap. 

2.6 Hog Cycle 

The deck will favor extreme aggressive playstyles given all the best offense-oriented cards it holds. All the eight cards within the 2.6 Hog Cycle deck are easy to access and level up.

Also, the deck is pretty elixir-efficient overall, so you know you are getting the best while spending relatively more minor. You need to use them in the best way possible, and you’ll be ranking in the highest portals in no time.  

Cards: Hog Rider, Zap, Fireball, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Cannon, Musketeer. 

Princess Knight Goblin Barrel 

After bringing forth to you one of the best offense-oriented Clash Royale decks, here’s the top pick dedicatedly compiled to serve a more defensive style of play. 

It packs Inferno Tower that will absorb massive incoming hits while also inflicting decent damage to your foes in return. It has also got the rolling logs card and much more! 

Cards: Inferno Tower, The Log, Goblin Barrel, Princess, Knight, Goblin Gang, Rocket, and Ice Spirit. 

Musicmaster’s X-Bow 

The Musicmaster’s X-Bow Clash Royale deck is a solid jack-of-all-trades deck. It offers a strong defense paired with an equally potent offense. 

Cards: X-Bow, Skeletons, Musketeer, Tesla, Elixir Collector, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Fireball. 

Golem Beatdown 

Golems are worthy troops in Clash Royale, and given the benefits, one can yield from them, here’s a decent Golem Clash Royale deck. 

Though not the most powerful ones in offense or defense, these cards will push back your foes to a limit where they’ll become completely fragile with hardly any defense capacity left. 

Cards: Golem, Tornado, Barbarian Barrel, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Lightning, Dark Prince, Lumberjack


This tier list of the Clash Royale cards and decks was curated after investing a ton of effort into experiencing the fascinating latest meta ourselves. During the process, our team collected information from multiple online sources too. 

We at eXputer also believe in collecting authoritative opinions of long-time as well as skilled rookie gamers; therefore, we worked on that too. 

To reflect our hard work and put forth the most definitive and actually practical hierarchy of the Clash Royal cards and decks, we tried our best to justify each strength and weakness. 


We at eXputer are always up to curating the best possible ranking of in-game elements, heavily depending on each’s in-field effectiveness. That said, every aspect is intensely scrutinized with its pros and cons weighted with the least amount of bias. 

We do this to make sure no like-minded gaming enthusiast enters his favorite game without knowing what the ideal first steps are. Anyways, that’s all about our Clash Royale tier list; which cards are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

We’ll also be delighted to know what you think about any of the rankings in our tier list. Meanwhile, our team will try to update this post continuously, given the meta changes Clash Royale tends to welcome quite often. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best card in Clash Royale Season 35? 

P.E.K.K.A is undoubtedly the best card in Season 35 of Clash Royale because of its heavily damaging attacks. Moreover, the epic card offers excellent protection and costs only 7 Elixer. 

What is the best Legendary card in Season 35 of Clash Royale? 

Mega Knight card takes the top place in our tier list when it comes to Legendary cards in Clash Royale. The Land and Splash attack of this card has excellent AoE damage.  

What is the best Rare card to play in the Season 35 of Clash Royale? 

One of the best Rare cards that are easy to play in Clash Royale is the Wizard card. He has many qualities, such as inflicting heavy damage to enemies using fireballs.

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