Brave 1.52 comes with vertical tabs to take advantage of ever-wider screens.


Vertical tabs in Brave

Brave has announced the availability of software. Brave 1.52, the latest version of its web browser. This update is available on Windows, macOS and Linux and has vertical tabs as its main new feature, although unconventional, there are a few reasons to use vertical tabs.

The main reason for using vertical tabs is that they use screen space more efficiently. As screens get wider, it’s better to use vertical space instead of more limited horizontal space.

Another advantage highlighted by Bahadur about vertical tabs is that when you open more horizontal tabs, they get suppressed and you can’t read the text on the tab. With vertical tabs, however, they are in a list so the text is never narrowed to make room for additional tabs.

According to the Brave team, switching to vertical tabs can be a bit difficult at first and requires a short adjustment period as you adjust to the new paradigm. Despite this, he said early testers liked the feature, with one person saying:

“This, along with tab groups, will help me better manage my nearly 300 tabs (!). Before that, I used an extension called “Tab Manager Plus for Chrome” and with Keeps things organized enough to make it usable for separating tabs across multiple windows. (yes I’m lazy I know). I was considering switching browsers, but thankfully now I won’t have to.

By default, the vertical tabs pane will be on the left side of the browser. Your open tabs will be in a long list, with pinned tabs above them. The keyboard shortcuts you’re familiar with remain the same.

If you don’t want the tabs to take up too much space, you can click the Vertical Tabs button to collapse the panel so that only the favicons are visible. If you use grouped tabs, they work similarly and let you create, label, and color code groups.

To get started with the feature, update to Brave 1.52 and then right click on your tabs and at the bottom you should find Use Vertical Tabs, just press that and you’re good to go.


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