Bing Chat has updated with another major disengagement rate improvement.


Bing Logo in front of Bing Chat

Microsoft continues to post updates to its Bing Chat chatbot AI to help improve the user experience. Last week, it added better formatting for math equations, but it also pushed improvements that reduced the number of conversation terminations from Bing Chat.

Today, there was another big update in this particular area. Microsoft’s head of advertising and web services, Mikhail Parkhin, posted on Twitter that the BingChat team “delivered another improvement in disengagement rates today.” They say the update is expected to “reduce the most serious category by more than 3x”.

This shows that the BingChat team is pushing updates quite quickly. However, there are some features that users have been waiting for for quite some time that have not yet been addressed. One is the ability to save chat dates, which have been promised more than once. Also, Parkhin has strongly hinted, and more than once, that third-party plugin support for Bing Chat is also in the works.


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