ChatGPT has been reauthorized in Italy after implementing some data protection measures.


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In March, Italy’s data protection agency Garante banned the use of ChatGPT in that country. The ban was imposed over concerns that the company OpenAI’s chatbot AI service was violating Italy’s data protection laws. Today, it was revealed that the Italian government has lifted the ban against ChatGPT after OpenAI agreed to take some safeguards to protect its users’ personal data.

Associated Press reports Some of these privacy enhancements include adding a sign-up form that asks users to verify their age. Tech Crunch Clarified that the form asks users if they are 18 years of age or older, or if they are between 13 and 17 years of age, in which case they need a parent or guardian’s permission.

Additionally, ChatGPT users in Italy can now access links to see how chatbot AI uses their personal information, and how it collects data to train the chatbot. Finally, users in Italy can fill out a form to object to having their personal data accessible to ChatGPT for its training.

The new privacy additions show that concerns remain about how chatbots like ChatGPT, Microsoft’s BingChat, and Google Bard use online data to generate answers to users’ questions. . While these new features are a start, there are likely to be more questions on these matters in the coming months and even years.


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