Blizzard wants you to slam the Diablo IV servers in May’s final playtest.


Diablo IV

Diablo IV is opening its pre-release doors to the public one last time before launch. Announced today during the Deep Dive developer stream, Blizzard revealed this special “Server Slam” event for May 12th. As the name suggests, the developers want as many fans as possible to tune in this weekend and hammer the playtest servers. PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 are all invited.

From May 12th to 14th, Diablo IV’s early regions are being opened up for anyone to try out. The content will still be what was available in the beta, with five classes and plenty of beginner dungeon diving, but Blizzard says it has made changes. Based on beta data and player feedback. The experience is considered closer to the launch product this time around.

Players will once again start their Sanctuary journey from the beginning, but the server slam playtest will have a level 20 cap.

Cry of Diablo IV Ashawa Mount Trophy
The cry of Ashwa Mount Trophy that is up for grabs.

While the progression won’t carry over to the full game, Blizzard does have some participation bonuses for those who jump into the event. The Casualty and Voyager titles and the Beta Wolf Pack item return from the beta bounty pile. As a new bonus, the Cry of Ashwa Mount trophy will be awarded to those who defeat the world boss Ashwa (who is available to fight every three hours) with a level 20 character.

Diablo IV The online servers suffered a lot during the recent beta, with queues showing hours of wait time. But things calmed down for the most part in the final days of the event. We’ll have to see how the server slam performs next month, hopefully giving Blizzard more data on how online services handle the June 6 launch day rush.


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