Bungie may use the Unreal engine for its unannounced PVP game.


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  • According to some job listings at Bungie, the studio may be using Unreal Engine for its unannounced PVP project.
  • The job listings have since been deleted. They can be reviewed as the original links were saved.
  • An increasing number of bugs in Destiny 2 have forced players to voice their concerns. This could be one of the many factors behind Bungie’s transition to a potentially unreal engine.

Known for creating blockbuster franchises like Halo and Destiny, Bungie is reportedly working on a competitive multiplayer project, which is potentially powerful. Unreal engine. The information comes from a handful of job listings that clearly state that unreal engine experience is required. Also, the LinkedIn profile of a former creative director, Robert Angelin, mentions its use.

LinkedIn profile of Robert Angelin, former creative director at Bungie
LinkedIn profile of Robert Angelin, former creative director at Bungie

Based on Robert’s profile, the Bungie team created prototypes for this new project in Unity. As the team grew, they evolved into Unreal Engine. The unrealistic experience of the engine as a requirement for level design and concept art may raise several questions for the visual status of Bungie’s upcoming project. The Skills Required section requests more in-depth knowledge of lighting and other artistic factors.

Experience in the Unreal Engine was a must-have on the now-archived job listing on Bungie's website.
Experience in the Unreal Engine was a must-have on the now-archived job listing on Bungie’s website.

Unfortunately, the original job listing pages have been deleted. Landing on their pages prompts a 404 error. However, those pages were archived and can be viewed. Some other listings on Bungie’s official website still mention Unreal. Being good is a skill. Section

While this is standard for job listings, Unreal engine has been a topic of conversation lately. While there is no confirmation as to whether Bungie will use Unreal Engine 5, the industry is apparently in the middle of the next graphical leap in video games. gave Recent Trailers of Unrecorded Add more substance to the topic along with other projects.

Bungie has previously developed its games using an in-house engine. It’s a modified version of the engine that previously powered older Halo titles. As mentioned earlier, despite the lack of official commentary, job listings serve as an important indicator of a potential transition to the unreal.

The developer has previously confirmed its plans to launch a new IP. 2025. While fans have expressed concern over many. Worms Found among Bungie’s current live service titles, Destiny 2 has consistently performed well. The release of its latest expansion, Lightfall, was met with critical acclaim. Adaptability of Pneumona, failing to follow the story’s beats, and raising more questions despite some of its successes.

While bugs will always exist in games for a variety of reasons, players have consistently questioned Destiny 2’s situation. This could contribute to a possible engine upgrade at Bungie but at this point, it’s all speculation.

The latest expansion for Bungie’s looter shooter, light upnow available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles.

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