Check out these iPhone mockups that redesign the alleged health, wallet, and wallpapers.


iOS 17 Health app wallet app and wallpapers mockup

A new set of iOS mockups has hit the internet showing the purported redesign of the Wallpapers, Health app, and Wallet app on iOS 17. Here are the pictures Thanks to @analyst941 which has been sharing information about iOS 17 features for some time now.

The Wallpapers mockup showcases a new grid-based user interface that can display up to nine wallpapers at a time. Each wallpaper thumbnail can be removed from the grid using the delete button in the upper left corner. According to the rumored lock screen customizations coming in iOS 17, a share button is visible in single view on the left side which will allow users to share their lock screen with others.

Similarly, the Wallet app is also expected to get a major redesign on iOS 17 as it appears. In the mockup And the same It was buzzing By Bloomberg’s Mark Groman. This may include a new search bar that will appear when you swipe down on the screen. The app will become more organized with separate sections for saved cards, keys, IDs, etc. There will be a dedicated section for Apple Cash and the recently launched High Yield Savings Account.

iOS 17 Health app wallet app and wallpapers mockup

The leaker added That tabs will appear based on available information. For example, the Keys tab will not appear if the user has not added any car keys or house keys to their device. It should be noted that various Apple Wallet features, such as the ability to add your driver’s license, are only available in select regions.

Speaking of health app, its Mockup shows A redesigned Favorites section. It uses a card-style interface to display various data like heart rate, sleep, weight, etc. that the user has added to their favorites.

iOS 17 Health app wallet app and wallpapers mockup

In related Apple news, @analyst941 previously claimed that a future Apple Watch update will allow the smartwatch to sync with multiple devices. While the company is being pushed to bring app sideloading functionality to iPhones, a recent report suggests that it may be limited to the European region only.


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