Blox Fruits Update Log & Patch Notes: (🔥RACE V4) Update


His post provides the full Blocks are fruits Update log and patch notes. Blox Fruits is a One Piece-inspired action RPG on Roblox and one of the most popular games on the platform. In Blacks Fruits, you can explore many islands as you defeat mobs and bosses, complete quests to level up and become a stronger pirate!

Below you will find the latest update log as found on the official Blox Fruits Discord server.

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Blox Fruits Update Log

Race Awakenings (V4) Update – January 6, 2023


- Released Race Awakenings (V4).
    - Check out this vid for information on how to unlock them:
    - Expect a lot of balancing changes over the next few days!

Misc changes:
    - The C move of Dough V2 now adjusts to your aura color.
    - Rainbow aura now displays properly on weapons.
    - The eye trail effect now is the same color as your aura.
    - Buddha now deals 27.5% decreased M1 damage, only in PvP. Hopefully this isn't too much of a nerf.
    - Enhanced the hitbox detection of Sea Beasts. 
    - Slightly increased cooldowns on Portal's mobility moves.
    - Nerfed Dough V2's X.
    - Walking (CTRL) is now the same speed for everyone, for aesthetic purposes. Run speed is unchanged.

December 27, 2022 Patch Notes

New servers only:
- Fixed visual bugs with Holiday Cloak.
- Fixed some invisible collisions on Blizzard's Z.
- Fixed fruit stock displaying twice sometimes.
- Fixed some bugs with Portal's V ability.

Christmas Update Bug Fixes – December 25, 2022

- Fixed Venom transformation not working.
- Fixed Party Hat and Aquamarine not showing up.
- Fixed the Sleigh bug.
- Fixed being unable to unstore fruits on Sea 1.
- Fixed a visual bug with mastery.
- Fixed servers crashing sometimes when the countdown ends (countdown freezing at 1 second).

When does Blox Fruits Christmas Event 2022 end?

While there is no announcement about the end date of the 2022 Christmas event, we do know that the Blox Fruits Christmas event in 2021 will run from December 2021 to July 2022. Based on that, the Christmas event is almost certain to happen. For a little while. However, we recommend farming candy as soon as possible and getting all the cosmetics from the holiday islands, as they are very easy to obtain.

November 29, 2022 Patch Notes

New event (timed 1 week)
- New material "Confetti" . You can obtain 100 every hour. (resets at :00 on the clock for everyone)
- Spend Confetti at the Party Shop npc to get free items!

September 17, 2022 Patch Notes

- Fixed Dough moves for sure this time.
- Reverted Dough's C nerf (might tweak again later).
- Can no longer use moves during the fruit eat animation.
- Fixed players not auto respawning at Underwater Island in Sea 1.
- Fixed combat breaking sometimes in fresh servers.

September 16, 2022 Patch Notes

- Fixed enemies not respawning or failing to give exp sometimes
- Fixed Soul Guitar NPC broken for some players
- Fixed being unable to gift fruits
- Factory now properly rewards the person who dealt the most damage
- Fixed the Respawn Bosses product not working sometimes
- Hell/heaven torches should not break anymore
- Added failsafes to hell/heaven teleports (Note: It wasn’t bugged, you just need to grab the quest again every new server. Soulless also has another special requirement)
- Fixed the mute button
- Adjusted Dough’s X and C abilities
- CDK quest fix. Not being able to retry boss battles after trying them the first time. 
- xbox "Home" and "Allies" buttons not selecting
- Fixed Ectoplasm drops + candy / bones / ecto inventory counts (reverted to old values).
- Added level requirement to start soul guitar quest lvl 2300
- Fixed falling into the sea before and after finishing Soulless / Fear The Reaper
- Fixed teleporting to your home point while in boats
- Fixed Ice admiral library key not being dropped correctly to players
- Fixed quake tsunamis on Turtle island anymore 
-  Fixed money purchases with robux giving players more money depending on the sea they are in.
- Attempted fix for mobile input bug 
- Fixed accessories showing in Phoenix full form 
- Fixed dough raid boss moves sometimes glitch you 
- Shiftlock new icon/properties not working for some people randomly
- Fixed Light V projectiles exploding incorrectly on ground enemies.
- Balanced Dark Step / Death Step's damages 
- Fixed Rubber C ability breaking players
- Fixed some NPC's appearing fallen over on the ground
- Fixed Dough Z collision issues + not exploding 
- Fixed Dough X stuck dough strands and sometimes not teleporting players on ariel X move, or teleporting them incorrectly
- Fixed Dough C move not trapping opponents
- Many other dough fixes + optimizations

Blox Fruits Update 17 Part 3 Patch Notes

- Increased Level Capacity to 2400.
- Added Chocolate Island.
- Added a new raid boss.
- Added a new mythical fruit: Leopard.
- Added a new fruit awakening: Dough.
- Added a new mythical gun.
- Added a new mythical sword.
- Added a new fighting style: God Human.
- Added 2 new accessories.
- Items expansion:
    - Item inventory: 
        - You no longer have to talk to Inventory NPCs to change items, this can now be done through a menu button.
        - All items have received proper descriptions and other stats.
    - New item types:
        - Permanent Fruits/Stats Refund: They can now be stored into your inventory and traded to other players, pretty much like Dark Blade and other Robux items.
        - Materials: Can be used to upgrade and craft certain items.
    - Upgradable items:
        - Items can now be upgraded, which increases their base stats and unlocks modifier slots.
        - To upgrade items, you must loot materials ("valuables") from enemies, bosses, map spawns, etc.
    - Item categories reworked:
        - Treasures: Anything consumable or highly valuable, such as Fruits, Game Passes, Scrolls, Stat Refunds, etc.
        - Valuables: Items you can use to upgrade your weapons, activate certain map events, etc.
    - More unique items will be coming in the future.
- Titles expansion:
    - Players will now display their titles above their character instead of only the chat.
    - Colorless titles now have unlockable pastel colors. Special colors are still exclusive to rare titles.
- Immersion upgrade:
    - Most animations and effects have been upgraded.
    - Improved the sea visuals and boat physics.
    - Footstep sounds have been added.
    - Improved the atmosphere on Sea 1 and 2.
- Added Race Awakenings:
    - Fill up your awakening meter during the heat of a battle. 
    - When your meter is full, you can activate a unique awakening exclusive to each race.
    - Benefits:
        - Since awakenings only grant offensive buffs, long battles will end faster.
        - All awakenings will make your opponent unable to get away. It's either fight or die.
        - Teamers will become less of an issue, since the person at a disadvantage will be the first one to activate their awakening.
- A lot of fruits, fighting styles and weapons have been remade or reworked:
    - Reworked Dark V1.
    - Reworked Ice V1.
    - Reworked Electric.
    - Reworked Water Kung Fu.
    - Reworked Dark Step.
     - Reworked Dragon Breath.
    - Reworked Flame V1.
    - Reworked Flame V2.
    - Reworked Spring.
    - Reworked Chop
    - Reworked Quake V1.
    - Reworked Bomb.
    - Reworked Spike.
    - Reworked Gravity.
    - Reworked Ice V1.
    - Reworked Ice V2.
    - Reworked Light V1. 
    - Reworked Light V2.
    - Reworked Buddha V1.
    - Reworked Phoenix V1.
    - Reworked Smoke.
    - Reworked Sand V1.
    - Reworked Rubber.
    - Reworked Magma V1.
    - Reworked Buddha V1 X move.
    - Upgraded the animations of a few other tools.
- Revamped all fruit reflexes.
- Revamped dashes.
- Close Combat Rework Part 1:
    - Completely remade all the character animations for every fighting style and weapon.
- Spawn Point rework:
    - Players will now automatically respawn at their last location. This is so you don't forget to set your spawn at new islands.
    - Additionally, you can now set a "Home Point" at important locations, such as Café or Mansion. You can return there at anytime by pressing a screen button.

- Improved the experience for mobile players by fixing many bugs and adding optimizations.
- Improved enemy indicators during raids.
- Improved shiftlock.
- Fast Mode now decreases the resolution of certain textures.
- Fixed a glitch with Agility which gave you infinite speed. 
- Changed how Soul works:
    - The size of X now scales with the blue bar.
    - The damage of C now scales with the red bar.
    - Nerfed base stats of both moves.
- Rebalanced dashes and run speed on all the races. The speed gap between Mink and other races shouldn't be that huge anymore.
- Character gravity now slowly increases the further away you are from the ground, to avoid sky camping.

- Added a new hotbar which supports extra slots for mobile.
- Dashes now become slightly shorter in Safe Zones.
- Improved menu notifiers.
- This list is missing many other changes that weren't logged.

Blox Fruits Update 17 Part 2 Patch Notes

Update 17 (Part 2 of 3)
- Disabled the christmas event (finally).
- Increased Level Capacity to 2300.
- New island added:
    - Cake Land
    - Defeat enough enemies to summon a new Raid Boss!
- Added Bird: Phoenix awakening.
- Added a new accessory.
- Added a new weapon.
- Added new titles.
- Added Sea Events to Sea 2 and 3:
    - Sea Events will spawn randomly when a player is driving their boat. They occur more often in Sea 3.
    - List of events:
        - Ship Raid: NPC ships will randomly start attacking your boat. Defeat them for fragment rewards and possibly a random fruit.
        - Sea Beast (Revamped): Same rewards as before, just revamped visually.
        - Rumbling (Sea 3 only): Multiple sea beasts will spawn during a storm. Defeat them for greater fragment rewards.
        - Mirage Island (Sea 3 only): A mythical island with hidden treasures.
        - More coming soon.
    - Difficulty will scale with Player Level, this also applies to Sea Beasts which previously did not.
- Reimplemented the Server Browser (without a Bounty filter, until we figure out the best way to patch bounty exploiters).
- Revamped the animations of a few weapons (more coming soon).
- Added a damage counter for combos, which can be toggled in settings.
- Added a quest tracker, which should help inexperienced players find recommended quests.
- Added Advanced raids, which must first be unlocked and are harder to complete. Also, raids difficulty will now scale up with Player Level.
- Added ping compensation to stuns. Players will higher ping should have a better combat experience now.
- Globally buffed the experience of every quest.
- Added a new prison quest to Sea 1, and adjusted the level requirement of some other quests.
(5:47 AM)
- In order to nerf aimbot, guns will now deal reduced damage to other players every consecutive hit (sea 2 and 3 only).
    - How it works:
        - First hit will deal 100% damage.
        - Second hit will deal 66%.
        - Third hit will deal 33%.
        - After a few seconds, the damage timer will be reset.
        - Note: These changes only apply when your opponent is moving. Guns will always deal full damage when the opponent is not moving.
    - This should allow legit players to continue using guns effectively.
    - Also, Suspicious Kill should now trigger correctly on guns.
- Reworked the Mastery stat buff formula: 
    - Instead of gaining 1 point every 3 mastery levels, you'll gain 1 point every 4 levels and a small % based on your Player Level (up to 10% of your Player Level at 600 Mastery)
    - Example: At Player Level 2300 and 500 Mastery, you should have 500/4 + 2300*(500/600)*0.1 = 316 extra points
    - Basically, this just makes you gain more stats from the mastery system.
- Added Fan Art frames.
- Added a data restore option for people who were falsely banned. Also reduced the data punishment on future bans.
- Currently testing a new text translation method, text may not be translated temporarily. This should allow us to support more languages soon, such as Thai.
- Upon leveling up, your health and energy will heal by 70% if you're not in PvP combat.
- Added a few more youtuber titles/rewards.
- You can now upgrade max crew members up to 30 (previous cap was 25).
- Changed max daily trades from 4 to 5.
- Changed max bounty/honor to 30M. However, you won't gain any additional PvP boosts after 25M+.
- Renamed Treasure Capacity to Fruit Storage and gave it a proper icon.
- QoL: Trying to spend more stat points than you currently have, now spends the max amount of points you can use (you don't have to do the math anymore when trying to max out a stat).
(5:47 AM)
- Improved the visual effect on Race V3 abilities.
- Improved the visual effects on Dark Blade's abilities.
- Improved the visual effects on some Rumble V2 abilities.
- Improved the Death Step wind effect quality.
- Improved the 2x Mastery indicator.
- Added LoD optimizations to Sea 3, this should increase average FPS.
- Greatly optimized click combat, this should increase average FPS.
- Greatly optimized server hitboxes, this should decrease average ping.
- Optimized server physics, this should decrease average ping.
- Lowered the respawn time of Sea 1 bosses for a better experience.
- Lowered cooldowns on fruits with only 2 moves (Bomb, Spike).
- While Observation V2 is active, chasing a player in-combat that's trying to run away will buff your dashes by 50% (ring indicator).
- Observation now displays levels properly.
- Nerfed the hitbox and stun on the Z move of Pole (2nd form).
- Slightly nerfed the stuns on Acidum Rifle.
- Sharkman Karate changes:
    - The X now breaks observation.
    - The Z hitbox now gets bigger towards the end of the attack.
- Cyborg V3 changes:
    - Reworked the special ability, now it disables the Observation ability of nearby opponents with weak lightning particles (damage based on your Player Level). 
    - It also increases defense by 30% while it's active.
- Sky V3 changes:
    - The special ability now also increases defense by 15%, instead of nerfing your damage by 30%.
- True Triple Katana changes:
    - Reduced end lag on both moves.
    - Made the X move slightly faster and bigger.
    - Slightly buffed the damage on both moves.
(5:47 AM)
- Sand V2 changes:
    - Slightly rebalanced the damage.
    - The X move now stuns the user for 1.8s after a successful grab (you should still have 1s remaining to react and combo).
    - Fast Mode now reduces the particles on the Z and V moves, to reduce lag.
- Dark V2 changes:
    - Slightly nerfed the hitbox on the X move.
- Flame V2 changes :
    - The F move now has a higher initial speed boost.
    - Increased the damage on the Z move. Additionally, it grows in size as it travels.
- Light V2 changes:
    - The X projectiles now have a longer range and ignore Observation.
- Magma V2 changes:
    - The magma balls now deal way higher tick damage.
    - Slightly buffed explosion damage on Z.
    - The C now ignores Observation.
- Ice V2 changes:
    - Revamped the V effect and made it stun longer and cast faster, like V1. However, it cannot be casted midair anymore and the hitbox only exists horizontally.
    - Revamped the C effect and made it stun longer and travel slightly faster.
- String V2:
    - Greatly increased the auto-aim and speed on the C move.
- Soul changes:
    - Lowered cooldowns on X, C, F, and Click. X and C now have the same cooldown duration.
    - Z can now steal up to 2 souls by hitting multiple enemies at once. 
    - Slightly increased the mood damage modifier on the V move.
    - Nerfed the damage on X, buffed the damage and hitbox on C.
(5:47 AM)
- Control changes:
    - Lowered cooldowns on X and F.
    - Increased the damage on the V move, and it no longer shrinks or disappears after catching a player.
    - The Z room now lasts longer.
- Dragon changes:
    - While transformed, taking damage now increases your Fury meter, and all cooldowns are reduced.
    - Reduced the damage on transformed Z and X.
    - Slightly increased defense while transformed.
    - Greatly reduced the passive Fury drain. However, transforming will now cost a flat amount.
- Venom changes:
    - Greatly reduced the passive Fury drain. However, transforming will now cost a flat amount.
- Diamond changes:
    - Increased passive defense from 22.5% to 25%.
- Falcon changes: 
    - Increased passive defense from 7.5% to 10%.
- Door changes:
    - Teleporting with C now gives you short immunity frames.
- Bisento changes:
    - Changed price from 1.2M to 1M.
    - Increased the evolved X hitbox.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed 2 unobtainable titles.
- Fixed wrong title description on Sand awakening.
- Fixed low levels being able to join other seas.
- Fixed multiple VIP servers purchased in the same account sharing the same seas.
- Fixed teleporting between seas in VIP servers (except to Sea 1).
- Fixed Buddha's speed and dashing glitches. Also fixed enemies not being able to hit Buddha V2.
- Fixed the chess table glitching your aim.
- Fixed leaderboards not updating properly.
- Fixed god mode, anti-teleport bypass, and invisible mode exploits.
- Fixed a few GUI mistakes.
- Fixed a the Level Up notification displaying the wrong value sometimes.
- Fixed click combat not dealing damage sometimes.
- Fixed the gun aim icon getting stuck sometimes.

Blox Fruits Update 17 Part 1 Patch Notes


    - Collect candy by defeating enemies around your level, and trade them for special rewards!
    - NPCs added to ALL seas:
        - Santa Claws (LIMITED TIME ITEMS):
            - Elf Hat
            - Santa Hat 
            - Christmas Ship
        - Magic Elf:
            - 2x EXP (15 min.)
            - Stats Refund
            - Race Reroll
        - Greedy Elf (Second and third sea only):
            - Fragments

- Increased Level Capacity to 2200.

- New island added (Peanut Land):
    - Level 2075 > 2125.

- New island added (Ice Cream Land):
    - Level 2125 > 2200.
    - Defeat the queen for a rare drop!

- Added a new high tier fruit (Soul):
    - Build up your Soul and Mood meters by defeating enemies or landing your moves.
    - Spend your souls on different buddies that aid you in battle:
        Toxic Flower: Poisons nearby enemies 
        Cursed Tree: Stuns nearby enemies 
        Candy: Heals the user 
    - Your V deals more damage based on your current mood (100% calm or 100% anger for full damage boost).

- Added a new awakening: Sand.

- Added a new weapon (Buddy Sword):
    Unique mechanic: The X move deals more damage the closer you are to your opponent.

- Added Vietnam cone. 

Blox Fruits Update 16 Patch Notes

UPDATE 16 (🎃  Halloween Update)

    - Collect bones by defeating enemies around your level (50% drop chance), and spend them on special rewards!
    - Halloween NPC "Death King" added to all seas:
        - Random Surprise
        - Refund Points
        - Reroll Race

- Increased Level Capacity to 2100.
- Added a new island (Haunted Castle):
    - Level 2000 > 2100.
    - Defeat enemies here for better bone drops.
    - Summon a new raid boss.
- Added a new high tier fruit (Shadow):
    - Build up your Umbra Meter by landing your moves, or during night.
    - You can press V to unleash a massive explosion that scales with your Umbra Meter.
- Added a new fruit (Revive):
    - Unique mechanic: By activating C, you'll be revived at 50% health next time you die.
- Added a new weapon (Hallow Scythe):
    Unique mechanic: The X move deals more damage the lower the opponent's health is (up to 1.4x).
- Added a new fighting style: Dragon Talon.
- Added 3 new accessories.
- Added some new titles.

- Players no longer lose bounty after 3/3 PvP kills.
- Added better protection against exploiters:
    - This includes many changes you should not notice as a regular player.
- Made the enhancement effect look slightly better on weapons.
- Increased the damage on Control's X.

Blox Fruits Update 15 Patch Notes

❗❗ UPDATE 15 ❗❗ 

New content:
- Increased level capacity to 2000.
- Added Third Sea:
    - Added a new massive island.
    - Added a new giant island.
    - Added 3 new remote islands.
    - Added a new missions and secrets to be completed.
- Implemented Fruit Inventory and Trading:
    - Treasure Storage:
        - Can only store up to 1 of each fruit, and unlimited Game Passes.
            - This capacity can be increased with (+1 Treasure Cap) (obtained with Robux or by trading with other players).
        - Treasure Storage is an NPC that can be found in some parts of the map just like Weapon Storage.
    - Fruit Trading:
        - You can trade your stored fruits for different fruits or Game Passes.
            - To trade Game Passes, you must purchase them as a gift for yourself first.
            - Game Passes are stored alongside fruits, in the new Treasure Storage menu.
        - Max 4 fruits/Game Passes in each trade for both sides. For example: (Dragon + Light + Flame + Smoke) for (Dark Blade).
- Added 9 new fruits:
    1. Added a new high tier fruit (Venom):
        - Unleash your transformation for increased defense, jump power, and damage.
        - 2 different modes:
            - Untransformed: 
                - 5 abilities.
                - Build up your Fury Meter over time to transform.
            - Transformed (ultimate form):
                - 4 stronger abilities.
                - Deplete your Fury Meter by using your upgraded abilities.
    2. Added a new fruit: Spin.
    3. Added a new fruit: Door.
    4. Added a new fruit: Kilo.
    5. Added a new fruit: Diamond.
    6. Added a new fruit: Love.
    7. Added a new fruit: Falcon.
    8. Added a new awakening: Magma.
    9. Added a new awakening: Buddha.
- Added Observation V2:
    - View the level and hotbar of your opponent.
    - Many other perks.
- Added Server Browser:
    - Find new servers you haven't joined before.
    - Filter by Total Bounty, Region and Server Name.
- Added a new fighting style: Electric Claw.
- Added 5 new swords: two of them are legendary.
- Added 5 new accessories.
- Added a new gun.
- Added a few new titles.
- Friendly 1v1s:
    - Added a friendly 1v1s arena to Third Sea. Might be added to other seas later on.
    - Prevents bounty loss on death.
- Fast Spawn event:
    - During weekends, fruit will spawn every 45 mins instead of every hour.
- Youtuber Rewards V2:
    - Added some more youtubers to the list. More will be added later on.
- Improved the swimming mechanic.

Balance changes:
- String awakening:
    - Added autoaim to the C move, and decreased its damage by around 5%.
- Dragon:
    - The fury meter now regens slightly faster.
- Buddha V1:
    - Instead of increasing HP based on your Blox Fruit stat, now it increases defense by 40%.
- Cyborg:
    - Energy Core now explodes 1 second faster, has more stun and higher defense. Also changed how the V2 accessory looks.
- Dark Blade:
    - Reduced end lag on the Z move.
- Pole V2:
    - Made it a bit harder to break observation with Z.

- Fixed the pencil head bug.
- Fixed a crew system bug which caused actions to error or not save.
- Fixed a text auto-translation bug on notifications and dialogue.
- Fixed inventory showing the wrong items sometimes.
- Improved the check on failed purchases.
- Added security against several exploits.
- Made a few optimization upgrades, the game should run slightly faster than before.

Blox Fruits Update 14 Patch Notes

🔱 UPDATE 14:rumble: 
- Disabled Christmas event.
- Increased level capacity to 1525.
- New island added (Forgotten Island):
    - Final 2nd sea island before 3rd sea is added (coming next update).
- Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin officially added:
    - Instead of candies, it costs regular money.
    - Price increases the higher your level is.
    - Same 2 hours cooldown between purchase.
- Added Enhancement colors (second sea only):
    - Customize your Enhancement color.
    - Find the Master of Enhancement NPC to buy new colors, or buy them directly with Robux.
    - Weapons like TTK now have a white helix by default.
    - Looks better on blocky bodies. Currently working on a better method for Rthro bodies.
- Added Youtuber kill rewards:
    - Killing selected youtubers will reward you with a special title (second sea only, different title per youtuber).
    - Additionally, you will earn $250,000 money and 2,500 fragments (both seas, one-time reward), as long as the level difference isn't greater than 800.
    - Only a few youtubers have been added for now. More will be added later on.
- Added a new awakening: Rumble.
- Added a new fighting style.
- Added a new secret race (specializes against teamers): 
    v2 - 10% defense against melee, sword and gun attacks. Additionally, 15% of received damage converts to Energy.
    v3 - Defense increases to 80% against any attack. After 2.5 seconds, releases an explosion equal to 40% of absorbed damage + 7.5% of your max health.
- Added 2 new swords.
- Added a few new titles.
- Added small Premium benefits.
- Increased max bounty/respect to 25M (doesn't increase PvP boost after 20M+).
- Minor upgrade to Fast Mode:
    - Disables certain effects that may cause FPS drops, especially on Dragon fruit.
- Legendary sword dealer:
    - Changed spawn rate from 4-6 hours to 3-5 hours.
    - Changed despawn time from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
- Reset the raids leaderboard and fixed the exploit to get on top 100.
- Chat notifications now also show as game notifications (this means Xbox players can now see factory raids).
- Nerfed Dragon defense from 70% to 62.5%. 
- Reduced the Death Step requirement from 450 mastery to 400.
- Fixed scam messages in the first world.
- Fixed the Enhancement effect not scaling correctly on Buddha and Rubber.
- Fixed fruits gifting menu not showing everyone in the server.
- Slightly reduced the end lag on TTK Z.
- Slightly buffed Buddha's V hitbox.
- Heavily nerfed Triple Dark Blade.
- String awakening:
    - Buffed Z range, speed and stun.
    - Buffed X hitbox, stun and charge time.
- Control:
    - Increased the stun on C.
    - Slightly increased the damage on V.
- Dough fruit fixes:
    - Fixed the flinging bug with C and F.
- Dark fruit fixes:
    - Fixed the bug to get people stuck with unawakened C.
    - Fixed awakened V not despawning sometimes.
    - Fixed the awakened C effect getting stuck on raids.
- Changed a few NPCs.
- Official lore update (pre-third sea lore):

Blox Fruits Update 13 Patch Notes

🐉 UPDATE 13 🎄 

    - Collect candy by defeating enemies around your level, and trade them for special rewards!
    - NPCs added to BOTH worlds:
        - Santa Claws (LIMITED TIME ITEMS):
            - Elf Hat
            - Santa Hat 
            - Christmas Ship
        - Magic Elf:
            - 2x EXP (20 min.)
            - Stats Refund
            - Race Reroll
        - Blox Fruit Dealer's Cousin:
            - Random Fruit (2 hours cooldown between purchase)
        - Greedy Elf (Second world only):
            - Fragments
- Level capacity increased to 1450.
- New island added (Frost Mountain):
    - Level 1350 > 1450.
    - 2 hidden drops.
- New fruit added (Dragon):
    - Pick your own color.
    - 2 different modes:
        - Untransformed: 
            - 4 abilities.
            - Build up your Fury Meter over time to reveal your true strength!
        - Transformed (ultimate form):
            - 3 destructive abilities.
            - Deplete your Fury Meter by destroying everything in your path!
- New fruit awakening added: String.
- New fighting style added: Death Step.
- New secret legendary sword added.
- Added a few new titles.
- Buffed True Triple Katana:
    - Decreased end lag on X.
- Nerfed the damage on Dark Step with Diablo.
- Fixed server crashing with Control.

Blox Fruits Update 12 Patch Notes


- Level capacity increased to 1350.
- New island added (Cursed Ship):
    - Collect Ectoplasm from haunted enemies to unlock special rewards!
    - Rumors say a secret boss spawns sometimes during night...
- Fruit awakenings added:
    - Light
    - Dark
- Added a titles system:
    - Titles are obtained by completing secret tasks in the game, such as completing a raid in under 5 minutes. 
    - They are displayed next to your chat name. Example: ("Demon Eye")(mygame43): erin!!!
    - Titles that are harder to obtain will have custom colors.
    - Find the new NPC to see a list of all available titles, currently there's more than 100 of them.
- Added a new secret race:
    - V1: Becomes stronger during night (increased speed and health regen).
    - V2: Unlocks the ability to life leech.
    - V3: User gains increased damage, defense, and speed. They can now cast moves below 40% cooldown. Lasts 8 seconds. 
- Added 3 new accessories.
- Added a new sword.
- Added a new gun.
- Nerfed Quake V2:
    - Added some end lag to the Z when it lands.
    - Longer X and C wind up.
    - Decreased the hitbox and speed on X.
    - Slight damage reduction.
- Buffed True Triple Katana:
    - Decreased the end lag on Z and X.
    - Very slightly increased the hitbox on Z and X.
- Fixed the snow tree (!!!).
- Misc. bug fixes.

Note: The "delayed" Observation bug is caused by Roblox. The issue has already been reported and will automatically be fixed soon.

Blox Fruits Update 11 Patch Notes

:flame: UPDATE 11:ice: 

New content:
- New Raids special event added.
- Massively buffed experienced earned from Old World quests. Also increased the EXP boosts from all Twitter codes to 20 minutes.
- Fruit awakenings added:
    - Flame
    - Ice 
    - Quake 
- New currency added called Fragments, which replaces Rare Artifacts:
    - Unlike artifacts, this currency saves between servers, giving you the possibility to save them up.
    - How to obtain: Defeat Darkbeard, defeat Sea Beasts, clear raids.
- Dark Blade has been reimagined:
    - New model.
    - New and faster combat animations.
    - Alternative moves:
        - Holding Z for at least 0.25s will move you forward.
        - X can be charged for up to 0.4s for a slightly faster attack and to break Observation.
- Game Passes can now be gifted to other players through the in-game shop.
- Added a way to switch between awakened and unawakened moves.
- Added a way to increase your crew capacity.
- Added a way to change the stage of your Enhancement ability visually.
- Added mouselock to mobile.
- Observation can now be toggled by pressing E.
- Race V3 abilities can now be activated on mobile by tapping a new button or by pressing T on PC.
- VIP server owners can now shutdown Second Sea servers by typing "/shutdown" in the chat.
- Added a confirmation window to eating fruits.
- Doghouse V2 now sells physical Spike fruits.
- Added a chess minigame.
- .... - - .--. ... ---... -..-. -..-. .--. .- ... - . -... .. -. .-.-.- -.-. --- -- -..-. -.- -. -.. -.-- -..- --.. ..- .--- 
Balance changes:
- Energy now regens faster the higher your max. energy is (2x faster on the ground).
- Killing a player now regens up to 33% of your max. energy and health depending on the level difference.
- Reduced the max. number of extra jumps by 2 for the sky race, and by 1 for other races.
- Added some gravity to dashing in the air.
- Increased the speed of dashes that happen on the ground for evolved races.
- Last Resort no longer takes your own health away, and the base damage buff has been increased by 2.5%.
- Reduced the jump height of the sky race.
- Slightly nerfed the dashing cooldown during Agility.
- Koko's X now casts ~0.04s faster.
- Increased the teleport range on Jitte's X.
- Reduced the stun on Ice's C. The original stun was 2 seconds, now it ranges from 0.6s to 2s depending on how long it traveled for before exploding.
- True Triple Katana changes:
    - Reduced the range on Z by ~15%.
    - Reduced the stun on Z by 0.2 seconds.
    - Reduced the damage on X from 27 to 26.
    - Fixed and reduced the tornado hitbox on X (now it acts more like a cone than a big sphere). Also increased the end delay by 0.1s.
- Rubber's V now decreases energy regen by 25% instead of 50% (buff).
- Slightly reduced the delay on Dough's V, and slightly increased the hitbox on X and C.
- Decreased the end lag on Control's C, making it easier to combo.
- Reduced the cooldown on Quake's V.
- Made String's C undodgeable.
- Buffed Dark Coat. 
Bug fixes:
- Fixed the sea teleporting bug.
- Fixed the super speed glitch with Acidum Rifle, Chop and probably everything else.
- Fixed the bug where you could stack left clicks with skills for extra damage (like clicking before using Superhuman's C).
- Fixed the weird animations behavior when moves were being held.
- Fixed a few incorrect accessory descriptions.
- Mostly fixed sword teleports sending you in the wrong direction sometimes.
- Fixed Dough's V spawn position on mobile.
- Fixed enemies taking longer to attack sometimes.
- Fixed Sea Beasts spawning on the ground.
- Fixed the server crash and high ping method.
- Fixed safe zone pushing with Trident.
- Fixed the invisibility glitch with Phoenix.
- Fixed the incorrect positioning on swords during Buddha form.
- Fixed the glitch to fling yourself with certain moves.
- Fixed Darkbeard and other enemies despawning sometimes for no reason.
- Fixed some possible crew bugs.
- Probably fixed Superhuman's C glitching people underground when used from above.
- Fixed glitching underground with True Triple Katana's Z.
- Added some counter-measures for random flinging.
- Made it harder to get stuck underwater due to physics glitching.
- Fixed the short trails length that Roblox had messed up.
- Fixed Light and Ice swords not working upon eating a fruit.
- Fixed the afterimages bug with Paw and sword skills.
- Fixed a bug that caused Control's V to break sometimes.
- Fixed Buddha's glitchy movement with a lot of moves and dashing.
- Fixed the loss of control after landing on the ground with certain moves.
- Fixed the ugly pixel gaps on the fruits shop.
- Fixed the bug to stack Dragon Breath with Superhuman. 
Other changes:
- Increased the number of visible ranks on the bounty/respect leaderboards from 100 to 250.
- Slightly decreased the volume of every SFX.
- Optimized Observation for mobile (less laggy).
- Can no longer deal or receive damage to other players during portal raids.
- New server message for people with 15M+ bounty/respect.
- Made the legendary sword dealer spawn 1 hour faster.
- Added a notification when you reach Level 700 to learn how to get to the next world.
- Dashing now automatically activates sprinting on PC.
- Flash Step can now be cancelled on mobile by tapping the button again.

Blox Fruits Update 10 Patch Notes

New content:
- Level capacity increased to 1250.
- Added Control fruit (made by @Jarad Higgins).
- Added Hot and Cold island.
- Added 2 new swords.
- Added a new raid boss:
    - Two different rewards
- Added a new boss.
- Added a new accessory.

Other changes:
- Max. bounty/honor increased to 20M.
    - Pushed up damage/defense boosts earned from high bounty and honor. This means you must get to 20M bounty/honor if you want the same boosts you had at 10M.
- Revamped Flash Step effect.
- Added a water splash effect to cannonballs and thrown objects.
- Nerfed Dough fruit.
- Nerfed Superhuman fighting style.
    - Harder to combo with Z.
- Made boats a bit easier to control on mobile.
- Probably nerfed some other stuff that we forgot about.

Bug fixes:
- Possibly fixed players randomly teleporting underwater on mobile.
- Fixed a few bugs with crews.
- Made Dough's C and F less glitchy on mobile.

Blox Fruits Update 9 Patch Notes

New content:
- Level capacity increased to 1100.
- New island added.
- New fruit added: Dough.
- New secret fighting style added.
- New secret sword added.
- Changed a lot of visual aspects and names.

Balance changes:
- Full Body Phoenix gets disabled at 33% energy/health instead of 25%.
- Increased the cooldown of Ice's V and reduced the hitbox size.
- Slightly buffed Dark Blade because of the new sword.
- Made the legendary sword dealer spawn slightly more often.
- Reduced bounty/honor buffs.
- Nerfed Water Body, Heavenly Blood and Agility.
- Slightly increased the cooldown of all racial abilities.
- Reduced the amount of extra jumps by 1 for Sky race v2.
- Probably some other stuff.

Blox Fruits Update 8 Patch Notes

❗❗ UPDATE 8 ❗❗ 
New content:
- Level capacity increased to 1000.
- Added Dressrosa island (massive).
- Tons of special quests added with unique rewards.
- Added Green Bit extension.
- Added Dark Arena island.
- Added Graveyard island.
- Added remote islands.
- Added Barrier fruit.
- Added 5 new swords.
- Added 2 new guns.
- Added a new melee style.
- Added multiple new accessories.
- Added multiple misc. NPCs.
- Added 2 new unlockable boats.
- Added 4 new bosses.
- Added a new raid boss:
    - Unique rewards.
- Added SMILE Factory special event.
- Added Sea Beasts:
    - They will now spawn randomly when sailing.
    - Killing them can be done with skills or ship cannons.
- Better ships system:
    - They now have a health bar and cannons.
    - They can be damaged by cannonballs and skills.
- Added race progression.
- Added a hidden way to reset stat points and change race without Robux.
- Added top bounty/honor leaderboards for individual players.
- Reworked the bounty/honor system:
    - Bounty/honor capacity increased to 10M.
    - More bounty/honor earned from killing enemies (stops at 250K).
    - Bosses now reward a great amount of bounty/honor (stops at 2.5M).
    - Dying to enemy NPCs now reduces your bounty/honor based on your level (only when you have 50K+).
    - Can no longer lose bounty/honor in PvP until reaching 2.5M+.
    - Bounty/honor gained or lost from PvP is based on the enemy's level and bounty/honor (you won't lose as much anymore).
    - "1v1" system: You can only kill or die to the same player up to 3 times every 3 days. 
        Example: If you kill a player 2 times, and they kill you 1 time, you can't earn bounty/honor from each other until 3 days pass because the score would be 3/3.
- Added PvP damage/defense buffs system:
    - Every 500K bounty/honor, your PvP damage and defense will increase a certain amount.
    - You can check your current buffs by talking to an NPC.
    - This makes it so people with massive bounty can 1v3 and still win.
    - Note: to balance out the duration of PvP battles, you gain more defense than damage from these boosts.
- 2 new bounty/honor rewards added.
- Reworked and/or enhanced visuals of the following fruits:
    - Flame
    - Light
    - Dark
    - Gum
    - Buddha
    - String
    - Ice
    - Phoenix
    - Bomb
    - Paw
    - Magma
- Increased experience gained from enemies (faster mastery leveling).
- Stronger enemies now train partial buso, they can break your logia if your level isn't high enough (logia effectiveness weakens as the level of your enemies increases).
- Added different music to each area.
- Energy regeneration speed scales up with level (1.5x max).
- Added 2x drop chance Game Pass.
- Added the ability to gift Demon Fruits with Robux.
- Made sounds slightly louder.
- Increased the amount of Beli received from Robux purchases in the new world.
- Increased mastery capacity to 600 on everything.
- Saber progression now has a level requirement and can be unlocked at 1M+ bounty/honor.
- Nerfed weapon progressions.
- Fixed Chop's speed glitch.
- Reworked musket tornado.
- PvP only stays disabled for 10 minutes in the new world after dying (still 15 minutes in the main world).
- Players now heal faster over time.
- New item tier added: Mythical.
- Secret Ancient Weapon added.

Note: This update is only the beginning of the New World, more islands and content will be added to this map in the future

Blox Fruits Update 7 Patch Notes

- Paw-Paw fruit added.
- Receiving damage whilst a move is being held makes you release it (meaning you can knock people out of flight moves).
- Light's F speed is now relative to your current health (example: 50% health = 50% speed; caps at 40% speed).
- Full Phoenix Body now takes energy relatively to your max. energy (like Regeneration Flames, except it drains much faster).
- Saber v2 buffed.
- Gravity-Gravity is now slightly more common.
- Possibly fixed crews GUI not showing up.

Blox Fruits Update 6 Patch Notes

-Fruit revamps:
    -Fire-Fire: X
    -Ice-Ice: C will now freeze water and Z is remade.
    -Light-Light: Light Sword is now default click and new V attack. 
    -Magma-Magma: Changed the Z and C. V is now aimable. 
-Pirate's update
    -Pirates above level 100 can create a crew.
    -Crews can invite up to 15 players and will automatically ally them to you.
    -Top crews will display on the crews leaderboard.
    -Player's crew and crew's max bounty are displayed above their head.
    -Bounty gained by killing npc's capped at 50,000.
    -PVP gained bounty capped at 1M.
-Marine's update:
    -Marine's can now set their spawn point.
    -Marine's are now rewarded with Honor, similar to a pirate's bounty.
    -Marine's can now find wanted posters for pirates and gain beli for killing them.
    -Player's honor amount will change Marine's ranks and be displayed above their head.
    -Honor gained by killing npc's capped at 50,000. 
    -PVP gained honor capped at 1M. 
-Gun skills added to all guns.
-Pvp automatically disables for 15 minutes when you are killed. You can turn it back on sooner in settings.
-Combat logging added:
    -Damaging an opponent will initiate combat with them. If they take damage and leave the game within 30 seconds, you will keep the kill reward and they will lose their honor/bounty. 
    -Safe zones are ignored when combat is initiated. 
-Revamped coat accessory appearance.
-Bounty/Honor progression unlockables:  A lot more of these are coming soon. 
    -Marine unlockable at 50k honor.
    -Pirate unlockable at 50k bounty.
    -Pirate unlockable at 1m bounty.

Blox Fruits Update 5 Patch Notes

- Level capacity increased to 750.
- All Robux fruits are ON SALE.
- New Gravity-Gravity fruit added.
- New island added.
- New fighting style added.
- New accessory added:
    - Increases speed by 20% (stacks with Mink).
    - +8% damage boost on every stat.
    - +100 Health and Energy.
- Fast Mode button and several optimizations added (game should run faster now, especially on mobile devices).
    Note: Enemies >750 studs (about the size of Colosseum Island) away from your camera will be invisible, meaning Observation won't be able to see enemies past that range. This change was necessary in order to improve performance.
- Made dialogues faster and added the ability to skip them.
- Tournament rewards added.
- Nerfed Light's F and Rumble's V and F.
- Buffed Light Sword once again.
- Slight nerf to Dark Blade and Bisento.
- Slight nerf to Electro's C.
- Made Flame's skills a little faster.
- Dark Blade's Z + X combo is no longer impossible to escape.
- Gear 2 Pistol now has a longer hitbox.
- Nerfed Mink's speed boost from 60% to 50%.
- Fixed some broken sounds.
- Fixed Observation GUI getting stuck.
- Fixed fruits not spawning in Fishmen Island.
- Fixed Buso/Ken glitching on certain head shapes.
- Made Enforcer's seat bigger.
- Many other bug fixes.

Next update will be completely focused on PvP:
- Possible bounty rework.
- Marines rework.
- Stats balancing.
- Rework for some skills.
- Possible changes to races buffs.
- Gun skills?
- Crews? 

Blox Fruits Update 4 Patch Notes

- New Sand-Sand Demon Fruit added (receives 2x water damage).
- Fixed Buddha's hurtbox against AoE attacks.
- Buso now works properly on Buddha and Gum.
- Fixed Awakened Bisento's X hitbox.
- Black Leg idle animation changed.
- Fixed weapons dual wielding glitch (things like Gun and Sword at the same time).
- Possible fix for broken combat after death.
- Added a way to spend stat points faster.
- Fixed menu buttons randomly breaking.
- Game Passes purchased from the in-game shop now are activated instantly.
- Dark Blade (secret) progression added.
- Fruit Notifier Game Pass added.
- More small changes we forgot about. 
Notifier only works if you're already in the server when a fruit spawns.
It wont tell you the exact location of the fruit, only how many meters away you are from it (and it still takes a while to find, because when it spawns the radar takes a while to calibrate).
We have also have added a system to prevent people from finding a lot of fruits in a short period of time.

Blox Fruits Update 3.5 Patch Notes

- Raid boss added (cannot be spawned with Robux)
- Increased the mastery cap. for every item by 150 (max. doesn't go above 500)
- Secret progression added
- New Twitter code added
- Fixed broken enemies and flinging caused by certain skills
- Made Bisento a bit bigger
- Observation can no longer dodge Tremor's X
- Slightly nerfed Gear 2's damage boost from 25% to 22.5%
- Security fixes for Demon Fruits

All servers should be up to date now.

June 30, 2019 patch notes

- New level capacity: 650
- Two new islands added:
    Level 450 - 600:
        Skypiea Expansion (2 new bosses and 4 enemies)
    Level 225 - 275:
        Arena Island (2 new enemies)
- Rumble-Rumble fruit added.
- Observation Haki added:
    - Automatically dodges moves with small hitboxes (can also dodge big attacks that barely reach you by 8 studs which is 2x your character's width:
    - Allows you to see your enemies through walls as well as their health, energy and team.
    - Dodging player attacks costs 1 dodge but NPC attacks are 2x more cost efficient.
    - You gain 1 dodge back every 40 seconds.
    - This ability isn't meant to be used for constant farming like Logia immunity is, but as a last resort to save you from certain powerful attacks and locate your enemies in a fight (and it works on bosses unlike Logia).
- Progression added to:
    - Buso:
        Stage 1: Full arms/legs (more damage).
        Stage 4: Full body (more defense).
    - Observation 
        - Weak at the beginning, but can be trained to achieve Enel's vision range and up to 8 max. dodges.
    - Diablo:
        - Double diablo (high damage boost).
- Two new legendary weapons added.
- Mobile users can now drop fruits by typing "/dropfruit" in the chat.

- Increased exp. rewards from old quests.
- Mastery now requires less exp. to level up.
- Lowered the level requirements for Magma and Fishmen quests.
- String's Overheat (C) can now hit through multiple enemies.
- Increased Black Leg's Diablo duration.
- Buffed Light Sword base damage from 18 to 21 (now it's basically as strong as Shank's saber except damage scales with your Demon Fruit stat so you don't need to lvl up your Sword stat at all).
- Slightly made Phoenix and String more common.
- Replaced Flamingo's string pull for Fulbright.

- Fixed Brigade's broken seats.
- Fixed Demon Fruits disappearing in Fishmen Island. 


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