Behind 4 Bloods development ends as Turtle Rock Studios begins work on a brand new game.


Back 4 Blood Key Art

For Turtle Rock Studios, it’s time to move on from the developer’s dream project. Back 4 bloodthe “spiritual successor” to the developer’s classic zombie co-op shooter. Left 4 deadAccording to a post on the studio’s website, no more content will be added.

The post says that the team is very small and both continue to work on new ones. Back 4 blood Content and start working on a brand new game. It was also a not-so-subtle way to reveal Turtle Rock. No doubt are working on a new project, but the post didn’t give any indication if it’s one. Back 4 blood A sequel or a completely different game. Of course, Back 4 blood Will be able to play online in the near future.

Released in October 2021 by publisher Warner Bros. Interactive, Back 4 bloodIt was, on the surface, very likable Left 4 dead. Both games featured a squad of four humans battling various zombie creatures in a co-op first-person shooter. It also had a 4v4 online multiplayer mode where one team played as humans and the other team played as various zombies. Back 4 blood The reviews were mostly positive, and the game attracted 10 million players within a few months of its launch. Turtle Rock released three paid expansions for the game in 2022.


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