Chromebook owners will have easy access to Microsoft 365 and OneDrive.


A look at how Chromebook owners will soon be able to integrate Microsoft 365 apps.

While Google has recently tried to push Chromebooks as a cheaper way to enjoy cloud gaming, Many owners of Chrome OS devices use it for work, including connecting to Microsoft 365 apps and OneDrive Cloud storage. Currently, installing Microsoft 365 and is not that easy. OneDrive On Chromebooks. However, Google recently announced that these services will be much easier to install and use for Chromebooks in the near future.

But in a post Chrome OS beta tester community site (through Chrome unboxed), Google said it will soon begin testing a new Microsoft 365 setup for Chromebook owners. It will first be available on the Chrome OS Dev and Beta channels before its official release, which will happen sometime in the coming months.

So what’s going to be different? Currently, Chromebook users with Microsoft 365 have to install the Office Progressive Web App. website. However, this new installation procedure does not appear to require a website visit. Instead, Chromebook owners will get a more integrated way to install Progressive Web App. In addition, users can connect their Chromebook’s Files directory to their OneDrive cloud servers. The new system will transfer the contents of these Chromebook files to OneDrive when users launch Microsoft 365.

It looks great, and the only real problem with this integration is that it won’t be available to the general public for a while. Besides, Google didn’t really need to make that kind of effort. Its own Google Docs and Drive online products are direct competitors to Microsoft 365 and OneDrive. The fact that it’s making a special effort shows that Google knows many Chromebook users like Microsoft 365, which could drive more Chromebook purchases by business users.

Microsoft 365 recently added a new and cheaper $1.99/month subscription tier. This includes, among other features, 100GB of OneDrive cloud space, mobile apps and ad-free access to Outlook on its website.

Source: Google through Chrome unboxed


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