AT&T email users are being hacked to steal cryptocurrency.


Users of AT&T’s email service are having their accounts breached by hackers who are targeting cryptocurrency exchange accounts and stealing funds from their wallets.

It has been reported that a group of cybercriminals are using a method to gain access to email accounts on the AT&T network, including, and more. They allegedly had access to a portion of AT&T’s internal network that allowed them to create mail keys for any user, which would have allowed users to log in through email clients such as Outlook. Is.

Once bad actors have these keys, they can then log into email accounts without needing the account’s password, then have access to a variety of services, notably, crypto exchanges. Word has the ability to initiate a reset.

AT&T spokesman Jim Kimberly confirmed that the company has taken action to correct the issue:

“We have updated our security controls to prevent this activity. As a precaution, we also require password resets on some email accounts.”

Crypto is one of the main targets for hackers these days, with other examples of attacks targeting wallets, such as those via fake Bing AI tokens, becoming more widespread.

Source: Tech Crunch


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