Atomic Heart’s latest update adds Japanese voice-overs to an extraordinary cast.


Highlights of the story

  • Atomic Heart’s latest update further improves the game’s stability, as well as adding Japanese voiceovers to the game.
  • Features some of the best talent in the Japanese voiceover industry. Solid Snake, Erin Yeager, Joseph Joster and Yukiko Amagi are part of the team behind the iconic characters.

The latest patch for Atomic Heart has arrived for all platforms and features. Brand new voiceover Featuring some of the options Best voice actors in the industry, Patch notes Makes a great first impression. Like doing the voices behind the characters Joseph Joster, solid snake, Erin YagerAnd Yukiko AmagiMundfish definitely has the necessary ingredients for a quality dub.

Akio Otsuka is the first name in the list. Many people may know his voice from various anime and video games. Otsuka-san has been voicing various characters since 1988 and is an industry veteran. Characters such as Solid, Naked, Solidus and Venom Snake from Metal Gear were voiced by Otsuka-san in the Japanese dub.

Apart from this, he was also behind the characters. one piece, Samurai Champalo, Ghost in the Shell, and many other mobile phones. It is comforting to see that the character P-3 aka Dmitri Sergeevich Sechinov Was cast with a seemingly fair amount of consideration. It’s not rare for developers to make some choices that result in poor performance and subsequent responsiveness.

Atomic Heart Patch Notes
Atomic Heart Patch Notes

Next on the list is Tomokazu Sugita. Fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Persona 5, and Gintama will no doubt know this name. Being the voice behind Joseph Joestar, Gintoki Sakata and everyone’s favorite Yusuke Kitagawa in Persona 5, Sugita-san will play the role of Michael Stockhausen. He has also voiced such characters. Hajime Kanzaki And Eskinor Beelzebub and the seven deadly sins respectively.

Moving on, we have. Yuki Kaji in the lineup. Kaji-san is known worldwide for his outstanding performance. Erin Yeager And many other famous characters. Watching her grow with Erin over four seasons was a positively amazing experience.

As the characters are also voiced. Hyoudo Issei From High School DxD, Diamond from Koichi Hirose Unbreakable, and Lion Vastia from Fairy Tail. Yuki will play the role of Kaji. Victor Petrov Finally, at the nuclear heart, we have Ami Koshimizu who will play the role of Larisa Flatova. Fans will know him from his performances in Kill La Kill, Code Gas, Persona 4, and Genshin Impact.

Apart from featuring such well-known names in the industry, the latest update of Atomic Heart also fixes a handful of issues. get stuck in Geometry No problem now as you can easily exit. to jump. Also, bugs that prevented the acquisition Developing resources Solved by looting mobs or destroying equipment. Object flickering has also been ironed out for a smoother experience.

You can check out the Japanese voiceover of Atomic Heart on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles.

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