Apple reveals how many people in Europe use its app stores.


Apple App Store

Apple recently published A fresh set of metrics for its app stores in Europe to comply with the Digital Services Act. The latest numbers show the monthly active users of the respective app stores for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Speaking of which, an average of 101 million users use the iOS App Store every month on average. It’s followed by iPadOS (23 million), macOS (6 million), TVOS (1 million) and WatchOS (less than 1 million). Apple added that its paid subscriptions to podcasts and Apple Books are being used by fewer than 1 million users.

Apple’s App Store is one of 17 Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) raised by the European Commission. These platforms must adhere to stricter rules, including stronger protection of minors, greater user empowerment, and more proactive content moderation. All designated VLOPs are required to comply with the new rules within the next four months.

An online platform is considered VLOP if it has 45 million or more average monthly users. Apple says it “treats each version of the App Store as a separate online platform under the DSA.” Hence only iOS app store with more than 45 million MAUs can qualify as VLOP.

The company adds that it will voluntarily align all current versions of the App Store with the requirements of the Digital Services Act, including versions that do not currently meet the legal criteria to be designated as VLOP.

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