Callisto Protocol gets a new game plus in the latest update.


  • The Kalisto protocol was released last month to mixed reception.
  • The latest update for The Callisto Protocol includes one of its most requested features: New Game Plus.
  • The update also includes bug fixes and performance-related improvements across all consoles.

Since its launch, a new Game Plus mode has been one of the most requested features in Callisto Protocol. Which should be good news for players who are expecting an NG+ mod. The game’s latest update, 3.01, finally added the long-requested feature.

Added new game plus. Complete the game to unlock New Game Plus and take your progress to a new save. All weapons, upgrades, and Kalisto credits can be collected in the first reforge.

The option to select new game + should be available to any player with a complete save file.

In addition, the patch also introduces a number of performance and bug fixes across the board. The “Protocol is about life” achievement has also been fixed where some players won’t get the achievement.

gave Full patch notes Read the following:

Callisto protocol update
Callisto Protocol Update 3.01 Patch Notes.

The Callisto protocol has received a ton of support since launch to fix many initial issues. From major changes to game balance to performance improvements.

The game launched to mixed reception from gamers and critics due to its overly linear nature, poor story, and lackluster performance.

While many expected Callisto Protocol to evoke the greatest heights of the Dead Space series, the game ended up being a completely different beast.

Looking past the misleading marketing labeling the game as a survival horror experience. Callisto Protocol is still a relatively competent action horror game that does its job. It’s a game where most of its flaws could be ironed out, and its best qualities honed into a significantly more worthy sequel.

Callisto Protocol is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Steam.

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