Callisto Protocol sells 2 million copies and defies expectations.


Horror has slowly turned into a major player in the gaming world thanks to its popular IPs. Like sports silent hill And Resident Evil has sent the genre into the stratosphere through its sales and popularity.

With the latest entry Resident Evil going back to its roots, the genre lacked shooter games. Callisto protocol.

is made in the image of Dead space And by its director, the game brought shooting elements back to horror games. Although the title has received a mixed response from fans, the graphics have received universal acclaim. But, it seems the game underperformed and sold only. 2 million copies When initial expectations were 5 million.

Key takeaways

  • Callisto Protocol has sold only 2 million copies so far and has not met investors’ expectations.
  • An initial performance analysis predicted a 4/5 million opening, but reviews were unhelpful.
  • Krafton plans to recoup the $162 million in production costs by releasing post-launch content and DLC.

Benji’s sale First brought this interesting report to the fans. South Korea website K-Odyssey Responsible for informing the public about these sales figures. According to the publication, the cost of the Callisto protocol is very high. 200 billion won. To create.

Won is the currency of South Korea, and when converted to USD, it comes up to approx. $162 million. Crofton’s new game took that much money to develop, and that’s without counting marketing costs. Therefore, expectations for the Callisto protocol to be high are not misplaced.

Odyssey reported the news overall that several companies, viz Samsung Securities I have reduced stock prices. Carfton.

According to the report, the sale of Samsung securities is expected. 5 million From the Callisto protocol. But according to their stock report, the target of 2 million is also looking very difficult to achieve this year.

The company expected gross sales of 5 million copies, but given current sales rankings, gross sales of 2 million copies by this year will not be easy.

Another investor in Crofton, Korea Investments and Securitieshas also lowered their expectations. Initially, the company is expected to sell 4 million copies From the horror game. However, it has now been taken down. 2.1 million, According to K-Odyssey.

The company also lowered operating profit estimates from the Callisto protocol. 629.3 billion won. it was 813 billion won For the year before this new estimate. So, it’s safe to say that the horror space shooter game hasn’t done quite as well.

When we hear about the development costs of the Callisto protocol, it sounds like a failure. According to Odyssey, Crofton paid. 196 billion won Developer Striking Distance Studios to create the horror title. Roughly that comes to over $160 million, which is an insane amount on par with most Marvel movies.

K-Odyssey tells us that this payment to striking distance was in three different years. In 2020, Crofton gave the studio 5.4 billion won, And so it went 77 billion won In 2021 Striking Distance fetched the most money from January to September last year, a huge one 113.6 billion won.

According to Crofton’s business report and quarterly report, the company paid about 196 billion won, including 5.4 billion won in 2020, 77 billion won in 2021, and 113.6 billion won from January to September last year. Paid to the company ‘Striking Distance’. Studio’ (SDS), a developer of the Callisto protocol.

Therefore, it took 200 billion won or $162 million to develop the Callisto protocol without accounting. Marketing expenses. That kind of investment in new IP is a big risk, and it doesn’t seem to have paid off so far. Reviews for the game from critics and players alike have been mixed. AverageOnce again, it failed to live up to expectations.

Odyssey says that the cost of production will exceed the revenue due to marketing. But, Crofton has plans to withdraw money from the Callisto protocol. With new game modes coming to the game and a DLC release I Summerthe company is hoping to change.

Krafton plans to rebound with follow-up support for the Callisto protocol. The game producers have announced that the game will be updated on the 7th of next month with new game modes and character costumes, and will release paid DLC with additional stories this summer, which is downloadable content.

While it’s unusual for such a divisive game to receive money through post-launch content, Crafton is optimistic. Cyberpunk 2077 did exactly that through its Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime show. So, maybe the game will bounce back, and we hope it does.

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