ChatGPT allows you to go incognito which disables the use of your data for dating and training.


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OpenAI has updated ChatGPT to make it a bit more user-friendly for people concerned about privacy. Users should start seeing an option in ChatGPT settings to turn off “Chat History & Training” as well as an option to export their data. The new features were revealed by Meera Murthy, Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI. Speaking to Reuters.

ChatGPT will pay more attention to user privacy in the future, Murthy told Reuters. Apparently, the decision to deal with privacy has been discussed internally at the company for months and is not in response to concerns raised by the Italian data protection authority, which has brought charges against the country for privacy violations. It was decided to ban the service.

To find the sequence, Log in to ChatGPT. And Select your name at the bottom left.then press Setting And then by Data controls press show. You can then turn off the tracking and history settings and export your data.

While the extra privacy is nice, there’s a small caveat to note and that’s that your chats will be stored by OpenAI for 30 days to make sure you’re not abusing its system. are doing Thankfully, it won’t use that data to further train its models.

Do you have privacy concerns about generative AI and do these concerns prevent you from using these technologies? Let us know in the comments.


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