Brave Search will not access Microsoft’s Bing API for results.


When Brave, the company behind the Brave web browser, launched its search engine in 2021, a small portion of its search results came from third-party APIs. One of them was Microsoft’s Bing Search API. This week, Bahadur announced that he has now lost using Bing Search, and that his index is now 100 percent independent.

In a blog post, Brave said that before this week’s announcement, the Bing Search API generated about seven percent of responses in Brave Search. In addition to wanting to be completely independent from using third-party information, Brave said there were some concerns about the future of the Bing Search API, due to Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI and its use of Bing Chat. Due to the use of ChatGPT technology. It said:

We were worried about Bing service continuity, which turned out to be an ancient concern, as Microsoft recently announced an unprecedented increase in its API prices. This created unnecessary stress for search engines that partially or fully rely on the Bing Search API. The consequences of their reliance on Bing will be revealed in the coming months when their long-term contracts expire.

Brave also announced that it will release the Brave Search API for developers and companies that want to access its search technology. More details about this new business model will be revealed in the future.


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