Apple Music preview for Windows finally gets media keys and lyrics support.


Apple Music logo with Windows 11 logo

In early 2023, Apple released the first preview versions of Apple Music and Apple TV for Windows 11. In addition, the company introduced a dedicated app for managing iOS-based devices. The initial release was rough—the apps suffered from a lot of bugs, instability, and missing or broken features. Fortunately, Apple hasn’t given up on its software. The latest update includes several notable improvements.

Although there are no official changelogs, Consumers discover (through Macromers) that Apple Music finally supports native media keys, allowing you to change tracks and play/pause with dedicated buttons on your keyboard. Another big change is the lyrics support, although the karaoke feature is still missing. In addition, Apple fixed the skipping issue when playing hi-res audio and improved queuing songs.

The latest Apple Music Preview update for Windows is a huge improvement to the app (media keys support alone makes the program worth trying out), but it’s still buggy and unstable. Users continue to report crashes, problems switching output devices, sign-in problems (for some reason, you have to log in twice before your library can load), and more. You may want to resort to third-party apps like Cider while Apple is slowly patching its software for Windows. As for other Apple apps, there is no word on what has changed.

You can download from the Microsoft Store using Apple Music Preview. This link. Apple TV preview available. Hereand a preview of Apple devices Here. Keep in mind that installing any of these apps will prevent iTunes from opening.


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