Best Characters In Dead Island 2 [Pros & Cons]


Dead Island 2 has a range of six characters that we have tested out, and each of the characters presents a different playstyle, stat allocation, innate skills, and so on. Players might need help with figuring out what the Dead Island 2 Best Characters might be, therefore a detailed insight on a ranking of the Slayers might be useful!

Important: Players need to know how a character works beforehand since characters can’t be changed unless you start the game again!

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 6 playable characters that have been thoroughly tested, ranging from Jacob, Ryan, Carla, Dani, Bruno, and Amy. 
  • Once a Slayer has been chosen, they will need to restart the game from a new save in order to play as the other character. 

Jacob is one of the best characters that we tried out. 

  • He has insanely good damage output, alongside having excellent peak health as well as incredible stamina. 
  • His cons include skillful gameplay, poor crit damage as well as low resilience. 
  • He has two skills called Feral and Critical Gains. 

Ryan is the Slayer that is ranked second and his pros and cons are listed below. 

  • His pros include amazing toughness, incredible resilience, solid crowd control as well as tanking abilities.
  • His agility is pretty low, and his crit damage isn’t all that great. 
  • His skills are called Retaliation and Seesaw. 

The third-ranked Slayer on our list is Carla. 

  • Her pros include excellent resilience, amazing toughness, her mosh pit ability being amazing as well as being a pretty beginner-friendly Slayer. 
  • Her cons include low critical damage and poor agility. 
  • She has two skills, Mosh Pit and Dig Deep. 

The fourth-ranking character will be Dani

  • Dani’s pros include her having a solid amount of stamina and a good amount of peak health and she is also an all-rounder Slayer. 
  • Her cons are focused on her weak resilience and her bad health recovery. 
  • She has two skills, which are called Thunderstruck and Bloodlust. 

Bruno ranks fifth and when it comes to his pros and cons, they can be seen as follows. 

  • Bruno has insane critical damage and his agility is incredible too. 
  • His cons include his weak toughness, low peak health, and the fact that he requires a specific playstyle. 

Amy just ranks last in terms of playable characters, and her advantages and disadvantages are as follows. 

  • Amy has excellent agility. 
  • Her cons include weak peak health as well as low toughness. 
  • Her skills are Relief Pitcher and Divide And Conquer. 

Below listed are the characters in the game, and our rankings and their overall stat allocations. 

Slayers  Ranking  Toughness  Stamina  Health 




Agility  Peak Health  Resilience 
Jacob  1st 3/5 4/5 2/5 3/5 3/5 5/5 1/5
Ryan  2nd 5/5 3/5 3/5 2/5 1/5 2/5 4/5
Carla  3rd 4/5 3/5 3/5 1/5 2/5 3/5 5/5
Dani  4th 3/5 5/5 1/5 2/5 2/5 4/5 2/5
Bruno  5th 2/5 3/5 3/5 5/5 4/5 1/5 3/5
Amy  6th 1/5 3/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 2/5 3/5


Jacob (Image Credits Exputer)
Stats Stars
Toughness  3 stars 
Stamina  4 stars
Health Recovery  2 stars
Critical Damage 3 stars
Agility  3 stars
Peak Health 5 stars
Resilience  1 star
Feral  Jacob receives a stackable minor damage boost when attacking in extremely quick succession. 
Critical Gains  Jacob’s critical hits when stamina is low get a moderate crit damage boost and critical hits will regenerate his stamina. 

Kicking things off, the first of the Dead Island 2 Best Characters on our list is Jacob. Jacob is essentially an anti-hero, who is an absolute badass and hones his rockstar flair with ease. Whenever his mom ended up passing, he left everything behind in order to pursue his dreams of becoming the biggest Hollywood stuntman the world had ever seen. 

Jacob Gameplay
Jacob Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Jacob hones his peak health as it is one of his biggest attributes that we have tested out. With a total of 120 base HP, it allows him to survive in nearly every way, shape, and form. 
  • After that, his stamina takes second place in being his most effective stat as his base stamina is 110, which can become extra handy in combat. 
  • His Crit damage, toughness, and agility all rank in third, as they are given three stars, and are all 100 as its base stat. 
  • His health recovery and his resilience are probably one of his biggest weak points as they are the lowest base stats when Jacob is first used. 
Pros  Cons 
High Damage  Requires skillful gameplay
Excellent peak health  Poor crit damage 
Incredible Stamina  Extremely low resilience


Since Jacob is considered to be one of the Dead Island 2 Best Slayer, he will have a total of two innate skills which can only be used by him, and no other playable character can replace them. 


DI2 Frenzy

One of his first innate skills essentially provides Jacob with a stackable minor damage output enhancement, which is carried out anytime he is unleashing attacks one after the other in quick succession. It is also known as Frenzy. 

  • His feral skill has 5 stacks, and during those stacks, the more damage we were able to deal to zombies, the higher the damage output continued to be.
  • When the innate skill was tested out and it was continued to be used in the battle against zombies, a total of five stacks meant that there was at least a 35% plus increase in the overall damage output, which, if kept up, can be insanely good. 
  • One conclusion that was drawn was that weapon choice will matter greatly on the total amount of damage increase that was received from the innate skill, whereby a few weapons only provided a 25% damage buff with the five stacks, while some provided 30% and more. 

Critical Gains 

DI2 Critical Gains
Critical Gains

Moving onto the second skill for the Best Dead Island 2 Character, it will be known as Critical Gains which grants Jacob the ability to gain a crit damage increase anytime he is able to land critical hits whenever his stamina is low. During this, if he is also able to land crit hits, then he is also able to regain his stamina. 

  • The main caveat with this is that Jacob already has a pretty high base stamina to begin with, therefore getting that down and drained is a challenge in and of itself. 
  • This can typically be carried out if he was tested using a heavy weapon and he continuously was attacking one after the other using his first skill, with which Critical Gains would actually prove useful. 
  • While this skill might be difficult to lay out practically, it can still be extremely fun, and all in all, Jacob is an excellent, all-rounder Slayer. 


Ryan (Image Credits Exputer)
Stats  Star Rating
Stamina  3
Health Recovery  3
Critical Damage  2
Agility  1
Peak Health  3
Resilience  4
Retaliation  Ryan gets a moderate force boost anytime he is using block or dodge in order to avoid an incoming attack. 
Seesaw  Ryan is able to regenerate HP anytime he causes knockdown to a zombie that he is in combat with. 

Moving on, the second of the Dead Island 2 Best Characters will include Ryan, who can be ranked second. Ryan is essentially more than just an exotic dancer, and while he is extremely stubborn and sarcastic, he has always been on a mission to return to his little brother, and he will do anything it takes in order to get back to him, regardless of whether he might be alive or dead. 

Ryan Gameplay
Ryan Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Ryan’s toughness is one of the main reasons that he was tested to be ranked second since he is an incredibly tough Slayer and enemies really can’t hurt him all that much, which is also the reason why toughness has become his strong suit. 
  • Other than that, we also think that Ryan is incredibly resilient as well, which is also showcased and proved by the raw stats, as his base resilience will be 110. 
  • Apart from that, his stamina, health recovery, and peak health are all pretty average, and it is stabilized at around 3 stars. 
  • His weakest stats include his Critical Damage, and his Agility, which makes him a pretty slow Slayer. 
Pros  Cons 
Excellent Toughness  Extremely low agility 
Incredible resilience  Poor crit damage 
Solid crowd control   
Solid tank   


When it comes to his skills, Ryan has a total of two innate skills which contribute towards him being one of the Best Dead Island 2 Characters. His two main skills include Retaliation as well as Seesaw. 


DI2 Retaliation

First things first, one of his first skills is Retaliation, which essentially grants him the ability to receive a pretty significant Force Boost anytime he is carrying out a dodge or a block in order to avoid any incoming attacks from the enemy’s end. 

  • Using the Retaliation skill can prove to be extremely useful whenever it is combined with Seesaw, which is the second innate skill, as they synergize insanely well. 
  • Whenever an enemy approached us in combat, Ryan’s first skill would be used to gain the Force Boost, which would then be used to trigger his Seesaw skill, and the cycle would repeat. 


DI2 Seesaw

Another skill that Ryan will use is known as Seesaw, with which he is able to regenerate a solid amount of HP anytime he is able to do something as simple as cause knockback to a zombie. 

  • His skill allows him to simply regenerate a certain amount of HP anytime he causes knockback to an enemy, and it can be paired extremely well with his Retaliation skill since whenever the enemy stops being knocked back and starts to attack you, you can then gain a force boost while you’re at it. 
  • Since Force is the driving force (nice pun) needed to knockback opponents in Dead Island 2, the more force that is achieved, the more times the knockback can be carried out on enemies. 

The one main caveat with using these skills will be that there isn’t a significant amount of crit damage boost or a faster attack combination, which allows his overall damage output to be pretty limited in general. 


Carla (Image Credits Exputer)
Stats Star Rating
Toughness 4
Stamina 3
Health Recovery  3
Critical Damage 1
Agility 2
Peak Health 3
Resilience 5
Mosh Pit  Carla gains a minor damage enhancement when close to multiple opponents.
Dig Deep Carla gets a moderate enhancement to his toughness while his HP is critical. 

Next up, the next Slayer in question here is Carla, and while she isn’t at the top of the list for being one of the Dead Island 2 Best Characters, she is still pretty incredible as she is a stunt rider who is able to take on any kind of challenge with ease, and she is able to take part in any kind of adventure.

Carla Gameplay
Carla Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Carla’s winning stat includes that of her overall resilience. She is incredibly resilient and has the highest base resilience out of all Slayers. 
  • Coming in in second spot is her Toughness which has four stars, which makes her even tougher to competition with enemies. 
  • In the third spot, her Stamina, health recovery, and Peak Health are all pretty average. 
  • Her Agility and her critical damage are probably her weakest challenges. 
Pros  Cons 
Excellent resilience  Extremely low Critical Damage 
Incredible toughness  Poor agility 
Mosh Pit ability is broken  
A solid option for beginners  


Carla has a total of 2 skills, and while she may not be the Dead Island 2 Best Slayer, her skills are still pretty solid, as both they include Mosh Pit as well as Dig Deep. 

Mosh Pit 

DI2 Mosh Pit
Mosh Pit

One of her first skills is Mosh Pit, with which Carla is able to gain a minor damage boost whenever she is close to multiple zombies that might be attacking her in the first place.  

  • One good thing about Carla’s skill is that since there are zombies present almost anywhere in Dead Island 2, it’s like her skill remains active 24/7 which allows her to gain the damage boost more often than not. 

Dig Deep 

DI2 Dig Deep
Dig Deep

As far as the second skill is concerned, it is known as Dig Deep, with which she can gain a solid amount of toughness boost anytime her HP is low. 

  • The toughness boost is insanely nice, and it ends up being activated anytime she has around 1/3 rd of her HP left. 


Dani (Image Credits Exputer)
Stats  Star Rating 
Toughness  3
Stamina  5
Health Recovery  1
Critical Damage  3
Agility  3
Peak Health  4
Resilience  2
Thunderstruck  Dani’s heavy attacks are able to trigger a forceful explosion on impact with opponents. 
Bloodlust  Dani can easily regenerate HP whenever she slays multiple zombies one after the other. 

Moving on, our next target is Dani, who is a badass and absolutely true to herself. She doesn’t give a damn whether anyone likes her foul mouth or not, and she is able to drill through opponents without any difficulties. Unfortunately, she is not among some of the Dead Island 2 Best Characters

Dani Gameplay
Dani Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Dani’s stamina is probably one of the main reasons why we chose to play her in Dead Island 2, while her peak health is also an incredibly good reason to use her. 
  • Apart from this, her toughness, Crit damage, and agility are pretty average, though they add to her kit. 
  • Her weakest points have to be her Resilience as well as her overall Health Recovery. 
Pros  Cons 
Excellent Stamina  Weak resilience
Incredible peak health Horrible health recovery 
Well-rounded Slayer  


Dani as probably one of the Dead Island 2 Best Slayers when it comes to her overall stamina, and alongside that, she has two main skills that are called Thunderstruck and Bloodlust. 


Dani's Thunderstruck
Dani’s Thunderstruck (Image Credits Exputer)

With her first skill called Thunderstruck, she is able to carry out a deadly explosion anytime she uses her heavier attacks on opponents, which allows her explosion to hurt any zombie that might be aiming to attack her. 


DI2 Bloodlust

Her second skill will end up being Bloodlust, with which she is able to regenerate health anytime she’s annihilating multiple zombies in quick succession. 


Bruno (Image Credits Exputer)
Stats  Star Rating
Toughness  2
Stamina  3
Health Recovery  3
Critical Damage  5
Agility  4
Peak Health  1
Resilience  3
Backstab  Bruno will be able to get a moderate damage increase anytime he launches an attack on the enemy from behind. 
Rapid Reprisal  Bruno’s overall agility will be boosted as well as his heavy attack charges whenever he avoids attacks from enemies using his block or dodge. 

The next character on our list is Bruno, and this is where things start to get brim for the Dead Island 2 Best Characters since Bruno doesn’t really fit into it. Bruno himself is a hustler who always has a solid plan in his mind no matter what, and while being an absolute mastermind, he is also able to hone his skills in combat. 

Bruno Gameplay
Bruno Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • When it comes to his Bruno, his Critical Damage is his highest strength, as it is absolutely broken and he is able to decimate any enemy that dares crosses his path. 
  • Other than that, his Agility is also extremely good, ranking in at four stars. 
  • His resilience, stamina, and health recovery are pretty average, as they rank in at three stars. 
  • His toughness and peak health are pretty weak, as they rank in at two and one stars. 
Pros  Cons 
Excellent Critical Damage  Weak toughness 
Incredible agility  Lowest peak health 
  Needs a specific playstyle 


While being on topic, Bruno’s skills are pretty okay, and with his two skills, he has Backstab and Rapid Reprisal at his disposal. 


DI2 Backstab

His first skill is known as Backstab, through which he is able to sneak up on any enemy from behind, and when the opponent is least expecting it, he is able to carry out any attack on him, which allows him to then gain a further damage boost from it. 

Rapid Reprisal 

DI2 Rapid Reprisal
Rapid Reprisal

Apart from this, his second skill is known as Rapid Reprisal, and whenever it is used, he is able to gain enhancements in his heavy attack charges as well as his agility, and this is activated anytime he blocks or dodges an incoming attack from the enemy’s end. 


Amy (Image Credits Exputer)
Stats  Star Rating 
Toughness  1
Stamina  3
Health Recovery  3
Critical Damage  4
Agility  5
Peak Health  2
Resilience  3
Relief Pitcher  Amy is able to regain stamina anytime she hits a zombie using a weapon throw. 
Divide And Conquer  Amy will be able to gain a minor damage boost whenever she attacks enemies that are alone. 

Last but not least, Amy is most definitely not the Dead Island 2 Best Character, and rather, she is a character that would be least played by us. Amy is incredibly quick-witted, which allows her to be successful in all her ventures no matter what, and she looks forward to every adventure with enthusiasm and solves it as if it were a puzzle. 

Amy Gameplay
Amy Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • One of the main reasons why Amy might be played by us is simply because of her insanely good Agility. When it comes to her agility alone, she is definitely one of the Dead Island 2 Best Slayer
  • Other than that, Amy doesn’t really have anything to offer, as most of the vital stats are ranked extremely low, and the ones that aren’t are average at best still. 
Pros  Cons 
Excellent Agility Weak peak health 
Incredible Critical Damage  Lowest toughness


Last but not least, let’s take a look at her skills, which include that of the Relief Pitcher as well as Divide And Conquer. 

Relief Pitcher 

DI2 Relief Pitcher
Relief Pitcher

Her Relief Pitcher skill allows her the regenerate stamina whenever she’s carrying out an attack against a zombie using a weapon throw. 

Divide And Conquer 

DI2 Divide And Conquer
Divide And Conquer

Other than that, her Divide And Conquer skill allows her to receive a minor damage boost whenever she attacks isolated opponents. 

Best Starting Characters

Lastly, let’s briefly discuss what the Dead Island 2 Best Characters might actually be whenever we firs started out. 

  • Jacob stands strong in the first place due to his abilities, and him having strong peak health as well as pretty good stamina. 
  • Ryan comes in second, and apart from his good looks, Ryan boasts an excellent amount of toughness alongside his resilience. 
  • Carla would come in third place, with her insane resilience and solid toughness. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about the Dead Island 2 Best Characters and with that, we will wrap up our guide! Make sure to read up on our Dead Island 2 Nikki’s Prize Key guide which will showcase the overall location, as well as the lockbox and its rewards! Alongside that, our Dead Island 2 Jacob guide will show an overview of the character, as well as his skills. 

Alongside that, you can skim through our Dead Island 2 Skill Cards guide which will go through all 5 skill cards in-depth! If you’ve been wondering where the Brock’s Safe Key is located, then our Dead Island 2 Brock’s Safe Key Location will be the perfect guide!

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