Apple is reportedly working on an AI-powered health coaching service.


Tech giant Apple is working to make a big push in the health sector with some new services for users. The latest edition of its health-focused smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series, was released on September 8, 2022. It incorporates a new temperature sensor to track the user’s period cycle. watchOS 9.4 brought A-Fib to more areas and improved cycle tracking.

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Now, Apple is working on its latest service, codenamed Quartz. It is an AI-powered health coaching service, aimed at tracking emotions. The feature is reportedly planned to be released with iPadOS 17 and iOS 17. It can motivate users to improve their habits and daily lifestyle. Empowering these data with AI can help create personalized health solutions. This can attract more users to the pay-only service.

Apple previously worked with the Singapore government on a similar service called LumiHealth. The major difference being Quartz is a paid service and the latter is free. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the matter. Apple plans to expand its health products and services to more of its devices by introducing the Health app for the first time on iPads. Initially, mood data will be entered manually by users, but Apple eventually plans to track a user’s typing, speech, and other data on the devices they use to assess mood status. . This can be a serious privacy concern for users.

Apple is hoping that the iPhone can use algorithms to determine a user’s mood to match their speech, what words they type and other data on their devices.

In addition to emotion tracking, Apple is bringing a vision condition management feature and working on non-invasive glucose monitoring. This technology will enable diabetics to passively monitor their glucose levels throughout the day without having to prick a finger. You can learn more. Here.


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