Check out these wild prototypes for the ASUS ROG Ally portable gaming PC


Asus rog alle prototypes

We’re starting to learn a little more about the upcoming ASUS ROG Ally portable Windows 11-based gaming PC, thanks to some hands-on previews of the device that popped up online today. We’re even learning a little about the device’s early development to date.

Engadget China ASUS posted an image from a press event showing several prototype designs for the ROG Ally. As you can tell, there were quite a few proposed looks for a gaming PC before the final form factor was reached.

Asus rog alle prototypes

PC gamer ROG took another look at some of these different versions of Ellie, and some of them are downright weird. There are a couple that look like smartphone displays fused with some sort of brown mud pack and another that looks like a giant tooth with a screen placed on the front.

ASUS has apparently been working on a portable gaming PC design for five years. However, ASUS global marketing director Galip Fu admitted that Valve’s release of the Steam Deck portable PC in 2021 helped inspire the company to release the ROG Ally. He stated:

This inspired us to accelerate our collaboration with AMD to develop something even more innovative.

AMD will provide the newly revealed Ryzen Z1 CPU for the ROG Ally, which will power the seven-inch portable PC. We’ll know more about the device, including its price and release date, on May 11.


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