ASUS ROG Ally is set to get better battery performance ahead of its June 13 launch.


Asus ROG ally

The upcoming ASUS ROG Ally has generated a lot of buzz ahead of its official launch date of June 13. However, not all of this buzz has been positive. Review units of the Windows 11 portable gaming PC were sent to media outlets ahead of launch, and many have complained about certain aspects of the device.

ASUS has previously said it plans to improve and add new features to the ROG Ally before the $699.99 PC actually ships to general non-media gamers. Now The Verge reports that the device will improve in one specific area targeted by those early reviews: its battery life.

Some reviews say that the ROG Ally lasts up to about four hours on a single charge. Even ASUS global marketing director Galip Fu admitted that 10 percent of those who had pre-ordered canceled after initial reviews, though many of them were interested in other aspects of the portable gaming PC. were very positive about

Fu said ASUS didn’t pay enough attention to improving the device’s battery life at low wattage levels like 9W or 15W. They say that after making some software changes, the ROG Ally should have a 10 to 20 percent increase in battery life. One of those software changes will let owners turn off one of the cores inside the device’s AMD Z1 Extreme CPU during gameplay.

One thing ASUS won’t do is add a large battery inside the ROG Ally. This will “dramatically increase the overall weight of the device,” Fu says. However, he does say that ASUS wants to release a product that rivals the success of Valve’s Steam Deck gaming device.

“We are trying to keep all the ROG Ally supporters. We will not let them down,” he said. Hopefully, this means a better overall portable gaming PC at launch, and, if it’s successful, an even better second-gen ROG Ally in the future.

Source: The Verge


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