Apple slashes trade-in values ​​for older iPhone models, but increases for MacBooks


Three people are using an iPad.
Three happy people because their iPad hasn’t lost its value.

Apple has reduced trade-in values ​​for older iPhone and Watch models. Android phones, which are also accepted as part of its trade-in program, have also seen their trade-in value drop. At the same time, trade-in values ​​for some older MacBook models have increased.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max saw the biggest drop in their trade-in value to $80, while the MacBook Pro will run you $40 more. Interestingly, the iPhone 7 Plus only lost $10, and all iPad models are the same. The Apple Watch SE, Series 5, and Series 7 also lost $5 off their trade-in price. You can find the full list at Apple websitebut here is a list of the latest trade values ​​courtesy of Macromers:


iPhone 13 Pro Max: Up to $570 (vs. $650)
iPhone 13 Pro: Up to $470 (vs. $550)
iPhone 13: Up to $400 (vs. $450)
iPhone 13 Mini: Up to $350 (vs. $380)
iPhone 12 Pro Max: Up to $400 (vs. $480)
iPhone 12 Pro: Up to $330 (vs. $400)
iPhone 12: Up to $300 (vs. $300)
iPhone 12 Mini: Up to $250 (vs. $250)
iPhone SE (2nd generation): Up to $100 (vs. $100)
iPhone 11 Pro Max: Up to $280 (vs. $330)
iPhone 11 Pro: Up to $230 (vs. $250)
iPhone 11: Up to $200 (vs. $200)
iPhone XS Max: Up to $200 (vs. $200)
iPhone XS: Up to $160 (vs. $160)
iPhone XR: Up to $150 (vs. $150)
iPhone X: Up to $130 (vs. $130)
iPhone 8 Plus: Up to $100 (vs. $100)
iPhone 8: Up to $75 (vs. $75)
iPhone 7 Plus: Up to $50 (vs. $60)
iPhone 7: Up to $40 (vs. $40)


iPad Pro: Up to $445 (vs. $445)
iPad Air: Up to $230 (vs. $230)
iPad: Up to $160 (vs. $160)
iPad Mini: Up to $240 (vs. $240)


MacBook Pro: Up to $670 (vs. $630)
MacBook Air: Up to $460 (vs. $440)
MacBook: Up to $110 (vs. $100)
iMac Pro: Up to $600 (vs. $600)
iMac: Up to $530 (vs. $530)
Mac Pro: Up to $1,250 (vs. $1,250)
Mac Mini: Up to $340 (vs. $305)

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7: Up to $160 (vs. $155)
Apple Watch Series 6: Up to $105 (vs. $105)
Apple Watch SE: Up to $65 (vs. $70)
Apple Watch Series 5: Up to $75 (vs. $80)
Apple Watch Series 4: Up to $45 (vs. $45)

It has not been a good year for smartphone sales. Global smartphone shipments fell to the lowest level since 2013 in Q4 2022, IDC attributes to significantly lower consumer demand, inflation and economic uncertainty.

On the other hand, global demand for used smartphones increased in 2022, with IDC forecasting a compound annual growth rate of 10.3 percent through 2026.

Apple says its trade-in program helps recycle old devices. But, the increasing upgrade cycles of recent years coupled with price cuts are not helping to motivate people to buy new models. This change is certainly not surprising, but the drop in sales is certainly going to hurt.

Source: apple through Macromers


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