Cities: Skylines’ final expansion, “Hotels and Retreats,” will begin in May.


Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order are perfecting the inspired city builder and management experience. City: Skylines. Now the eight-year-old game’s latest expansion has arrived as Hotels & Retreats, a pack that includes luxury accommodations and tourist attractions. Watch the announcement trailer above.

The pack will start players with a small one-star hotel and let them gradually expand to boost the city’s economy through tourism. Buildings like hostels, resorts, cabins etc. are included here, all adapted with a range of management options. The location of the hotel will determine the type of tourists it attracts. Additionally, new tourism buildings are coming up, with fresh parks, restaurants, playgrounds, and cafes appearing to support the hotels.

Along with the expansion, Industrial Evolution, Japan’s Railroad, and Brooklyn & Queens premium content packs full of buildings and scenery items, as well as two radio stations are also being released for the game.

Expansion of Cities Skylines Hotels and Retreats

“Thanks to our dedicated community of players for their support and feedback throughout the year,” said Marina Halikanen, CEO of Colossal Order. “When we watch the sun go down. City: Skylines Together and as we move into the next chapter of the franchise, we look forward to watching and learning from the amazing creations of the players this last time and beyond.”

gave City: Skylines Hotel and retreat expansion, as well as the final pieces of DLC, release on May 23 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. As the fan-favorite original takes the final bow, City: Skylines II Coming later this year with Colossal Order as the developer.


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