Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked [2023]


Who knew Brawlhalla, a 2D fast-paced fighting game with a diverse character roster and weapons, could remain relevant and exciting in 2023? We previously curated the Brawlhalla character tier list because of the expansive roster and a cloud of confusion while picking legends and weapons. Now, we are back with the Brawlhalla weapons tier list.

Key Highlights

  • The game’s continuously expanding collection of available items consists of 14 different weapons, namely Hammer, Swords, Battle Boots, Gauntlets, Cannon, Katars, Scythe, Axe, Bow, Spear, Orb, Great Sword, Blasters, and Rocket Lance.
  • Brawlhalla weapons are ranked based on their responsiveness, learning curve, Knockbacks, and damage potential. Overall, weapon functionality in different game modes is also considered. 
  • Weapons that will give you an upper hand in perfectly balancing, nerfing, or buffing Brawlhalla characters include Hammer, Sword, and Gauntlets.  
  • The recent addition, Battle Boots, is also a worthy pick, especially for newbies.
  • Weapons that lack compared to the best of Brawlhalla are Rocket Lances and Blasters. They are suitable for spacing and defense, though. 
  • The top-tiered weapons land great ground and aerial attacks and are speedy enough to knock down even the most agile enemy.

Here’s a Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List summary: 

Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Weapons
S-Tier  Hammer, Sword, and Gauntlets
A-Tier  Cannon, Katars, Scythe, Axe, Bow, Battle Boost
B-Tier  Spear, Orb, and Great Sword
C-Tier  Blasters and Rocket Lance

There are 13 unique weapon types in Brawlhalla, and each dynamically changes the overall feel and heat of the battle while fighting an opponent in the arena. We have listed here all weapon types, the reasons we think some of these are better than others, and why you should stick with the top-tier ones in the game.


All the weapons we have listed under the S-tier of Brawlhalla weapons tier list are the best you can use to dominate in various game modes. They have a decent speed, learning curve, and striking damage, and are effective in landing ground as well as aerial attacks. Pick these weapons or their respective fighters to get the upper hand in Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List
Brawlhalla Weapons S-tier


Gauntlets are by far the best close-combat Brawlhalla weapons to apply pressure on opponents. They have a very short range and decent damage when the enemy is close; however, the strength is in repositioning moves and zoning attacks.

Additionally, if you want to main a gauntlets weapon legend in Brawlhalla, then you will need to master down-light and side-light opening moves. Both of these are perfect and offer a tad bit more range attack than the close combat hitbox of this weapon.

Combos are by far the best aspect of Gauntlet weapons in the game. Once you start opening moves and connect with an opponent, don’t stop landing combos. Gauntlets are famous for repeatedly hitting opponents once they get too close to you.


Arguably, if you do not fancy a close combat weapon style in Brawlhalla, then a sword can be your go-to weapon to rely on in the game. If we had to pick one from sword or gauntlets keeping close to medium range under consideration, we would opt for a sword. However, we think gauntlets are still slightly better in the current meta of Brawlhalla as compared to Sword.

Like gauntlets, the sword shines are the best Brawlhalla Weapons in opening moves. Once you successfully land the initial attack, you will open the window of opportunity to land quick follow-up attacks to build up your opponent’s damage. Other than that, the aerial down-light attack of the sword is the best when it comes to knocking out an opponent who tries to recover.

Overall, the sword is an excellent weapon in Brawlhalla and offers decent range, damage, and strong aerial and ground attacks. Learning the combos and implementing them in the battle is relatively easy in the game.


Hammer is quite different from the sword and gauntlets we ranked above. This weapon suits the playstyle where you want an opponent to strike harder and pull them back to your character using the weapon’s hooking capability. Also, it works best while in the air.

Hammer has slow-motion animation, but the hit damage it lands while connecting with an opponent is powerful. This weapon shines the best in single hits as opposed to rapid succession attacks of gauntlets and swords. Moreover, the hammer weapon also allows your character to maintain a distance from the opponent while successfully landing hits whenever they come close.

However, regardless of the advantages Hammer offers to a legend, they may get an easy opening move if you miss landing a hit on an opponent. That is why you must stick to aerial-based attacks the most because that is where the hammer shines the most. The side air and neutral air are some of the most used and effective attacks we have been using with the hammer weapon.


The weapons we have listed in our A-rank Brawlhalla weapons tier list are more or less close to the performance of top-tier ones. They have decent recovery attacks and excellent hitbox reach while performing neutral and side air attacks. The strength of these weapons lies in medium to long-distance engagements on the ground as well as aerial-based attacks. Overall, if you do not fancy the S-tier weapons in the game, then A-tier ones are still the most used and picked weapons to dominate fights in Brawlhalla.

Ranking best weapons Brawlhalla
Brawlhalla Weapons A-tier


A difficult learning curve is one of the few reasons we ranked bow in the A-tier. This weapon in Brawlhalla offers high precision and high range while landing a hit on a target. However, the hitbox is narrow, and the bow user must rely on offensive moves most in anticipation of the enemy’s incoming attack.

The bow has lots of follow-up combo attacks which are great for breaking an opponent’s incoming attack and attacking them off guard. The Dair attack of a bow user is probably the most impactful move, which is excellent also for destroying the recovery of your opponent.

The bow does not deal powerful or high damage, and that is also the reason one must learn advanced combos and movement tips to land follow-up attacks while using a bow. Overall, playing with a bow in Brawlhalla offers a different feeling compared to the rest of the weapons, and you can pretty much destroy opponents if you master the aerial and ground combos.


Azoth, Brynn, Barraza, Jhala, Ragnir, Rayman, Teros, Ulgrim, Xull, and Volkov can use Axe as one of the weapon combinations in Brawlhalla. There are a few legend-specific strategies that change the playstyle while using an axe in combat against an opponent. Nevertheless, this weapon’s general feel, handling, and damage attributes remain the same regardless of the legend you use.

The Axe is pretty different from the weapons we have mentioned above. This weapon in Brawlhalla does sweeping heavy attacks, which connect almost instantly to a target. The axe is by far the best when used on aerial attacks as opposed to ground ones as it opens up follow-up attacks easily in the air. Even though this is a heavy swing weapon in Brawlhalla, the light attacks of Axe have some of the fastest animations in the game.

While using the axe, S-Light followed by S-Air is by far the most used attack that has excellent stringing potential. Other than that, this weapon is best for pressing opponents away from you by applying pressure via sweeping attacks. Moreover, the axe is the only weapon in Brawlhalla that does not have a variable hitbox from the ground pound attack. Instead, the hitbox lasts for a fixed time period.


Like the axe, Scythe is another unique weapon in Brawlhalla that has a different approach in combat. When it comes to disorienting, grabbing, and throwing opponents, Scythe is unparalleled in the game. Artemis, Fait, Jiro, Mirage, Mordex, Nix, and Volkov can use Scythe as one of the weapons combinations in Brawlhalla.

Scythe is one of the weapons in the game that offers a lot of variety in approaching and attacking an opponent. This weapon also has a difficult learning curve, but still, it is much easier to learn than the bow. It is because Scythe offers a combination of long and short-range attacks.

Moreover, when it comes to attacking an opponent by surprise or landing a hit from an unexpected angle, Scythe aces the competition. As mentioned earlier, this weapon’s throws grabs, and disorientation-oriented attacks make it a versatile weapon in Brawlhalla.

Scythe’s aerial attacks are brutal: the D-Air attack pressurizes an enemy to maintain distance from you. However, when an opponent is above you, use N-Air to maintain a safe distance from an incoming attack.


Asuri, Caspian, Ember, Lin Fei, Lucien, Queen Nai, Ragnir, Sentinel, and Mako are the legends that can pick katars as one out of a two-weapon combinations in Brawlhalla. Like most weapons in the game, the strategies of using katars differ slightly; however, the overall usability of this weapon type remains the same.

An excellent katars weapon user in Brawlhalla who mastered most of the ground and aerial combos would have a unique sense of approaching opponents. It is because this weapon type compromises the range but benefits the fast attack animations. The light and heavy attack damage are also not decent, but you can deal with successive rapid attacks if your opening moves connect.

Katars behave more or less similar to a sword, except the former has less range than the latter. Other than that, Ground Down Light is one of the easiest combo attacks to follow up a heavy aerial attack.


Isaiah, Lin Fei, Sidra, Xull, and Onyx are the fighters that use Cannon weapons in the game. Most of the attacks of this weapon slam it toward opponents for massive damage. The cannon is a large-sized weapon, and its effectiveness is in heavy attacks, not light ones.

Cannon is by far the only weapon in Brawlhalla that is unusually large in size with reference to its user. Most of the Cannon attacks on the ground involve slamming the weapon into the opponent while in the air; it’s a completely different story.

Cannon behaves more or less like a jetpack while being fired in aerial-based attacks. The bizarre moveset of this weapon a player can do in the air can catch an opponent by surprise. We think it’s a hit-and-miss story as mastering the Cannon is very challenging, and if you have a history of playing Brawlhalla, you’d know that a few players pick this weapon.

Battle Boots

This new weapon in Brawlhalla is a set of two gigantic tactical boots that house some of the game’s most intricate kick actions and active input attacks. The weapons give you the edge one can not get in any other way: the ability to kill early on in the game.

From knockouts in the air to displaying serious drifts horizontally, Battle Boots packs an incredible punch of mobility and power that synergizes well with the active frames.  Nevertheless, as all Brawlhalla weapons come with their weaknesses, Battle Boots is no different. 

Some Battle Boots moves don’t really output a lot of damage; for instance, the Side Air and players will ultimately have to depend on other Air Attacks. Also, don’t expect a lot of speed from your fighter if equipping this weapon. That is perhaps the cost of significant damage in the Battle Boots case. 

Anyways, if you are a beginner overwhelmed with Brawlhalla’s initial mechanics, we strongly suggest you bet on Battle Boots, as they will surely make you progress like a pro. Expert players, on the other hand, will be forced to remember the former version of Cannon (the one not affected by a series of lethal nerfs).


The weapons we have listed under the B-tier of Brawlhalla weapons tier list have decent medium-to-long attack range and great stringing capabilities. In terms of damage output and overall usability or selection preference, these weapons stands are near to A-tier ones but have a few flaws attached to them. Regardless of the little imperfections, they are easy to use and have a decent learning curve, which is helpful if you are starting the game.

Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List
Brawlhalla Weapons B-tier

Great Sword

Jaeyun, Mako, and Magyar are three legends that can pick the great sword as one out of a two-weapon combo in Brawlhalla. This weapon type utilizes its stringing attack potential to move right past enemy defenses and open up for follow-up attacks.

When it comes to executing combo opening moves, most weapons have two to three follow-ups. However, the great sword takes things up a notch and delivers an even higher combo count on opening moves. A great sword has a tad bit challenging learning curve, but once you master the art of executing perfect ground and aerial combos, you will enjoy connecting the stringing potential of the weapon.

The feature that we loved about Greatsword is its active input light attacks. To land follow-up active-input attacks, your attacks do not need to impact an opponent. This makes the greatsword an excellent weapon to land surprises and combos.

Besides the stringing strength of a great sword, the weapon is pretty useful in single-landing light and heavy attacks. Even though this is a big weapon in Brawlhalla, the overall coverage of its attacks is not good enough, and it ends up having a medium range.


Dusk, Fait, Petra, and Thor can use Orb as a one-out-of-two-weapon combo in Brawlhalla. Unlike most weapons in the game, this weapon type is unique and exclusively tied to be used with magic-user legends.

The floating orb near its wielder can be commanded at any time for a surprise attack. While there are other weapon types in Brawlhalla that are excellent for surprise attacks and interrupting incoming attacks, we believe Orb triumphs them all.

Moreover, Fait is by far the best orb user compared to Thor, Dusk, and Petra. As an orb user, while in low damage, the easy-to-execute yet effective combo is to hit an S-Air, chase dodge in the moveset’s direction, and then hit D-Air.

Players can use orb in close combat or medium to long-range as well. When you use this weapon type for a long-range attack, it can disrupt incoming attacks giving you the opportunity to strike back with another weapon.   

The circling of the orb around the wielder’s position keeps the opponents on its tows, as you never know when the orb starts chasing you down or gets a surprise ground attack. Overall, the orb is an excellent weapon that has a steady learning curve.


Spear is exclusively a long-range weapon that can be used in close-to-medium-range combat, but it is not as effective per se as it is for long ranges. Orion, Gnash, Queen Nai, Hattori, Ada, Brynn, Wu Shang, Mirage, Kaya, and Dusk can use the spear as one out of two combo weapons in Brawlhalla.

An excellent spear combo that can get you a good opening or a follow-up attack is as follows: use down-light, then a jump, and a side air. This is a pretty easy-to-execute combo that can get you guaranteed damage on the opponent and knockback as well.

Other than that, Spear’s aerial-based are also unique and can take your opponent by surprise if they haven’t predicted the moveset already. The ground pound attack of Spear has a wide hitbox and is best to use when you are slightly on your opponent’s side.

Overall, we believe the spear is a great weapon for long ranges that has decent damage and offers versatile ground and aerial attacks. However, the recovery and challenging learning curve make it difficult for the players to master this weapon and rely on it while playing competitively in Brawlhalla.


The weapons we have mentioned in our C-rank Brawlhalla weapons tier list are the least used or picked by players from the early days of the game till today. They are great for defensive or spacing kind of usage, but they lack knockback and damage-dealing capabilities. Regardless of the limited usability of these weapons, they are still useful when it comes to breaking or interrupting an opponent’s incoming attacks.

C-tier arsenal
Brawlhalla Weapons C-tier

Rocket Lance

Artemis, Lord Vraxx, Orion, Scarlet, Sir Roland, Ulgrim, and Vector are the legends that can use rocket lance as a one-out-of-two-weapon combination in Brawlhalla. This weapon is a combination of a large blade coupled with a rocket-powered engine placed on the weapon’s hilt. Most of rocket lance’s attacks focus on horizontally charged attacks on the ground, and the combos have an excellent potential to push back opponents.

Rocket Lance is great in-ground and aerial combat, but the recovery options the weapon’s user gets are incredible. Additionally, when it comes to using this weapon, the blind spots while using a charged attack are the real deal-breaker. If an opponent predicts your charging attack pattern, they can counter or get at your back to open up for follow-up attacks.

Other than that, many players, including us, consider rocket lance as a bully weapon. It is because the weapon can practically get you from one point of the map to another because of the lack of true combos and ridiculous charging mechanism-based attacks. Another downside is that a bow or gauntlet user can counter a rocket lance player pretty easily, which totally negates the whole purpose of spamming horizontal charging attacks of rocket lance.


Ada, Barraza, Cassidy, Cross, Diana, Isaiah, Lord Vraxx, Lucien, Nix, and Thatch can use blasters as a weapon combination in Brawlhalla. This weapon is great for zoning, breaking incoming attacks, and connecting combos nicely.

Stopping an opponent’s attacks or frequently interrupting gets you a win in Brawlhalla, and that is why Blasters are a great pick for defensive measures. That surely is the beautiful and bright side of using a blaster. However, this weapon type is not a killing weapon. You can not build damage and knock out an opponent by just using blasters as the main weapon.

The biggest problem we think of with blasters is that they were designed to space out your opponent. However, the problem originates with chase dodges, faster character movements, and the small maps where spacing out is simply out of the question.

Keeping all these issues under consideration, we believe blasters have potential, but they do not offer much value to be used as one out of two-weapon combinations. Additionally, there are a few better alternatives than using blasters, which also negates the purpose of picking these weapon types in Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla Weapon Tier List Criteria

Weapon effectiveness is the basic criterion that we kept while ranking all the weapons in a tier list structure. We did not favor close or short-range weapons but the general performance of each weapon in Brawlhalla. Knockbacks, base damage, learning curve, and overall usability of the weapon were the key indicators that helped us in setting a criteria parameter through which we ranked Brawlhalla weapons into a tier list format.

Ranking Based on Experience And Research

How did we figure out each weapon’s efficiency in the field? Well, we have been playing Brawlhalla since it launched. We have tried and tested almost all characters in the game and have mastered the learning curve of weapons that are used by various fighters. Our ranking factor and the created weapon tier list are derived from our experience of Brawlhalla coupled with the research gathered from the web regarding the weapons preferences of casual and professional players.

Changes Due to Patch Update 

Updated Till: Patch 7.08

Brawlhalla is known for keeping its mechanics fresh every now and then; hence it would only be unfair to leave the weapon undiscussed. Here’s a list of all the notable upgrades that Brawlhalla has welcomed, particularly affecting its weapon offerings and all the new additions that you must know before starting: 

  • Blaster’s Down Air skill’s damage decreased to 15 from 17. 
  • Damage through Blasters Recovery also nerfed to 2 spaces down from 22. 
  • Blaster’s Side Air skill’s total recovery time on miss is increased to 6 Fixed/ 28 Variable, whereas maximum speed and allowed acceleration decrease. 
  • The total time of Bow’s Side Light recovery on miss is increased to 8 Fixed/ 19 Variable.
  • Bow’s Neutral Air total time of recovery on miss is increased to 6 Fixed/ 24 Variable whereas maximum speed and allowed acceleration is slightly decreased. 
  • The total time of recovery on miss of the Down Light move of Hammer is increased to 5 Fixed/ 20 Variable. The same move’s overall threat coverage is increased. 
  • The Stun effect of Katar’s Neutral Air action is nerfed. Its range now extends between 23~16 (formerly 24~17). 
  • Rocket Lance Stun effects see an upturn instead. The Stun range of the Down Light remains the same, whereas the attack swells to 21 from 20.

Wrap Up

Once called a clone of Super Smash Bros, this video game has proven its mantle in gameplay, replay value, developer’s support, and an increasing roster department. Regardless of the biased or unbiased views, this genre of players have towards Brawlhalla, the dynamic character roster, and weapons have remained the core element that has kept the video game alive since 2014

We have been playing Brawlhalla since the video game was released, and throughout the years, we have witnessed the weapons getting nerfs and buffs and our current ranking is based on the meta that has been around for quite some time.

Weapons in Brawlhalla are the tipping point for balancing, nerfing or buffing a character. Even though the game’s emphasis is primarily on a diverse character roster, the functionality and combat practicality of the weapons is the primary factor that changes the meta whenever developers roll out and update.

We understand that creating a tier list is subjective, so our weapons ranking may or may not resemble your preferences. Keeping that under consideration, our tier list and the overall weapons ranking are open for further discussions in the comments but closed for criticism.

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