Bing Chat rolls out LaTeX support for better math formatting in the latest weekly update.


Microsoft Bing Chat

After the last several weeks, this week has been a breather when it comes to new features and improvements for Microsoft’s BingChat chatbot. However, the team is still working on adding some of them.

I Latest Bing blog post, Microsoft revealed that it has now added improved formatting for full math equations, which was promised a few weeks ago. It states:

We shipped support for LaTeX markup — allowing Bing Chat to display complex mathematical expressions correctly. This makes Bing Chat an even more useful tool for learning math concepts or writing technical research papers.

Bing Chat Math

The latest update should also offer some improvements for those who have had Bing Chat suddenly stop chatting:

We’ve heard your feedback that messages sometimes cause Bing to end a conversation unnecessarily (for example, “I’m sorry but I prefer not to continue this conversation.” or “It might be time to move on to a new topic.”). This should now happen less frequently than before, and we continue to investigate cases where this happens.

Bing Chat should also have some better answers when it comes to questions about news topics. Finally, there are some bugs that have been fixed, including “reducing instances where Bing Chat triggered unnecessary duplicate searches” and “reducing errors that caused Bing Chat queries to have no answers.” would give.”


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