Arkane’s Redfall is out on May 2nd, check out 10 minutes of vampire hunting gameplay here


Red Fall

As promised, the Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct showcase had a prime time slot today Red Fall. The Arkane Austin-developed vampire hunting FPS finally received a new release date today after last year’s delay, now coming out on May 2nd.

The latest gameplay trailer shown today, seen above, gave us an extensive look at how the mission system works, solo and four-player gameplay, ability trees, loot, and even powerful Vampire Gods players will also compete eventually.

While most of the island is full of enemies, there are bases scattered across the map with survivors and supplies. It is in these places that the group can claim the mission of advancing the story and slowly making the city a safe place again.

Each of the four characters comes with their own unique power base. Players can further customize their playstyle by focusing on spending skill points earned on specific trees, both unlocking new powers and improving them.

Red Fall

Taking back parts of Redfall Island from the vampires and their cult, players must take down underbosses with powerful abilities to complete the mission. It is only by taking down these little bosses that our vampire hunters can finally take on the vampire gods who control everything.

Red Fall Heading to PC and Xbox Series X|S systems on May 2, Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers also get day one access.


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