Citing a paid study, Microsoft says it saved more than a million dollars with Windows AutoPatch.


Installing Windows Update

Microsoft released its May 2023 Windows AutoPatch earlier today. The tech giant says that the latest release is its most “impactful” update since it brings many improvements and changes related to OS quality, feature and security updates, policy alerts, and more.

Microsoft also adds that the impact of AutoPatch was also felt in resource management as it saved a lot of time, money and effort since going the cloud auto-patching route. Citing a commissioned report on the matter called “New Technology: The Estimated Total Economic Impact of Windows AutoPatch.” Claims Enterprises can save around 50-95% of their effort thanks to Windows AutoPatch.

According to Forrester’s projected Total Economic Impact Study released last month, enterprises can expect to save 50% to 95% less effort on feature updates.

When we go into a little more detail, the key findings show that Microsoft has apparently saved over a million dollars from its perspective, $848 thousand in performance gains, and $500 thousand on on-premises infrastructure. Close. There are also some undocumented benefits. The full breakdown is given below:

Key findings

Quantitative expected benefits.

  • $848,000 savings in efficiency gains for patching team.
  • 80% efficiency gain for IT teams in reporting compliance regarding patching.
  • A 13 percentage point increase in patch success rates, fewer obstacles for end users, and a reduction in the number of help desk tickets.
  • Savings of approximately $470,000 from upfront solutions and reduced use of on-prem infrastructure.

Unqualified benefits.

  • Improved security currency.
  • Change in decision-making to patch at Microsoft.

If you are interested, you can view the full report at this link (PDF).


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