Caught on video: Tesla Cybertruck’s incredibly large windshield wiper in action


Musk Viper on the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s yet-to-be-released pickup truck is in the news again, this time for its massive windshield and the question of how it will be cleaned. A new video shows a drone view of the Cyber ​​Truck at the Texas Gigafactory and possibly the first reported sighting of the massive Viper in action.

As seen in the video that was first uploaded. Electric, a cyber truck is placed on a rotating stand in front of the wind tunnel. A worker can be seen holding a spray bottle in his hand and appears to be testing a large wiper blade. The video shows the Cyber ​​Truck from multiple angles including a brief moment (at around 13:40) where the comically large Viper is moving and cleaning the massive windshield.

The single wiper is long enough to cover most of the windshield, including a large portion of the passenger side. Also, the video shows a couple of tripods placed around the Cybertruck, one on top of the wind tunnel and one on the side. It is not clear if the tripod is also holding cameras.

A similar large wiper was fitted to the Cybertruck prototype. Shared on Twitter Back in December 2021. But Elon Musk clarified that this is not a production Viper. “The wiper is what bothers me the most. There is no easy fix. A usable wiper that mounts to the front trunk would be ideal, but complicated.” Musk said Responding to a different tweet

The cyber trick was first announced in November 2019, and since then, Its release date has been pushed many times. Available in three configurations, it can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and offers a range of up to 500 miles.

Source: Brad Sloan through Mashable


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