Chinese search giant Beidou will launch its own version of Chat GPT.


through South China Morning Post

Chinese multinational technology company Baidu is all set to introduce its own version of the popular ChatGPT chatbot. According to a Bloomberg report.

Baidu will introduce its as-yet-unnamed chatbot in March, a person familiar with the matter reportedly said. It will also be integrated into Baidu’s main search services, meaning users can soon get conversation-style search results similar to ChatGPT.

Baidu has reportedly invested billions of dollars in its Ernie system, a large-scale AI model that the company has been developing for several years now. It will serve as the foundation for the company’s ChatGPT-like platform.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered natural language processing tool that can respond to gestures in a conversational manner. This tool can answer questions and help with tasks like creating content and writing code. Since its launch in November last year, The service has amassed over a million users..

Earlier this month, it was reported that Microsoft is looking to supercharge its Bing search engine by integrating ChatGPT into it. The company also recently reportedly invested $10 billion in ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

The rise of ChatGPT has also worried search engine giant Google, which according to the New York Times, Recently announced a “code read”. Similar to pulling the fire alarm. The company is apparently More than 20 AI-related projects are set to be introduced this year.Including an AI-powered version of Google Search.

Source: Bloomberg (paywall)


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