Build 25284 in 18 languages ​​with the latest Windows Server LTSC vNext ISO.


Windows Server VNext Insider Preview is written on a purple background.

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows Server Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) Preview. Today’s build 25284 is the second such release, just two weeks after build 25276 (usually a build a month) and is now available to download from the ISO. Windows Server Insider website With VHDX. It includes both the (Windows 11) desktop experience as well as Server Core installation options for the Data Center and Standard editions.

As usual, there’s no changelog to speak of, so it’s unclear what’s new in the server-related bits, for the build 25284 client changelog, go here .

The branding has not yet been updated and remains as Windows Server 2022 in preview. In addition, Microsoft is encouraging insiders to provide feedback. Windows Server category and then the appropriate subcategory. The company asks to indicate the build number you are providing feedback on with the title as shown in the example below.

  • [Server #####] Title of my feedback

what’s new

No new features have been shared about this build.

Known issues

There are no known issues reported in this release.

Downloads available:

  • Windows Server Long Term Servicing Channel Preview In 18 languages ​​in ISO format, and in VHDX format in English only.
    Windows Server Data Center Azure Edition Preview
    In ISO and VHDX format, English only.*
    A preview of Microsoft Server languages ​​and optional features

Note: Downloads may not be available in some countries. See Microsoft suspends new sales in Russia Microsoft on issues

The keys are only valid for preview builds:

  • Server Quality: MFY9F-XBN2F-TYFMP-CCV49-RMYVH
  • Data Center: 2KNJJ-33Y9H-2GXGX-KMQWH-G6H67
  • Azure Edition does not accept keys.

To download, registered Insiders can visit the Windows Server Insider Preview download page. Here. You can also see the start page with the server. Here On Windows Insider for Business Portal to register for the Windows Insider program if you are not already registered.

Microsoft also notes that this preview will expire on September 15, 2023.

Create 25176 screenshots

You can download the build. Hereand look for the official announcement. Here.


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