Bing Image Creator now works in correct and balanced ways with this week’s Bing Chat update.


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Earlier this week, Microsoft confirmed that it has increased the cap on daily chat turns and turns per session for its BingChat chatbot AI service. However, that wasn’t the only update the team made this week.

I Weekly Bing Chat Release Update, Microsoft mentioned a new chat session cap of 300 daily chat turns and 30 in-session chat turns. However, it has also made some improvements for those who use its Bing Image Creature feature in Bing Chat:

In March, we announced that Bing Image Creator was being fully integrated into Bing Chat — and we rolled it out initially in creative mode. This week, you can also use Bing Image Creator in the right and balanced ways. Ask a Bing image creator to “create a picture of a dinosaur chasing astronauts on Mars” or “create a poster for a French art film featuring a tortoiseshell cat.”

This should make the images created by AI art even more diverse with all three modes now available to users.

Another small update that was put up this week will be helpful for those who are going on summer vacation:

Travel queries now generate more visual results. Ask Bing Chat “What are the best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan?” or “What are some good summer vacation destinations in India?” Bing Chat will answer your questions with links to more information in Bing Travel.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Microsoft has some plans for even bigger Bing Chat updates that could roll out in the month of June. This may include adding experimental support for using Bing Chat on web browsers other than Edge.

Microsoft is also planning to add more backend support to prepare BingChat for the mass launch of third-party plugins, along with “major improvements to disconnection rates (especially code writing for)” and support for “large context sizes”. Use in balanced mode.


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