AntStream and Black Nut join Samsung Gaming Hub, which now offers nearly 3,000 games.


Samsung Gaming Hub

Today, Samsung announced that consumers will enjoy a collection of nearly 3,000 video games on select Samsung Smart TVs and Smart Monitors. The games will be available on Samsung Gaming Hub, a game streaming discovery platform and play resource that comes with no additional downloads or additional hardware.

I Today’s announcement, Samsung introduced two new partners, Antstream Arcade and Blacknut, which will deliver games now rolling out to Gaming Hub. These companies join the list of Samsung Gaming Hub partners, including Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, and Utomik.

Mike Lucero, head of product management for gaming at Samsung Electronics, described the new partnership:

“Samsung Gaming Hub offers players more ways to access their favorite titles and discover new ones to play from our game streaming partners, no console required. With AntStream Arcade and Black Nut, we Games made easier. Now all you have to do is ‘Pac-Man’ and ‘Who Wants to be a Millioneer?’ Just pick up your Samsung TV remote to enjoy great games like, or connect your Bluetooth controller to access thousands of world-class games. With more games and more ways to play, Games on Samsung Gaming Hub There’s never been a better time to play.

Antstream Arcade is the world’s largest cloud retro gaming service, giving players access to over 1,400 classic games and 500 mini-challenges. These include classic arcade games such as “Galaga“”Dug Dug“And”Double DragonWhich will be available on Samsung Gaming Hub.

Currently, AntStream Arcade is offering users 12 months of access to its catalog of retro games for $12, though the price varies by region. As for the launch, the classic platformer will run Samsung’s Global Tournament on SpinMaster, where one lucky winner can win a lifetime membership to the platform and enter a lucky draw to win one of three annual subscriptions. May be. You can read more about Competition here.

The updated Gaming Hub is the second company in the partner lineup. Black Nut. It is also an online video game streaming service that provides instant access to hundreds of games. The platform has over 500 premium games that users can access through subscription, among other benefits.

By partnering with Samsung, Blacknut is offering new users a 15-day free trial to try out any of the 500+ games and explore the catalog. Parents also have the option to exercise more control, such as maintaining separate PIN-protected profiles for younger audiences to play games.

Finally, Samsung wrote that it will introduce more games and products to its customers at the Summer Game Fest in Los Angeles next week. There, Antstream and Blacknut, along with other Gaming Hub partners, will be featured at the Samsung Gaming Hub booth.


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