Artificial intelligence helps triple the recovery of stroke patients in the UK.


UK Government What is revealed? that the National Health Service (NHS) is using Brainomix e-Stroke, a new artificial intelligence system to help patients recover. Early analysis shows that AI can help patients get treated 60 minutes faster and that the rate of patients recovering with no or minimal disability increases from 16% to 48%. A threefold increase in

With Brainomix e-Stroke, doctors are assisted in real-time decision-making by AI, which looks at brain scans and considers how long it has been since the stroke occurred. , tries to prescribe the right treatment. The software also allows stroke specialists to remotely access scans and images so they can assist remotely.

The AI ​​system is deployed across 11 stroke network sites in England. It has been used to detect more than 4,500 large vessels in stroke patients. Brainomix e-Stroke is particularly helpful for detecting LVOs because they require time-sensitive diagnosis and the sooner they are treated, the better the patient’s chance of recovery.

Dr Timothy Ferris, director of transformation at NHS England, said of the software: “Every minute saved during the initial hospital assessment of people with stroke-like symptoms can dramatically improve the patient’s chances of leaving hospital in good health. can.” “The NHS is harnessing the potential of AI to help specialist staff deliver life-changing care for patients with a range of needs, and we have recognized the most promising technologies through the AI ​​in Health and Care Awards. testing, testing and supporting them. Change the way we deliver care.”

So far, government funding for the Brainomix e-Stroke system has helped treat 111,000 suspected stroke patients around England. This is the latest example of how artificial intelligence is improving people’s health.


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