Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: Ranking All Legends


We have ranked every Apex Legends Mobile character to help you analyze the current meta and meet the best characters for your playstyle while avoiding any that aren’t that fruitful to employ. Let’s get going! 

Key Highlights

  • Short but massive power-wise, the Apex Legends Mobile character roster houses 10 robust choices for its players. 
  • Each Apex Legends Mobile character is ranked based on its overall usability and whether or not they fit with the current game meta. 
  • Characters that perform exceptionally well no matter the challenge Apex Legend Mobile packs for them include Gibraltar and Bloodhound. 
  • The Apex Legends Mobile character that you must not depend a lot on is Mirage. He is excellent for pulling a bit of holographic fun in the game, but it is usually unreliable. 
  • Characters with a decent combination of Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate fighting abilities prove to be players’ better companions in Apex Legends Mobile.

Here are our top pics for all the legends in Apex Legends Mobile:

Tier  Characters  Abilities
S Gibraltar Gun Shield (Passive), Dome of Protection (Tactical), Defensive Bombardment (Ultimate)
S Bloodhound Tracker (Passive), Eye of the Allfather (Tactical), Beast of the Hunt (Ultimate)
A Wraith  Voices from the Void (Passive), Into the Void (Tactical), Dimensional Rift (Ultimate)
A Fade Slipstream (Passive), Flashback (Tactical), Phase Chamber (Ultimate)
A Lifeline Combat Revive (Passive), D.O.C Heal Drone (Tactical), Care Package (Ultimate)
A Bangalore  Double Time (Passive), Smoke Grenade (Tactical), Rolling Thunder (Ultimate)
B Octane Stim (Passive), Swift Mend (Tactical), Launch Pad (Ultimate)
B Caustic Nox Vision (Passive), Nox Gas Trap (Tactical), Nox Gas Grenade (Ultimate)
B Pathfinder Insider Knowledge (Passive), Grappling Hook (Tactical), Zipline Gun (Ultimate)
C Mirage Now You See Me (Passive), Psyche Out (Tactical), Life of the Party (Ultimate)

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Ranking All Legends of Apex Legends Mobile 

Apex Legends Mob all characters
Apex Legends Mobile Characters Ranked!

Via our Apex Legends Mobile tier list, you will soon get to your best-fit character of the game. The tier list is separated into four tiers starting from the S-Tier and ending in C. That said, ranking is based on each character’s overall usability in the current game meta. 

As per how tier lists are always supposed to be, the S tier houses characters who perform the most incredible in the game across every role and situation. As you tour down, the Apex Legend Mobile characters will become more niche specific rather than being decent generalists. Therefore you know that no character is entirely useless and may serve a particular cause if not perform well overall. 

Without further ado, here are all the currently available characters of Apex Legends Mobile ranked: 

Tier  Apex Legends Mobile Characters
S Gibraltar, Bloodhound
A Wraith, Fade, Lifeline, Bangalore 
B Octane, Caustic, Pathfinder
C Mirage


Gibraltar is known to be a gentle giant of the Apex Legends Mobile who is a great all-rounder character of the meta and is often noticed laughing warmly. The tank-based character has both defensive and offensive capabilities that make him one of the most potent support characters. This Means Gibraltar is a great pick for someone looking to protect their allies. 

His versatile abilities can be employed to slow down combats as well as take down as many enemies with an impactful mortar strike, thanks to Ultimate Gibraltar has in his arsenal. Gibraltar equips the Dome of Protection that’s deployable. 

Use Gibraltar’s dome shield while syncing together a member healing character like Lifeline. The pair might really take your team to new heights without having you look any further through our Apex Legend Mobile tier list

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Abilities Short Summary
Gun Shield (Passive) While Gibraltar aims, the Gun Shield ability surrounds him with a shield from his arms, repelling every incoming attack. The ability is a great savior of your character’s health.
Dome of Protection (Tactical) This ability allows Gibraltar to put forth a huge protective shield that absorbs all incoming attacks. Gibraltar can also quickly bring back to life his downed allies via the ability. 
Defensive Bombardment (Ultimate) Players can hit marked positions with concentrated mortar airstrikes, which causes substantial damage to foes.


Bloodhound is an incredible character on our tier list, which gives you an extra edge with the peculiar visibility thing he has got. Despite any solid offense or defense skill like the rest, Bloodhound is players’ number one choice if massive battlefield control is what you aim for. 

The surveillance expert can literally reveal armies hiding behind walls in just a swift scan. Immediately take an attacking position as soon as Bloodhound relays the team with any lead about where the enemies are hiding. Dash towards them and take them by surprise to achieve early triumph. 

Abilities Short Summary
Tracker (Passive) The ability grants Bloodhound vision to track all marks left by your enemies, making it easier for the team to go after them. This way, no foe can hide from your wrath, and you can even know how long ago they passed through any area on the map.
Eye of the Allfather (Tactical) Bloodhounds can detect not-to-far opponents, traps, or any clue, even through walls on any opaque objects hiding them. He then instantly reveals everything about you and your teammates. 
Beast of the Hunt (Ultimate) Grants Bloodhound a super nifty speed boost to agility and movement. This makes him much faster, of course, and more dangerous for your enemies who are already vulnerable to Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather (Tactical) skill. 


Renee Blassey, or how most people know her as Wraith, is an interdimensional skirmisher of Apex Legends Mobile. She is a rapid combater who can manipulate spacetime and packs a solid skill pool that suits offense and deception. Users with Wraith in their teams can rest assured as the character can detect incoming attacks, consequently informing the team to change stance before it’s too late. 

For this magnificent quality, Wraith is one of the most famous Apex Legends Mobile characters on the tier list. We recommend players employ Wraith’s portal in order to invite enemies into a trap and retaliate as soon as they are caught at a weak spot. 

Abilities Short Summary
Voices from the Void (Passive) A superb preventive skill whereby a voice warns Wraith and the team whenever any sort of danger approaches. This includes coming under an enemy’s notice or being targeted by the opponent. 
Into the Void (Tactical) Wraith can rapidly alternate between the current position and spacetime, dodging as much damage as possible. This means teleporting around to new locations on the map.
Dimensional Rift (Ultimate) Wraith can summon a portal between two close as well as distant locations. This portal remains available for an entire minute allowing everyone from the team to transport. 

The ability is useful for Wraith and allies as it helps escape the fight or suddenly appear in the middle of ongoing combat, which means that you can take the enemy’s rank by surprise! Isn’t it cool?


For players used to playing the Apex Legends console/PC version, Fade is the first mobile-exclusive legend to greet you. He is very much like the Wraith, thanks to being a similar phasing punisher. Or calling Fade a variation of Wraith won’t be wrong either. 

Players will be best served if they decide to attack rapidly and hard and then employ Fade’s flashback utilities to manage to dodge incoming attacks as much as possible. However, because his style is too offensive, we’ll recommend only the more skilled players to opt for it in the early game. 

Abilities Short Summary
Slipstream (Passive) Grants Fade a slight boost in momentum whenever he slides. Make Fade Slide or run, and you will be amused to see him catch momentum just as instantly as a blink of an eye.  
Flashback (Tactical) Like Wraith’s, this ability allows Fade to phase back to where he was some moments ago. Meaning players can teleport him to anywhere, but that should be close, unlike Wraith’s ability to teleport to distant places too. This ability can prove very useful while combating a fierce mob and earning initial wins for the team.
Phase Chamber (Ultimate) The Phase Chamber is a throwable grenade found in Fade’s arsenal that sends every Apex Legends character within its proximity into the void for about 3 to 4 seconds. 

Though you can not deal damage to your opponents while the bomb catches them, nor can they retaliate, your team can quickly disengage from intense combat and confuse the opponents. 


Lifeline is Apex Legends mobile version’s best healing character dedicated to saving people (her allies, of course) during intense combats. While doing so, Lifeline isn’t hesitant about inflicting some damage to her team’s foes either. 

That said, Lifeline is an incredible support character from whom you should steer clear if an action-packed legend is what you need. Consequently, it’s a player’s responsibility always to keep Lifeline grouped with some offense plus defense warrior so that neither the healer nor the sufferer is attacked. 

We recommend synergizing Lifeline with Gibraltar. You can also use Lifeline and her patients as bait to lure opponents out of the hiding while sending Gibraltar-like characters to the scene just when the target approaches.  

Abilities Short Summary
Combat Revive (Passive) This ability lets Lifeline place a drone to revive a fallen ally automatically while she could focus on healing others. Meaning players are free to move Lifeline and defend. 
D.O.C Heal Drone (Tactical) Another Drone called the Drone of Compassion, heals every ally lurking near it for a small time without the effort of Lifeline. This way, Lifeline can concentrate on the enemies and later come to heal herself. 
Care Package (Ultimate) If your team falls short of defensive gears, Lifeline will serve as a potent defense tool bank providing each ally a pack of high-quality items. These items include gun magazines, shields, medkits, and various other helpful things. 


Housing a pretty robust synergy of offense, attack deception, and speed, Bangalore is specially designed to serve as a frontline warrior of your Apex Legends Mobile team. The character is a must-try pick of our tier list, dedicated to intense combat. 

Instead of using her randomly like a heavy damage gun, you’ll be best served by Bangalore if you wield her a bit more strategically. For instance, concentrate on getting a decent lay of your opponent’s stances and then employ Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder or Smoke Grenade utilities. This way, you’ll be successfully able to confine them within an area.

Abilities Short Summary
Double Time (Passive) Bangalore can increase her sprinting speed by 30% if she’s fired on during that. However, this boast can be availed for a short time only (some 2 or 3 seconds). Nevertheless, the ability still proves in escaping fights or confusing enemies at close range.
Smoke Grenade (Tactical) This ability lets Bangalore give off a highly speedy smoke canister into the air that creates a dense smoke wall. 

The wall makes it almost impossible for the opponents to view the other side, allowing you to create solid deception. 

You can also benefit from the situation by sneaking some surprise attackers into the opponent’s ranks. 

Rolling Thunder (Ultimate) Bangalore throws a canister in the sky of the adversary team, alerting them of an airstrike. After that, whatever happens, is absolute mayhem! Missiles are showered in the targeted area. 


Well, Octane is for beginners who are very much into speed and who like the idea of healing themselves up after getting a couple of hits. This character of our Apex Legends Mobile tier list equips a very uniquely useful but also dangerous utility called the Stim. 

Though it induces some mind-blowing boost to the momentum that’s especially endured by all the speed junkies out there, the ability drains a considerable chunk of Octane’s health. Therefore, be careful when wielding it. 

Abilities Short Summary
Stim (Passive) If you don’t mind sacrificing a good chunk of Octane’s health, Stim can make you increase his walking speed by 30% whereas sprinting speed by a whopping 40% for six seconds! 

However, be careful to use it only when you have a good HP in your pocket already, or you’ll be eliminated straight away. 

Swift Mend (Tactical) Octane can automatically regain his reduced health over a short span (usually 1 HP every second).
Launch Pad (Ultimate) This is particularly a team-wide utility that allows Octane as well as the allies to jump in the air with the support of a jump pad. It catapults them into any direction in the air they choose to glide. 

The ability is also paired with a nifty double jump mechanic that allows the wielder to jump even further in the air. 


Apex Legend Mobile players who like to play cautiously while hunking down will absolutely love Caustic. This character of the Apex Legends Mobile tier list won’t help you run in at the forefront of combat but is a rather defensive legend. Players can also avail Caustic by strategically planning out their attacks from a safe distance while trapping the foes smartly, so they get caught by a lot of damage.

Abilities Short Summary
Nox Vision (Passive) Smoke grenades are a popular way of confusing the opponent party, which can also be sent against your team. This ability will help you see through such dense barriers. 

You will most often be shown a green outline of whatever moves on the other side, making it easier to aim. 

Nox Gas Trap (Tactical) This ability lets Caustic drop fatal Nox gas canisters that tend to open damage only when an enemy passes by or Caustic shoots on it himself. 

The best possible use of such canisters can be blocking enemies from entering some important building or a passageway. 

Nox Gas Grenade (Ultimate) Like the Nox Gas trap but renders greater scale damage than before. 


Efficient patrolling and keeping a strict eye on the opponent’s movement is the key to battlefield triumph, and Pathfinder will help you do certainly that. The handy robot Pathfinder offers quick yet very useful scouting operations helping the team act in time. 

Pathfinder is an incredible recon expert whose Grappling Hook ability helps teams get a comprehensive view of the combatting field. After seeing if you think you are a little exposed, it’s best to relocate or employ Pathfinder’s Zipline ability to immediately apparate to some different location. 

Nevertheless, keep this legend grouped by solid defensive options because Pathfinder won’t do well in combat independently. 

Abilities Short Summary
Insider Knowledge (Passive) Aids Pathfinder in scanning a Survey Beacon and uncovering the circle’s next target before the actual time comes. This helps the team get ready for any upcoming possibility.  
Grappling Hook (Tactical) The ability helps Pathfinder fire a sturdy grappling hook that the character can use to dash towards an inaccessible location. 

You can particularly use it when trapped in the middle of intense combat. The hook will stick to almost all types of terrain or building for you to escape before it’s too late. 

Zipline Gun (Ultimate) As the name suggests, this ability creates a zipline between any two points on the map of Alex Legends mobile, allowing anyone from the team to teleport in a matter of seconds. 


Players who appreciate the idea of having a bit of fun on the Apex Legends Mobile fields will want to try the Holographic Trickster Mirage. This legend’s most praiseworthy skill is using holograms to confuse and distract the hell out of your enemies. 

Also, you can use Mirage’s ability to get invisible to buy yourself some extra time to heal or reload without getting attacked. Holograms can also be used for the same purpose rather than just confusing the opponent’s ranks. Leave the enemies confused while you duck somewhere safe to heal or reload.

Abilities Short Summary
Now You See Me (Passive) Enables the character to send a hologram of itself to spread confusion amongst the opponent’s ranks. Once they are caught in the chaos, you can flank and take them out. The ability can also be used to flee from an intense situation.
Psyche Out (Tactical) Using this, Mirage can cloak himself whenever helping a downed teammate.
Life of the Party (Ultimate) This ability allows Mirage to deploy not just a single but a whole group of controllable decoys simultaneously. Decoys are an amazing source of spreading confusion amongst the enemies. 

The ability also makes this character go invisible for a brief time hence helping him to escape from being attacked. 

Final Take On Apex Legends Mobile Tier List 

So there you have it: the complete tier list of Apex Legend Mobile to help you know who is the most potent character for you. Just to make it clear, our hierarchy is based on each character’s overall performance in the game, with a slight touch of what gamers are preferring since the release. 

That said, it’s completely fine if some places don’t feel right to you, but for most players, they’ll definitely make more sense. Therefore, it’s best to narrow down your picks via our tier list and then finally choose the best one out once you are satisfied that it fully suits your gameplay.  

If you ask us, we would recommend using Gibraltar and Bloodhound, especially if you are a very fresh player in the realm of Apex Legends. Both of them are definitely one of the most popular and highly praised legend till now. Therefore, choosing them is always fruitful.

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Apex Legends Mobile Tier List Criteria 

Occupying the mobile gaming realm by storm, the mobile version of the Apex Legend is startling nearly everybody who’d like to experience a battle royale-hero free-to-play shooter game at its best!

Given the excitement this game packs, if you have already started wondering which characters or legends are the best and strongest in the game, then you aren’t alone. To help you and so many more like-minded followers of players who can’t resist unleashing the Apex Legends.

Mobile experience to its fullest. Here is an Apex Legends Mobile tier list for them. Also, if you’re new to this game, consider reading our How To Play Apex Legends Mobile guide.

We have curated this tier list after spending a substantial sum of our efforts. We invested time in experiencing each legend available on the mobile version ourselves. This includes gauging each legend’s overall usefulness and how they weigh against each other. 

Why Trust Us? 

We at eXputer have been trying our best to construct one of the most up-to-date pieces of hierarchy for a long time now. And while doing so, our team’s main intent has always been facilitating new as well as long-time gamers with the most reliable tier listings there could ever be. 

Our team took the help of various sources from the web and compiled authoritative opinions of Apex Legend fans and players. 

As of right now, the above ranking is exactly how we feel the available characters of Alex Legend Mobile compete with each other. 

Given the new group of unavailable characters that may soon join the character roster, this list will likely undergo frequent moderations, so don’t forget to keep a regular check! 

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