Apple’s mixed reality headset could be officially announced this spring.


Like its competitors, Apple is working hard to enter the wider world of mixed reality headsets, a cutting-edge technology that combines the best of AR and VR in a single headset. Previous reports have reiterated that the AR/VR headset will reportedly be released this year, and recent rumors give us a better timeline for its reveal.

It’s been in Brewer for almost half a decade and will be a premium product that will target a wider audience than just gamers. There have been various recent rumors circulating in the community regarding Apple’s mixed reality headset. He is currently named Reality Pro by the community. According to the official trademark.

As per latest Reported by Bloomberga January 2023 reveal was rumored for the headset announcement by the giant company, but that timeline was eventually dropped after internal delays in favor of this coming spring.

Major Rundown

  • According to the latest report, Apple’s Reality Pro headset will be unveiled in June ahead of next spring’s WWDC instead of the planned January reveal. Additionally, it will likely go on sale later this year, sometime around fall.
  • Third-party apps are already in the brew for the mixed reality device, as some developers are testing prototypes to address lingering issues. Apple will apparently reveal its new mixed reality headset as its flagship product for 2023.
  • Rumored features include the latest benefits like leg tracking, hand tracking, face tracking, eye tracking, iris scanning, and its own version of Metaverse.
  • It’s a premium product that likely isn’t targeting gamers, and its price point reinforces its business and commercial niches. Clearly it’s between the $2000 to $3000 price window, far ahead of other contenders in the market.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman, in the latest Power On newsletter, clarifies that Apple is planning to reveal its anticipated AR/VR headset product in the spring of this year before WWDC kicks off in June. The headset will be officially revealed by Apple later this year or after it goes on sale.

Additionally, third-party apps for the featured mixed reality headset are already in the works.High profile software developers.According to Mark, the prototype device has already been shared with a few developers for testing purposes.

However, Apple is still investing in removing the remaining hurdles in its mixed reality headset.Hardware, software and services as well as how it will be marketed and sold.“It is by no means completely ready to be sold at this point.

The company is reportedly set to unveil the headset as its flagship product this year. To ensure its success, and to take full advantage of its marketing capabilities, Apply has seemingly pooled most of its resources to fully invest in a new eye-catching AR/VR Reality Pro headset.

RealityPro’s special operating system will have the public name “xrOS,Digging the Inner Term Borealis. It is designed for a wider audience comprising business and commercial niches. This direction means that Apple is not targeting the gaming community for its premium priced headsets.

That’s not to say the Reality Pro won’t be able to substitute for a gaming device, but its rumored higher price will put it out of reach for most gamers. It has been done Reported earlier That headset will reportedly fall between the $2000 to $3000 price window, ahead of its PlayStation and Oculus counterparts.

Moreover, earlier rumors have confirmed that the headset aims to reach a production figure of 750,000, with mass production starting in March 2023 by Apple’s partner Pegatron. Additionally, according to a report, it will be fueled by the company’s own M2 chip found in recent MacBooks. By information.

Rumored features include advanced technologies such as leg tracking, hand tracking, face tracking, eye tracking, and iris scanning for login and payments. Some legends have even suggested that Apple is creating its own version of Metaverse for its Reality Pro headset to compete.

Apple’s new headset is expected to lead AR/VR devices technology in the future. Apple’s upcoming VR/AR headset may be the one to rule them all.

What are your thoughts on the fascinating Apple mixed reality headset likely to be announced in just a few months? Do you think the supposedly overpriced latest headset will target the gaming community as its primary focus? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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