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The world of Ark can be traditionally stylized to be played online with others, with a separate single-player mode for people like me who like to tell themselves that the single-player campaign isn’t over yet.

The fact is that the game has largely catered to its online community when we check out the mixed reviews that the game has been met with. Because of this, the offline mode and its unoptimized default mechanics have created a sour experience for gamers around the world.

So, below is a guide Arc Single Player Settings This will reduce the grind and make for more enjoyable play-through and guarantee a much more fair and balanced race that online mode sometimes struggles to achieve.

Key takeaways

  • gave Single player settings The game can be customized for a more enjoyable experience.
  • To optimize single-player settings, players should. Restore old settingsset Difficulty to 1.0, XP Multiplier to 1.5, Taming Speed ​​to 5.0, Harvest Amount to 1.5, and Dino Character Recovery to 2.0.
  • So should the players Disable the “More and more difficult“Use single player settings, use corpse locators, disable structure placement collisions, and allow unlimited respecs.
  • of the Advanced settingsplayers should enable “Override structure platform inhibition.Mating Interval at 0.5, Egg Hatch Speed ​​at 3.0, Harvest Health at 2.0, Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier at 0.15, Baby Cuddle Grace Multiplier at 10.0, and no Resource Radius.

ARK Single Player Settings

We will cover both. General And Advanced Settings in this guide. Following these steps will ensure you have the best offline experience!

Restore default settings.

Clear out any existing settings you have because we’ll only be changing a handful of them and it’s a waste of time to manually configure them all to fight Dinos eight times your size. I would be better.

Problem in 1.0

This does not change the overall difficulty of the game. Rather, it increases the maximum level of dinosaurs that spawn (which should be 150 if you follow this guide correctly).

This can make the bosses a bit tough, but who doesn’t enjoy a good challenge every now and then?

XP multiplier to 1.5

This is one of the settings that the developers patched and still managed to be annoying! Setting the XP multiplier to 1.5 will make XP more bearable without breaking the game.

Speed ​​up to 5.0

This will allow you to control the dinos 5x and save you a lot of food!

Crop volume up to 1.5

This increases the number of trees and shrubs around. Not only will this give you more resources to build walls and shelter, but it will also prevent your world from looking bad.

On Dino Character Recovery 2.0

Big guys in your collection take a lot longer to heal with high amounts of health. This increases their healing speed by 2x and makes speed significantly more permanent.

Disable your crosshair.

You can leave this setting unchecked, but it is highly recommended that you do not.

The player is given access to various attachments, and iron sights that act as crosshairs so activating the game’s own crosshairs ruins the immersion aspect and your arc of single player runs. Some in-game items become useless for

Enable “Maximum Difficulty”.

This will ensure that all dinos on the map are level 150, which is what we want. Loot, challenge, and combat flow have been moderately improved.

Use single player settings.

Checking this option will automatically optimize some of the settings for the later arc singleplayer as it is specifically designed for singleplayer runs.

Use the corpse locator.

A green light stays in the sky for a while which you can use to locate the location of your unfortunate death. This is a neat addition that saves you the time and effort of taming some Trodens.

Disable texture space collision.

Checking this creates a more accurate build where nothing overlaps or connects. It looks neat!

Allow unlimited respecs.

This setting will give access to the player. Mind Wipe Tonic, which allows unlimited definitions. If you choose to leave this option unchecked, you will only be able to honor it once.

Single player first person view

Allow “Prevent Override Structure Platform”.

moving towards Advanced settings, this will allow you to place irrigation pipes and tech generators on platform saddle buildings, which is very important if you plan to play Arc single player.

Mixing interval up to 0.5

The dinos in your collection will spawn twice as fast, which means you have more time to enjoy your arc single player races!

Up to 3.0 hatch speed

Depending on the type of dinosaur, the eggs will hatch at an average speed of 17-20 minutes. It fits well with the speed of the other settings, and your playthrough won’t feel inconsistent.

To Harvest Health 2.0

This setting is mainly for immersion and realism purposes. This setting makes the speed of your game more natural by simply changing the number of times it takes to lower the harvest.

0.15 from Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier

Who wouldn’t want to hug the little deadly lizards? as well as setting the Cuddle Interval Multiplier to 0.15 Use single player settings. With the box checked, you will be able to hug the children every 10 minutes for impressions.

Baby Cuddle Grace Multiplier to 10.0

This option sets the imprinting chance/rate to 100%, provided you’ve used up all your Cuddles. This means better stats for your Dinos.

No resource radius.

Set Player to 4.0 and No Resource Radius: Structures to 2.0. It saves the player from any trouble and misfortune. Personal space is important!

Set the crop growth rate to 2.0.

Crops will grow faster and fit with overall momentum.

Allow custom recipes.

Disabling it means you won’t be able to cook and enjoy your favorite dish!

Allow the Raid Dino to feed.

This setting is to ensure that unofficial Raid Dinos don’t starve to death like they normally do. However, taming these beasts is quite difficult. Treat yourself and make sure they’re in Arc Single Player!


The settings mentioned above have been derived with a stable playthrough in mind that still serves as a decent challenge for all those who want to enjoy. Arc single player mode completely.

A description of each set is available and the relevant settings can be changed if players want to simplify or enhance their single player experience. While you’re here, also check out how to get all the pets in Terraria.

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