Brawl Stars Tier List: Ranking All Brawlers [2023]


After previously having ranked tier lists for similar games such as SSBU Tier List and Brawlhalla Tier List. We now present to you a Tier List that ranks all Brawl Stars Characters from best to worst. The Brawlers have been ranked in tiers ranging from S, all the way to F depending on their strength, weaknesses, overall game performance, and win rates.

Brawl Stars is an online multiplayer arena shooter created by video game company Supercell, previously known for their highly successful mobile games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The game consists of several different modes including Battle Royale and 3v3 Team Battle, a wide array of maps, and a large selection of “Brawlers”.

A Brawler is a character that the player selects at the start of every match. Each brawler has a unique set of basic weapons/attacks, abilities, and ultimate. Brawl Stars currently has a large roaster of 57 Brawlers.

Here are our rankings summarized: 

Brawl Stars Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Crow – Legendary, Spike – Legendary, Eve – Chromatic, Ash – Chromatic, Byron – Mythic, Janet – Chromatic, Leon – Legendary, and Stu – Common
A-Tier Tara – Mythic, Gale – Chromatic, Rico – Super Rare, Pam – Epic, Darryl – Chromatic, Rosa – Rare, Lola – Chromatic, Belle – Chromatic, Piper – Epic, Sandy – Legendary, Colonel Ruffs – Chromatic, Meg – Legendary, EMZ – Common, Brock – Common, and Buzz – Chromatic
B-Tier  Barley – Rare, Surge – Mythic, Mr. P – Mythic, Tick – Common, Fang – Chromatic, Frank – Epic, Mortis – Mythic, Sprout – Mythic, Gene – Mythic, Griff – Epic, Poco – Rare, Bea – Epic, Jessie – Common, Squeak – Mythic, Max – Mythic, Lou – Chromatic, Carl – Super Rare, Collete – Chromatic, Bull – Common, Grom – Epic, Nani – Epic, and 8-bit – Common
C-Tier El Primo – Rare, Colt – Common, Dynamike – Common, Bibi – Epic, Amber – Legendary, Shelly – Common and Nita – Common
F-Tier Penny – Super Rare, Bo – Common, Jacky – Super Rare, and Edgar – Epic

Ever since the game came out back in June 2017, Supercell has been adding tons of new brawl stars characters every year, paired with the regular buffs and nerfs that they receive every update, it is bound to get confusing deciding which character is the best in the current meta and which character you should avoid playing.

Whether you’re a newcomer to Brawl Stars or an old player looking to catch up with the best to worst brawlers in the current meta, this brawl stars tier list will help you choose the right brawler.

Brawler Rarity in Brawl Stars

For choosing a brawler to play, the first thing a player notices is the inner rating system for the rarity of brawlers in the game itself. This rarity-based system is classified into the following 7 brackets:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Epic
  • Mythic
  • Legendary
  • Chromatic

But these classifications are not translative to the performance of a brawler in-game. The rarity of a brawler does not decide whether it is a viable option for winning games or not, it is more of an indicator of how unique and beginner-friendly the brawler’s kit is.

S-Tier Brawlers

Brawl Stars Tier List S Tier
Brawl Stars Tier List S Tier


These are the undisputed best brawlers in brawl stars given the current meta. They have high base stats, useful attacks, and gadgets accompanied by some devastating supers. They will dominate any map with any team comp. If your goal is to grind ranked or just win games in general, you should consider giving one of the following brawlers a try.

Byron – Mythic

Byron is THE best healer in the game, plus his star power can make enemy healers useless. His attacks can both deal damage, and heal allies, combined with his long-range he becomes the best carry in the current meta if paired with heavy damage carry such as Ash.

Ash – Chromatic

Despite being nerfed, Ash remains the second-best brawler in the game. He has a large health pool; has no problem running inside enemy teams and filling up his rage. Paired with a healer in the team, especially Byron, their team comp becomes unstoppable and making them the undisputed best combo in the current meta.

Eve – Chromatic

Eve can deal great damage over long distances and the big projectile she shoots is hard to miss, along with that she can also jump away from enemies if they try to burst her and her hatchlings can soak up a lot of enemies’ damage and ammo.

Spike – Legendary

Spike has one of the longest ranged attacks in the entire game, he can heal with his gadget, and control areas very well, spike can do everything; however, he just received some nerfs making him not as good as he used to be, although he is still good enough to remain in S tier.

Crow – Legendary

Crow has always been a strong brawler ever since he was released, and the current meta makes him even stronger as he can counter tanks by cutting their healing in half and slowing them down, he just completely shuts down most meta team comps. The only downside to crow is that you must be a little skilled at him to use him effectively.

Stu – Common

Stu is one of those brawlers that is difficult to master but once you learn how to play him, it is worth it as he is one of the best brawlers in the game right now earning him a spot in the S-tier.

Leon – Legendary

Leon can get close to enemies and burst them down quickly without giving them a chance to react, and unlike other burst brawlers, he can also do decent damage even at long range.

Janet – Chromatic

Janet is a newly released Brawler, her super is difficult to land but her attacks have a variable range and deal decent damage making her one of the few balanced champs on release.

A-Tier Brawlers

Brawl Stars Tier List A Tier
A Tier


These brawlers are a good and viable pick, they work well in many different team comps as some of them can dish out heavy damage, and others can help their team by healing or dealing with tanks, whatever the case, these Brawlers will help you win games or just have fun in general. If any of your favorite brawlers are in this tier you don’t have to worry about considering a different main brawler anytime soon.

Darryl – Chromatic

Daryll is one of the strongest brawlers in brawl stars. He can deal large amounts of damage and has a massive shield when rolling, making him very good at soaking up enemy damage. The only reason Daryll is not in S-tier anymore is because of some recent nerfs he received making him not as good however he is still good enough to be at the top of the A-tier.

Pam – Epic

Pam is a brawler with a balance of health, damage, and healing. She is a well-rounded brawler on her own however she works best when she is paired with tanks that can benefit a lot from her slow healing. 

Rico – Super Rare

Rico works well in maps with a lot of walls that he can bounce his shots off of, luckily for him, that is most of the maps in ranked right now making him an extremely viable pick.

Gale – Chromatic

Gale recently got a massive buff to his star power that increased its stun duration, paired with the fact that he has always been very good at dealing with close-range brawlers and tanks due to his attacks which can blow them away makes Gale a good choice.

Tara – Mythic

Tara has remained very good for most of the year because of her super that allows her to pull enemies. Most of the brawlers in the current meta are long-range brawlers making her super extremely useful in disrupting the entire enemy team. She is still in the A-tier despite receiving nerfs to her attack damage because what makes her really strong is her super, not her attacks.

Sandy – Legendary

Sandy is a very well-built brawler, he can turn his whole team invisible with his super, he can stun enemies with his gadget, and his regular attacks also deal a fair bit of damage making him suitable for most if not all situations.

Piper – Epic

Piper struggles in close ranges but at long range, her attacks deal devastating amounts of damage plus she can always just jump away or use her gadget to push enemies away if she is stuck in a close-range situation, paired with a meta that promotes healers, Piper becomes a very good choice.

Belle – Chromatic

Belle has a solid attack range, paired with consistent damage and a super that her to deal with tanks. Moreover, given that her attacks bounce off other brawlers. As long as the map is not too unfavorable to her, she can prove to be a great well-rounded brawler.

Lola – Chromatic

Lola has useful long-range attacks she also has a new gadget that allows her to switch places with her ego, the reason she isn’t in S-tier is that her super damage got nerfed, but it is still a lot, just not as much as it used to be.

Rosa – Rare

Rosa has remained a strong tank option in the past and she continues to do so but because the current meta promotes anti-tank brawlers, Rosa has moved down from being an S-tier brawler to A-tier.

Buzz – Chromatic

Buzz has one of the highest burst damage in the game and can quickly outburst most enemies, he does require a bit of patience to charge up his super so if you are a player that can efficiently do that then Buzz is a good choice for you.

EMZ – Common

EMZ has risen to A-tier because strong tanks are just generally very popular in the current meta, moreover, she recently received a second gadget that allows her to shoot through walls. Combined with her fairly long-range, she proves to be a good pick.

Brock – Common

Brock received a rework which gave him an entirely new super and made him better in almost all situations, he can deal lots of long-range damage and control areas very well earning him a spot in the A tier.

Meg – Legendary

Meg has remained one of the best brawlers for quite some time because of her insanely powerful mecha, but unfortunately, the said mecha has received some nerfs making her not as good and moving her down to the bottom of the A tier.

Colonel Ruffs – Chromatic

Colonel Ruffs recently got an attack damage buff and it made him feel way better as a brawler. He can easily deal with 1v1 situations. Plus, once he gets his super charged, he can buff up himself or a teammate and make them do destructive damage.

B-Tier Brawlers

Tier B
B Tier


The following brawlers can work in certain game modes or team comps, but they are not a go-to option in the current. They are in the middle of the tier list as we are not actively advising you to refrain from picking these brawlers if you like playing them, nor are we advising you to necessarily pick them every game. These Brawlers can be fun to play and are used by some people but just don’t rely on them for climbing ranked as it is unlikely to work.

Fang – Chromatic

Fang had one of the highest burst potentials and his super allowed him to counterplay enemy brawlers. But he just received massive nerfs moving her all the way down from the S tier to the top of the B-Tier.

Tick – Common

Tick is at the top of the B-tier because of his long-range attacks, and very useful area control potential. He is very good when he has his team present around him, the reason he could not make it to A-tier is that he is very squishy and cannot do much by himself.

Mr. P – Mythic

Mr. P recently received massive buffs making him from one of the worst brawlers to a viable option ranking almost at the top of the B-tier.

Surge – Mythic

Surge has always been a dice roll, while being almost useless at level 1 and S-tier at level 4. His ranking mostly depends on whether he is able to charge his ultimate or not. In the current meta, he is viable against enemies he can get an early advantage against.  

Barley – Rare

Barley is becoming a viable option because of the new map rotation which highly favors him. It helps him stay behind cover while dishing out damage.

Griff – Epic

Griff is good at both, dealing with tanks and getting over walls. Moreover, he recently received some buffs making him one of the best in the B tier.

Gene – Mythic

Gene’s super is a very useful and powerful ultimate, but he sometimes carries the risk of pulling in high DPS enemies that can easily kill him. However, if he does not pull them, he struggles to provide enough long-range damage to kill them. 

Sprout – Mythic

Sprout struggles in the current meta against brawlers that can easily get close to him. He still has some viability if such brawlers are not present in the enemy team.

Mortis – Mythic

Mortis is useful while catching with his dashing attacks but unfortunately there are a lot of close-range brawlers in the current meta that can out DPS him.

Frank – Epic

Frank is a great brawler on his own, but he is having a tough time in the current meta. Mostly because as soon as the enemy team sees Frank they pick anti-tank brawlers. This makes him a little tricky to play.

Max – Mythic

Max recently received a buff making her a solid option. She is always able to help out her team in more than one way.

Squeak – Mythic

Squeak has generally been underpowered ever since his release. Still proves to be a viable option in pro play with his kit focusing highly on containing the enemy team and controlling the map.

Jessie – Common

Jessie is a great choice if the enemy has spawns or turrets that she can bounce her shots off of. Otherwise, she struggles to accomplish much.

Bea – Epic

Bea is a long-range brawler that can counter tanks. She is viable in certain scenarios but for the most part, there are other, better long-range and anti-tank brawlers.

Poco – Rare

Poco is a great brawler because of the constant healing he provides to his team. He is very consistent but there are some better healers in the current meta so he remains in the B tier.

Grom – Epic

Grom recently received some major nerfs after dominating the game for a little while. He is a lot more balanced now and he stands at the middle of the tier list as a brawler.

Bull – Common

Bull is a viable tank pick and can do major damage at close range, however, his super is difficult to land in the current meta because of how many interruptions he can get hit by during the long dash.

Collete – Chromatic

Collete got her second gadget in a recent update. Plus, she was already pretty strong at countering tanks which makes her a preferred pick against tanks now.

Carl – Super Rare

Carl can do a lot, but his ultimate is risky to use on the offensive. It often gets him caught in difficult situations. Despite this, he recently got buffed and is a good pick in some cases now.

Lou – Chromatic

Lou has decent range, attacks, and ultimate. Also, his super just received a big buff making it so it always applies chill. This buff has improved his ranking by a margin making him somewhat viable. 

8-bit – Common

8-bit has an extremely long-range and he is great at a distance. But, to trade it off he has a very slow movement speed which makes him easy to catch. That being said, 8-bit is still great against tanks and other brawlers with not many dashes and movement speed.

Nani – Epic

Nani is great in maps that are a little more open, because of the shape of her basic attacks. She can easily land her attacks and kill multiple enemies simultaneously.

C-Tier Brawlers

Tier C
C Tier


These brawlers are a little better than the brawlers down in the F tier, but they are still weak and not worth using in most cases, especially not in pro play. If you want to pick them for any reason, pick sparingly in other game modes such as normal battle royale, so there is no team that can lag behind due to you playing these Brawlers.

Amber – Legendary

Amber does damage over time. Brawl Stars has a lot of tanks and healers in the current meta, making her abilities noneffective.

Bibi – Epic

Bibi does a lot of damage and has good health, but many other tanks are simply just a lot better than she is.

Dynamike – Common

He is not a very good option as his attacks are delayed and very hard to hit, his kit just seems flawed and in need of a rework.

Colt – Common

Colt has very high damage but is extremely difficult to use because of his multiple bullet attacks.

El Primo – Rare

El Primo is currently not very useful. He can easily get kited and bullied by lots of anti-tank brawlers unless he can land his ultimate on them.

Nita – Common

Her bear paws can sometimes be a hindrance to other brawlers. That being said, there is a plethora of better brawlers than her.

Shelly – Common

Shelly can work in some scenarios when the enemy team has brawlers. She counters brawlers very well with her kiting abilities but other than that she does not provide much. That is why she is at the bottom of the C tier.

F-Tier Brawlers

Tier F
F Tier


Based on all the information we could find, and first-hand experience; we have decided these to be the worst Brawlers according to the current meta in this brawl stars tier list.

These Brawlers are what you call the bottom of the barrel, they are the lowest of the low in the current meta. It is better to avoid them at all costs in ranked games. Moreover, they are just not fun to play with their gameplay being flawed or very weak.

Edgar – Epic

Edgar has not changed much in his ranking since the last few patches. There are just too many abilities and characters in the game that can deal with him extremely easily. 

Jacky – Super Rare

Jacky recently got a buff to her superpower which was helpful. However, it is still not enough to make her viable.

Bo – Common

Bo has a basic attack with slow projectile speed. It is also extremely hard to land, plfus his ultimate is easy to play around.

Penny – Super Rare

Unfortunately for her, this last update didn’t help her at all. She has been at the bottom for quite some patches, and it does not seem as if that’s going to change anytime soon.

Brawl Star Tier List Criteria

We have crafted this final tier list after weeks of extensive research, first-hand experience, and consultation with pro players; the tier list has been created while keeping in mind the rarity and difficulty of the brawlers so it may be easier to find the right fit for you. Firstly, the tier list contains a description of how strong or weak every brawler is in the current meta.

Secondly, it contains an explanation of why the brawler has been placed in its designated tier. However, if you are only looking for a short tier list presenting the names and tiers of Brawlers; you may go through the Table Of Contents given above.


After having gone through our brawl stars tier list; we believe you will now be able to confidently select the brawlers you want to play and grind with. We hope this article has generally helped you expand your knowledge and understanding of brawl stars as well. Now that you are fully up-to-date with the ups and downs in brawl stars, we suggest you turn your attention towards our tier lists of some similar top-down multiplayer games such as Risk of Rain 2 and Mobile Legends

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