Apple is now offering a free session on data protection to celebrate Data Privacy Day.


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To mark Data Privacy Day, Apple expanded its commitment to privacy by providing educational resources to help users control and monitor their data.

Data Privacy Day is observed on January 28 to spread awareness about best practices for data protection and the benefits of privacy. To help further this cause, Apple shared that it now offers free Creative Sessions to Apple product users. Sessions will be 30 minutes long and participants do not need to have a particular level of experience.

Tracey Henley, senior director of retail engagement and marketing at Apple, explains these sessions By describing:

“We created Today at Apple to spark creativity and enable our customers to get the most out of their Apple products and features. We’re excited to help our customers learn more about our industry-leading privacy features as we celebrate Data Privacy Day.

The sessions will begin on January 28 with the first “Taking Charge of Your Privacy with iPhone,” which will help users explain the privacy features available in their Apple products. Those interested can access the sessions at all Apple stores globally. Sign up here. They also have the option to book sessions for their organization, groups or class by selecting the group booking option.


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